Autism (Reversing!)


Written by Slawomir (“Swavak”) Gromadzki, MPH

“A year after my son Beckett was diagnosed with autism, a friend of mine introduced me to The Secret… At his diagnosis, we weren’t given much hope and in fact, we were told that autism could not be cured. I absolutely could not accept that and set out to prove the statistics and text books wrong. I started reading everything that I could and learned that the food we were eating could be causing these symptoms. I made countless changes to his diet and overhauled our entire kitchen. Slowly, I started seeing him come out of the fog. He started making more eye contact, being more affectionate, being more social and coming alive. Three years after his initial diagnosis we officially had the autism label removed by both his therapists and his medical doctor! They were completely amazed by his transformation. He started Kindergarten this fall in a regular class with typical children. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and most importantly a positive mind set, but we did the impossible. I still have people that try to tell me autism can not be cured, but my son is living proof that ANYTHING is possible when you believe. I felt it with every fiber of my body and believed it would happen, and it did! I owe much gratitude to Rhonda Byrne and my friend for introducing me to The Secret!” Source >


Autism called also the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development in children. There are three main types of Autism Spectrum Disorders:

Autistic Disorder or Classic Autism which results in unusual behaviours and interests, significant language difficulties, social and communication challenges, and in many cases also intellectual disability.

Asperger Syndrome which is characterised by symptoms of social challenges and unusual behaviours and interests but typically without intellectual disability or problems with language.


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Pervasive Developmental Disorder or Atypical Autism (PDD-NOS) with milder and fewer symptoms which may cause only communication and social challenges.

Autism is a mental condition and developmental disability present from early childhood. It is characterized by difficulty in using language, abstract concepts, and it affects social interactions. At the same time it is a complex biological disorder which involves interrelated and simultaneous dysfunction of the neurological, immune, and digestive systems.
It is estimated that 1 in 50 children in some high income countries currently suffer from autism. Reports of autism cases per 1,000 children grew dramatically in the U.S. during the period of only 11 years from 1996 to 2007. It means that similar changes that contribute to cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, or CVDs also contribute to the rapid growth of autism.

Autism (Reversing!)


Physical: Hyperactivity, fatigue, constipation or diarrhoea, indigestion, problems with sleeping, pain, etc.
Social: Difficulty understanding another person’s feelings, such as pain or sorrow, failure to establish friendships with children the same age
Communication: Problems developing nonverbal communication skills, repetitive use of language, poor expressive language, almost half of people with autism never speak.
Unusual interests and behaviours: Limited interests in activities or play, repetitive actions, hand flapping, unusual focus on less important details, picky eating.



– Genetic abnormalities are believed to be responsible for 90% of all autism cases. However, I don’t believe genes are the key cause of autism as there are studies which demonstrated that environmental factors (toxins, bottle-feeding, antibiotics, leaky gut syndrome, effects of vaccination, mother’s diet and lifestyle, immune response of the mother to infection while pregnant, inflammation of the brain, gut toxicity, etc.) could play a much greater role.

Read more on this subject >

One of the scientists who believes in environmental causes of autism is Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride – a Russian neurologist who currently specializes in treating autistic children in the U.K. Her interest in autism was motivated by the fact that her own son suffered from the problem. Fortunately as a result of using detoxification program, natural remedies and healthy diet she managed to cure her son from autism! According to Dr. Campbell autistic children are born with healthy brains and nervous system, and autism is triggered by devastating toxicity caused by abnormal intestinal flora passed on babies from their mothers. Because of that children after birth cannot develop healthy flora in their gut. As a result strains of harmful bacteria unchecked by few probiotic bacteria and weak immune system multiply producing toxins and triggering inflammation thus damaging colon walls and allowing toxins to leak into the bloodstream and from the blood into the brain.

Casein (main milk protein) – contains opiate-like substances called casomorphins which are accused of contributing to the development of autism. See very interesting video on this subject by Dr Michael Greger >

New Study Confirms That Mercury Is Linked to Autism >

– There are clear reasons to believe that vaccination can trigger autism at least in certain cases. For instance, it was shown that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine causes autoantibodies to be formed against myelin basic protein (the protective coating of the nerves) contributing to the pathogenesis of autism. Read more on vaccination >

Nutritional deficiencies including vitamin D, B12, Zinc, etc.

PROBIOTICS FOR AUTISM CURE AUTISMLack of probiotic bacteria in gastrointestinal tract. Consuming yogurts is not enough as they contain sugar and are usually very low or deprived of live probiotic bacteria.

Autism (Reversing!) PROBIOTICS


Mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding should:

– Take chlorella (helps detoxify brain and regenerate damaged nerve tissue in the brain) powder or tablets before breakfast and lunch. Read article on amazing health benefits of Chlorella >

– Avoid stimulants, fish (very high in mercury and lead), sugar, gluten, dairy products, use a good probiotic formula such as UltraProbio, ColiProbio or Symprove and avoid antibiotics.

– Instead synthetic antibiotics use natural antibiotics such as raw garlic, colloidal silver, Golden seal alcohol-free tincture, raw Coconut oil, etc.

– Diet should contain a lot of fibre (unrefined plant foods) and Four Critical Foods (described in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN >).

– Take necessary supplements: Vitamin D3 (10,000 – 20,000 IU a day), Magnesium citrate or another good magnesium (2 x 400 mg a day), Vitamin B12 (1000 mcg after breakfast in the form of sublingual methylcobalamin).

– Ground flax seed – 1 tablespoon 1 or 2 times a day with meals.

Digestive enzymes with meals.

– Avoid, products with high fructose / high glucose syrup, vegetable oils (corn oil, sunflower oil, soya oil, vegetable oil, etc.), margarines.

– Drink and use for cooking only Distilled water >


Autism (Reversing!)







The information presented in this article should be effective in all forms of autism.

Unfortunately it is a common practice among physicians to promote harmful medications for autism while at the same time ignore clear scientific evidence supporting usefulness of healthy plant-based unrefined diet, good quality nutritional supplements, super foods, or exercise.

– In order to obtain optimal results it is crucial to go on Hallelujah Diet > and implement principles included in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN >

– Children with autism usually experience great improvement on diet free from CASEINE (dairy) and GLUTEN (wheat, etc.).

– Since in autism the oxidative stress is increased and detoxification is decreased > it is very important to detoxify their bodies (Chlorella, Charcoal, Distilled water, Vegetable juices, etc.) and provide best possible antioxidants (Alpha lipoic acid >, L-cysteine > etc.).

“My son is 12 and had been using alpha lipoic acid since he was 2 years old. My son had VERY severe autism, and his prognosis was very poor. He stopped talking, and then he even stopped babbling when he was around 2 to 2.5 years old, then he would learn one new word, and we were so hopeful – but then the following day, he would forget his ‘new word’. Well, his brain was definitely involved since he could not remember how to say the one new word he had learned in months. He had a whole bunch of other problems, too like severe gut problems and zero receptive language. A neurologist said to us back then that his future belonged in an institution. He was very, very bad off, and we were told that he was the lowest functioning child in early intervention. He is our first-born child. We were devastated. Word cannot express the hell we all went through. Well, fast forward 10 years later and my son no longer has apraxia, memory loss, digestive or gut problems, he is 5’10” tall and is healthy and really doing well. He does have some learning difficulties and is two years behind in reading, but is good at math. He can hold short conversations, and just loves talking to people, mostly his peers. He keeps going up to kids and adults and talking and talking to them, all excited to talk with them. He loves to go because he wants to see his friends. He is so happy now, I am dumbstruck at all of the progress that he has made, much of it within the last year or two. He sometimes doesn’t seem autistic at all, but learning disabled, or something, I’m not sure how to describe it but he keeps changing and I am no expert at labels. Well, he still does his alpha lipoic acid rounds and to this day, I see a little more progress every time he does a round of alpha lipoic acid. He is talking a lot, but now is using more sophisticated words and observing much more and commenting on it. He is much, much smarter than I ever realized, and he seems to be coming out of whatever it was that was bothering him more and more. He talks easily and with fluidity, his speech is full of emotion just like a normal child’s speech. He has made astounding progress. I will never say he is “cured” or “not cured” of autism, but I am honestly dumbfounded at his progress. He takes alpha lipoic acid + vitamin C 4 or 5 days a week. He gets 50-100 mg ALA + 500 mg Vitamin C every four hours during the day (no doses at night). His neurologist diagnosed him with likely mitochondrial disorder and said alpha lipoic acid and vitamin c were helpful for him. ALA and vitamin c have been hugely beneficial for him. I think every ASD person is affected in different ways, and all I can say is that these were my child’s symptoms and even after all of these years on ALA, he is still benefiting from taking it. That I find simply amazing, I would think that after all of these years that he wouldn’t need ALA as much as when he was younger, but he still benefits massively from this supplement (and vitamin c, too). I hope this helps someone out there, and also want to add that we also see similar results with luteolin, too. My son is older and maybe what was bothering him is not the same as a lot of the younger kids these days, but if this helps just one child, that would make us feel well, simply wonderful!”

– Children with autism are deficient in antioxidant GLUTATHIONE (king of all antioxidants) which plays most important role in detoxifying and regenerating the body. In order to increase glutathione a child needs to receive Alpha lipoic acid, L-cysteine or NAC (N-acetylcysteine) (600mg a day), Milk thistle (alcohol-free drops by Natures Answer), should be used on regular basis. Although glutathione supplements are available you will get better results by increasing it through regular exercise, Methylcobalamin, Vitamin B6 (in active form P5P), Folate (fom green juices but not folic acid), Selenium, Garlic, Onion, Broccoli, raw Cabbage, Cauliflower, Vitamin E and C.

Research shows that NAC is effective for treating irritability in children with autistic disorder. Read: NAC (L-cysteine) shows clinical benefit in autism, as well as other mental health issues >

One mother of an autistic child wrote: “In one study intoxicated rats with mercury were unable to produce glutathione. The glutathione system is the most important detox for the brain, so the result would be devastating damage if any toxins were present in the environment. My son has autism. I think that my love for sea food (very high in mercury and lead) could have been a root cause. All species of fresh and salt water fish contain levels of mercury that are dangerous for pregnant women.”

– To remove mercury from your Child’s body and brain use good quality organic CHLORELLA. It gives excellent results in autism! Some parents report incredible improvement when they gave chlorella to their children with autism. Children with autism can’t detoxify their body properly especially from heavy metals. That is why chlorella gives such a good results. Apart from that it can regenerate nerve tissue! Read my article about Chlorella >


– All the time use a good quality PROBIOTIC formula such as UltraProbio, MoodProbio (HealthAid) or Symprove as autism is associated with lack of probiotic bacteria and negative changes in the colon (Leaky Gut Syndrome, diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pain, etc.).

– If possible your child should be on HALLELUJAH DIET (most effective of all diets) or at least use the most important elements of this diet. Read more >

OMEGA 3 fish oil (HealthAid makes best one as it is molecularly distilled and perfectly free from contaminants): 750 – 1500 mg a day with meal. DHA omega 3 is more important in improving brain health while EPA in coping with inflammation. Studies demonstrated that Omega 3 supplementation decreases hyperactivity and improves other symptoms of autism.

According to the 2008 study, “Fish oil (Omega 3) supplementation has a significant therapeutic effect on children with autism.”

VITAMIN D3: 5-10,0000 IU a day with meal (adults 20-30,000 IU a day). When African children move to America they develop high rates of autism. It is believed that one of the reasons is vitamin D (sun vitamin) deficiency. Try to increase the blood level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D to at least 50 or more ng/ml.

MAGNESIUM citrate or another well absorbed magnesium: 2 times a day 200-400 mg between meals. The more vitamin D3 is used the more magnesium must be taken as D3 leads to magnesium deficiency.

Zinc citrate (citrate shouldn’t cause nusea): 2 x 100mg after meals. At least 200 mg or more a day is necessary. Zinc is one of the most important supplements! Without zinc it is impossible to recover! Dr. Klinghardt says that autism will not improve without high doses of zinc. The problem with zinc however is that in some cases it causes nausea. For this reason always give zinc after meals and if it still causes nausea try different types and divide into smaller doses.

– Dr Bradstreets has discovered a higher levels of viral activity in autistic children. He suggests that it to accumulation of viral toxin – nagalase which is believed to be associated with autism. For this reason detoxification of the body and boosting the immune system is recommended. It can be achieved by exercise, using vitamin D3, zinc, Chlorella, Spirulina, antioxidants (Alpha lipoic acid, NAC), methylcobalamin, avoiding sugar, fructose, glucose, dairy, cheese, meat, bad oils, etc. As a result 85% of autistic children show improvements in speech, cognitive functions, or socialisation while 15% of them show no signs of autism any more!



Acetyl L-carnitine (it passes blood-brain barrier much better than L-carnitine): 200-600 mg a day. In one study 50 mg per kg bodyweight of L-carnitine, taken daily, significantly reduced symptoms of autism. Similar results were achieved after using an 800 mg daily dose of L-carnosine.

Melatonin: 1mg before bed. Autism is associated with lower levels of melatonin and sleeping problems. Melatonin supplementation, therefore, is very helpful in coping with this problem. However, usually melatonin works well for only certain time. For this reason, it is often better to provide the body with everything it needs to make its own hormone. Read more about melatonin >

– 2016 study demonstrated that autism is associated with dysregulation of transcription factor signalling that can be corrected by Resveratrol treatment in mice.

Vitamin C (use only L-ascorbic acid, not D-ascorbic acid): At least 1000 mg a day with meal. According to one study the behaviour of autistic children was significantly improved after receiving few thousand milligrams of vitamin C a day. Read my very interesting article on Vitamin C >

Manganese. Autism is associated with increased glutamate in the brain [>]. Glutamine synthetase, an enzyme that converts glutamate into glutamine, requires and contains Manganese [>]. Therefore, deficiency of Manganese may lead to inability to convert glutamate to glutamine. As a result glutamate accumulates in the brain contributing to autism. Adequate Manganese intake also helps prevent autism because MnSOD (Manganese superoxide dismutase) protects mitochondria in the brain from oxidative damage and dysfunction [>]. It is believed that mitochondrial dysfunction is another factor which contributes to autism. Individuals with autism have low levels of Lactobacillus bacteria which depend on Manganese for antioxidant protection. In addition, Lactobacillus probiotic bacteria are known to increase levels of anti-anxiety hormones thus helping to treat anxiety, which is associated with autism [>].

– Good quality Multivitamin-mineral formula or Vitamin B-complex: 1 tablet after breakfast. Please do not buy cheap formulas as their potency is very low and they contain only short list of inorganic ingredients. It must be a good quality formula such as VM75 (Solgar) or Special Two (NOW Foods) which are an excellent multi-vitamin and mineral formulas fortified with alfalfa powder, rutin, citrus bioflavonoids, bromelain, herbs, digestive enzymes and many other super nutrients. If your diet is very healthy and you stay away from refined foods, sugar and stimulants then take only 1/2 tablet after breakfast.


– Since Vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folate) play very important role in dealing with ADHD I recommand getting B complex with a good quality multivitamin-mineral formula which is high in B vitamins. One of my favourite ones is Healthy Mega (HealthAid) as it is not only very high in B vitamins and at the same time it contains zinc, selenium, herbs, digestive enzymes, micronutrients, and few super grasses. Compared with other popular formulas Healthy mega may contain even up to 60 times more vitamins per tablet!

Adults may take 1 tablet of Healthy Mega after breakfast, children 1/2 tablet (or less) crushed and mixed with juice after breakfast.

In a study involving 140 children and adults with autism a liquid multivitamin-mineral formula (containing NAC, CoQ10, MSM, etc.) was given three times a day. It significantly reduced symptoms such as hyperactivity and tantrums (Adams, BMC Pediatrics 2011). Antioxidants are so important that I would suggest to use them separately instead in multivitamin-mineral formula as otherwise the strength will be too low. In case of autism Alpha lipoic acid seems to be more important than CoQ10 and L-cysteine than NAC because the first one can be regulated by the liver and NAC is already converted form.

CoQ10 (HealthAid) in the form of oil based Ubiquinone: 30 mg two times a day for a child (morning and evening) and 120mg two times a day for adult. In one study 30 mg of CoQ10 improved sleep, communication, and decrease food rejection.

– Use Activated Charcoal in case of diarrhoea >

EFFECTIVE NATURAL WAY TO REVERSE AUTISM - CHARCOALBroccoli-Sprout Compound May Improve Symptoms of Autism >

Evening primrose oil  or Star flower oil.

– Vitamin B6 (P5P): 100mg with meal.

– Sublingual METHYLCOBALAMIN: 2000mcg under tongue with breakfast only. There are studies which demonstrated effectiveness of this form of vitamin B12 in reducing symptoms of autism. >

Methylcobalamin (must be sublingual) children 1000 to 2000mcg adults 2,000 to 3,000 mcg a day under the tongue (only with breakfast) for one month. After 3 months reduce to 1,000 to 2,000 mcg a day (with breakfast). Read very important and interesting article on VITAMIN B12 >

Alpha lipoic acid: 250 to 600mg a day. It is one of the most important remedies in autism >

– Use only raw organic Coconut oil. No other oils or fats.

Turmeric (HealthAid). Since studies repeatedly demonstrated that after one year turmeric was able to reverse neurological brain damage and literally cure Alzheimer’s disease it may be also very beneficial in autism.

5HTP Tryptophan. Researcher say that deficiency of the amino acids Tryptophan and Tyrosine may play a key role in autism.


– Fresh raw SUNFLOWER SPROUTS every day.



RAW VEGETABLE JUICES 2-3 x a day as much as possible 30 min before meals.

Sulforaphane (antioxidant found in broccoli).


Exercise and contact with nature whenever possible.



Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves symptoms of autism in 75% of the subjects tested. It also reduces inflammation in children with autism.

– Studies demonstrated that relaxing peaceful background music can be an effective tool to increase emotional understanding in children with autism >

– Read a very interesting article explaining how to increase SEROTONIN levels to improve mental health >

– In order to speed up the recovery implement principles included in HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN >



Please read this extremely important part (LINK) very carefully as it reveals the secret of finding true source of strength necessary to overcome bad habits and will help you to gain a powerful motivation to not only practice but also enjoy the new and very healthy way of life.


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Juan Fermin: “My son has Autism and up until recently he had been hurting himself, literally punching bruises into his own arm and no one could tell me why. His therapist said that it was all just ‘behavioural’. After doing some research, I started him on a Regiment of Effervescent N.A.C in his drinks. First 1 tablet per day, then 2 after a couple of weeks then 3 after another month. Additionally I started giving him Epsom Salt baths to replenish his Liver’s Sulphate Stores and improve his neural receptors Magnesium levels. Epsom salt is also a great Detox. Additionally I’ve started him on Cod Liver Oil, to improve his DHA Levels in his brain and vitamins with no Copper, since most kids with Autism have abnormally high levels. Finally I also added some good probiotics to help with his Digestive health. He is definitely much happier, doesn’t self-mutilate anymore and is finally starting to mouth some words for the first time in 5 years (he is 9). Should I have done nothing to ease his suffering? Would I love him more if I didn’t desire a cure for him? Truth is if there was some magic pill that would completely eliminate his Autism, I would have him take it immediately. Why? Because I WANT him to have a Wife and a Family. I WANT him to be able to have a social life. I WANT him to be able to take care of himself and those he loves. I don’t quite see what it is that you think is so noble about you wanting your son to stay just as he is?”

  • With regards to the above story let me only mention that I wouldn’t use cod liver oil as it is too high in vitamin A which is toxic when overdosed. Instead CLO it is much better to use vitamin D3 and good quality Omega 3 (HealthAid Omegazon 750mg >, as it is molecularly distilled). Also including other mentioned in this article recommendations should give much better results.

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