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Kawasaki Disease (KD)


Kawasaki disease (KD), previously called mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, is a rare inflammatory condition of unknown yet origin that mainly affects children under age of 5. It involves blood vessels, heart, skin, mouth, and lymph nodes.

The highest annual incidence occurs in Japan with over 230 cases per 100,000 children under 5. In England there are only 8 cases per 100,000. It was also noted that the higher incidence in Northeast Asians remains the same after migration to countries with low incidence.


The typical symptoms include rash, dry and cracked lips, high temperature lasting at least 5 days, red eyes, swollen glands (lymph nodes) in the neck, and red swollen fingers or toes. The symptoms usually last for a few weeks and then become less severe. After that time most children return to normal activities but symptoms may last longer.


Untreated, KD leads to serious cardiovascular complications (heart problems), mainly coronary artery aneurysms.

The frequency of aneurysms dramatically decreased as a result of intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) therapy. However, some children fail to respond to intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) treatment.


Unfortunately, experts still don’t know what causes this condition. However, there are few thought-provoking ideas with regards to the possible causes.

– Some experts suggest it may be an autoimmune disorder in which the child’s immune system strangely turns against its own body and decides to attack it using antibodies and causing inflammation and damage.

– There are also certain studies that seem to suggest that Kawasaki disease could be triggered by an abnormal reaction to some common viral infections. Scientists discovered that in KD the antibodies were bound to inclusion bodies in the respiratory tract. Inclusion bodies are defined as abnormal structures in a cell that often linked to viral reproduction. Similar inclusion bodies are made by respiratory pathogens, suggesting the possibility that KD is caused by a respiratory virus. Certain scientist found particles, which resemble viruses but since their characteristics are not compatible with any of the identified viruses, it is believed that he may have discovered an entirely new virus. Also the fact that the disease happens most often in the early spring and late winter is sometimes mentioned as an additional argument that KD may be caused by viral infections. However, researchers are not able to prove KD is of a viral origin or that it can be infectious and spread.

Vaccines are also mentioned among possible causes of KD. Scientists who have studied KD say that a virus or a vaccine, causes the illness. It is possible that many of the children may suffer from KD as a result of being vaccinated which often triggers autoimmune response and may lead to the disease. Dr. Tenpenny even maintains that “Any vaccine can cause Kawasaki disease, including hep B given at birth.”


Other possible causes that may coontribute to KD:

– Imbalance between good probiotic and pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

– Vitamin D deficiency,

– Zinc deficiency,

Use of antibiotics during pregnancy and breast feeding.

– Unhealthy lifestyle and diet during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Use of stimulants and artificial sweeteners.

– Depression, low mood or anxiety during pregnancy and breast feeding.

– Toxins (especially mercury, lead and fluoride).


– The most important aspect of the therapy which will lead to recovery is the implementation of lifestyle and dietary principles included in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN >


Fortunately, early treatment of KD is usually effective in preventing heart and blood vessel damage. Often, intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) is used to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels. Long-term aspirin therapy is prescribed as it is supposed to lower the risk of developing blood clots. In serious cases, anticoagulants are prescribed. Early treatment usually reduces inflammation and fever but it may take a month before recovery.


Since it is clear that an inflammation and weakness of the immune system is associated with the disease proper treatment requires natural and safe for babies and infants anti-inflammatory remedies as well as supplements and herbal formulas that will strengthen and regulate immunity.

Use as many of the following as possible at the same time:

Daily Essentials Multi Vitamin & Mineral by Phoenix Nutrition: Empty the content of one capsule and give half of it once or twice daily depending on Child’s age. It contains much better quality of vitamins and minerals.

– Fresh raw cold-pressed organic Carrot juice – 3 times a day (see Testimonials below)

InfantProbio (HealthAid) > – 5 drops, once a day

– One teaspoon of Organic Chlorella powder or Clean Greens (Pukka) or Wheat Grass Juice powder (Pukka) with carrot juice – 2-3 times a day. Use these excellent powders alternatively (one after another) starting from 1/3 teaspoon and gradually increasing until 1 full teaspoon 2-3 times a day. Breast-feeding mother should take 2 full tablespoons 30 minutes before breakfast with vegetable juice.

BabyVit D 400IU Drops (HealthAid) > – 2 times 25 drops (2 x 400 IU=800IU) a day

BabyVit Drops 25ml (HealthAid) > – 25 drops a day

Children and adults who already developed complications such as aneurysm must also address this condition by implementing principles and recommendations included in the article ANEURYSM >


– HUGE Success story! My 13 year old son was diagnosed with Kawasaki’s Disease in April this year. His diagnosis came from my persistence in finding out what was going on with him. Four doctors, two hospital visits in 5 days with different hospitals and internet research helped him get the diagnosis & IVIG treatment in time.

Through the internet research I ended up on a blog on Kawasaki Disease where I read one success story about a mom who could only think to get something good in her son so she juiced carrots for large dose of nutrients, vitamins and proteins and said she kept giving it into him. He came out fine and has been fine ever since!

During my son’s IVIG one doctor said the antibodies get confused and attack everything in the body including the proteins in the coronary artery which weaken the walls and allow them to bulge out. My son was sent home the same day he received the IVIG and developed Aseptic Meningitis. The hospital said there was nothing more they could do for him, we were on our own. This was at a major medical University Hospital with an excellent reputation. So, I had to do SOMETHING! I juiced carrots, spinach and 1 apple per serving and he had 2 or 3 twenty ounce glasses of this per day. About all he could manage to get down in a day. He immediately felt better upon drinking it. He has had all excellent check-ups, EKG’s & Echo’s since.

During the IVIG he developed a first degree heart block that has since gone away and he is currently playing soccer, happy, healthy and enjoying a normal life. We are still cautious and watch for any signs of heart trouble developing, the school knows what signs to be aware of and we all believe he will continue to be fine.

In further research of juicing, I discovered drinking freshly juiced carrots (within 5 min of being juiced) is like having a Power Punch of Proteins introduced to the blood stream. I believe that the juicing of those fresh vegetable saved my son and his heart. We continue to juice periodically as I also know it is not uncommon for reoccurrence of this disease.

I hope this helps and I will say a prayer for you & your child. We had a lot of prayer and still do going up for our son and I believe that God opened the doors for us that we needed when we needed them and help me find the information I needed when I needed it. We were told that our son was the only teenager they have ever seen come out of this without any complications or sign of having had this disease and he had it severe. The doctors also giggled a little when I talked about the juicing and said “well it certainly won’t hurt”.


Two months ago my daughter was diagnosed with KD, which caused coronary artery dilation and two aneurysms.

My daughter was given high-dose immune globulin and aspirin for one night. Next day we were discharged home. The hospital staff excused that my daughter had atypical KD and the aneurysms were very possibly caused by previous KD experience (never had it before actually). Since aneurysms were already formed, there was no special treatment which could guarantee a full recovery. The hospital cardiologist suggested us to take aspirin every day even for my daughter’s lifelong time.

One story from a Chinese mom gave me a lot of courage and confidence to face the KD. Her son had KD with dilation and aneurysms. She totally dropped all the modern medicine like aspirin and tried oriental herb medicines which cured her son’s KD. Then I read some research papers regarding the KD herb treatment and statistical data about successful herb treatment. Some papers showed evidence that combination of western medicine and oriental herb medicine have a much higher full recovery rate than pure western medicine. I went to see an Asian doctor who works in an oriental herb store close to my home, the doctor prescribed some herbs which would help appetite, heart, blood, and overall immune system. The herbs had 7 bags, each day we took one bag of herbs and brew them in a pot about two hours until the water is so thick and little. Then my daughter drank the filtered thick water every day. After my daughter taking one bag of herb water, she looked so much better, having better appetite, more active and starting bow movement. So we continued to visit the asian doctor every week so he could check my daughter’s progress and adjusted her herb prescription. We continued this procedure for two months (in the middle, we stopped herbs for one week based on the Asian doctor’s suggestion).

When CT results came out one week later, the hospital doctor called and told us the CT is normal, showing no aneurysms or dilation on my daughter’s coronary artery, we almost could not believe it.

Long story short, my daughter looks normal and good now. She is very energetic, happy, and has very good appetite. In these two months, we also watched her diet closely, providing her healthy food such as a lot of vegetables and fruit and keeping away fatty food. I know it would be a long battle for her KD. We still need to be very careful to watch her. We just got more herb medicine to reinforce her treatment results.

From public material, there is only 50% chance for KD aneurysms to disappear, which is very disappointing data. Kids have very light organs, which could be easily damaged and could also be easily recovered if proper treatment is given. So don’t miss the best time to cure KD dilation or aneurysms when your kids are still little. For KD adults who already have some enormous aneurysms, it is also not terrible. There are many successful stories by taking good herbs, good diet, and good exercise without involvement of surgeries.



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