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Lactobacillus gasseri is a lactic acid probiotic bacterium which has become very popular, especially due to its slimming properties and beneficial effect on metabolic syndrome. In addition, Lactobacillus gasseri is also known to support immunity, help with allergies, and reducing risk of autoimmune conditions (immunomodulation of the innate and adaptive systems).



L. gasseri significantly decreased body weight and visceral and subcutaneous fat in obese adults [>].

L. gasseri reduced body weight and fat tissue in mice [>].

L. gasseri helps prevent weight gain in mice [>].

Lactobacillus gasseri significantly decreased BMI, abdominal visceral fat, waist and hip circumferences, and body fat mass in healthy adults. Long term intake of this probiotic may be required to achieve this effect [>].

L. gasseri prevents abdominal fat accumulation [>] and decreases body weight in adults [>].

L. gasseri suppresses lipase-mediated fat hydrolysis in humans [>] and mice [>].

L. gasseri prevents increase in abdominal fat volume and enlargement of fat cells [>, >, >].

L. gasseri inhibits dietary fat absorption [>].

L. gasseri reduces systemic and fat tissue inflammation in obese mice [>] by inhibiting macrophage invasion [>].

Even a heat-killed (inactive) L. gasseri gives health benefits as it stimulates respiratory immune responses of obese host animals to enhance their natural defence against respiratory infection [>].

L. gasseri reduced insulin levels [>] (very important because the more insulin people make the more sugar is converted to fat).

L. gasseri increased energy expenditure and reduced blood glucose levels, improved glucose tolerance and attenuated inflammation in rats [>].

L. gasseri decreased blood glucose and improved glucose sensitivity in type 2 diabetic mice [>] (maintaining normal blood glucose levels is vital for treating obesity because high glucose levels stimulate more insulin production, and the more insulin people make the more sugar is converted to fat).

L. gasseri decreased food and energy intakes and improved body weight, insulin resistance, and cholesterol levels in rats with metabolic syndrome (MS) [>].


Heat-killed L. gasseri enhances immunity in the elderly people [>].

Also an inactive (heat-killed) L. gasseri increased natural killer cell activity and enhanced immunity in aged animals [>].

Both, live and heat-killed (inactive) L. gasseri protected mice against the influenza virus and minimised infection symptoms by stimulating immune responses [>, >].

L. gasseri exhibited anti-herpes virus (HSV-2) activity [>].


L. gasseri reduced systemic and fat tissue inflammation in obese mice [>, >].

L. gasseri prevents high-fat-diet-induced inflammation [>].


L. gasseri prevented inflammatory and proliferative changes in the stomach lining caused by Candida albicans [>].


L. gasseri beneficially modifies the microbiota by increasing Bifidobacteria and decreasing Clostridium in human subjects [>].

Heat-killed L. gasseri accelerates the resolution of symptoms and reduces mortality of enteropathogenic E. coli -infected mice [>].

L. gasseri May Ameliorate Diarrhoea

L. gasseri increases IgA levels in breast milk and reduces the incidence of diarrhoea in mouse pups with rotavirus infection [>].

L. gasseri May Heal Ulcers

Yogurt containing L. gasseri significantly inhibits the formation of gastric ulcers in rats in a dose-dependent manner [>, >, >].


L. gasseri suppressed H. pylori and reduced gastric mucosal inflammation in infected patients [>].

A 4-week treatment with L. gasseri -containing yogurt improves the efficacy of triple therapy in patients with H. pylori infection [>].

L. gasseri yogurt suppresses dyspeptic symptoms in H. pylori-infected patients [>].

L. gasseri significantly prevents both H. pylori and H. suis infections in mice [>, >].


L. gasseri enhanced oral tolerance in allergies by increasing the ratio of regulatory T cells [>].

L. gasseri enhanced the immune responses in subjects with perennial allergic rhinitis [>].

Also heat-killed (inactive) L. gasseri suppressed eosinophilia in cedar pollen antigen-challenged mice, by modulating the Th1/Th2 balance [>].

Heat-killed L. gasseri improved nasal symptoms and pollen-specific IgE levels in subjects with Japanese cedar pollinosis [>].


L. gasseri reduced allergen-induced airway inflammation and pro-inflammatory immune response in mice with allergic asthma [>].


L. gasseri degrades oxalate in laboratory experiments and may be beneficial in managing oxalate kidney stone disease [>].


L. gasseri prevented reduced natural killer cell activity due to strenuous exercise and improved mood from a depressed state in university-student athletes [>].

L. gasseri helped alleviate minor resting fatigue in university-student athletes after strenuous exercise [>].


L. gasseri improved dysmenorrhoea and menstrual pain in patients with endometriosis [>].

L. gasseri inhibits the growth of endometrial tissue in the abdominal cavity in mice and rats [>].


A product containing L. gasseri and inulin reduced total blood cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol and triglycerides [>].

L. gasseri significantly reduced the blood and liver cholesterol in rats [>, >, >].


L. gasseri increased energy expenditure, reduced blood glucose levels, improved glucose tolerance, and reduced inflammation in [>]. It also reduces insulin levels [>].


L. gasseri decreased blood glucose and improved glucose sensitivity in mice with type 2 diabetes [>].


L. gasseri decreases food and energy intakes and improves body weight, insulin resistance, and cholesterol levels in rats with metabolic syndrome (MS) [>].


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