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Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer!

CDR711008aDr. Ben Johnson: “Mammograms cause breast cancer. Period. Women should not be getting routine mammograms. That’s crystal clear, published in the peer review literature. And yet today, if a woman went to her gynaecologist or family doc, she would have this shoved down her throat, extreme coercion to go get this mammogram that is causing breast cancer. It’s not saving lives. It’s a terrible test; smashing women’s breasts and then irradiating with cancer-causing radiation.  If you’ve got a lump, if you think you’ve got something, ultrasound is great. Ultrasound can see the lump, its consistency, where there’s calcium in it. And they can look at blood flow because tumors are going to have increased blood flow. A sensitivity of ultrasound is up around 80%. It’s much higher than mammograms. But if you’re looking about prevention, if you’re talking about screening, there’s really only one device out there and that is thermography. An infrared thermal camera. Nothing touches the lady. Nothing smashes her breasts. There’s no cancer causing radiation. The military developed this so that they could see people sneaking at them at nighttime. Night vision goggles are infrared goggles. So we use it as a medical application to detect hotspots in the breast.” (source >) Read more