Written by Slawomir Gromadzki, MPH

Tiredness and fatigue are nowadays by far the most common complaints among people living in developed countries. The key physiological cause of this problem is inability of the cells to generate enough energy in the form of ATP. ATP is a special “fuel” every cell in our body generates. The more of ATP cells produce the healthier and more energetic we feel. This energy is required for normal function of the entire body and organs including brain, heart and muscles. One of the most important elements necessary for generating energy is D-Ribose which is the key building block of ATP. When the cells in muscles such as the heart come under metabolic stress, they are unable to synthesise enough D-Ribose. As a result, energy levels are low and we feel tired, because not having enough D-Ribose is like trying to make a fire without kindling. Especially individuals with poor health and those who experience chronic tiredness need D-Ribose supplements. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., internist and a leading researcher in the field of Chronic Fatigue said, “D-Ribose is awesome! We just published a study on it. I recommend it for athletes and anybody with fatigue and heart problems. I take it each day because it gives me an energy boost.”

Fights tiredness & boosts energy

One of the studies involved participants with chronic fatigue showed an average of almost 50% increase in energy levels after only 3 weeks and an average overall improvement in quality of life of 30% as a result of taking D-Ribose supplementation.

Improves athletic performance & restores muscle energy levels

In a trial involved healthy athletes D-Ribose was able to restore muscle energy levels to normal in just three days after a very intense exercise. Muscles of those who were not given D-Ribose still remained fatigued and energy-starved after three days of rest.

Energises heart muscle & speeds up recovery time after reduced blood supply to the heart

The heart’s ability to resynthesize ATP is limited by the supply of D-ribose. D-Ribose increases energy levels in the heart muscle improving its function, blood circulation, and speeds up recovery after periods of reduced blood and oxygen supply.

Reduces oxidative damage after intense exercise

Research indicates a possible effect of D-Ribose in supporting antioxidant activity. Studies give evidence that D-Ribose administered before and after intense exercise help reduce free radical production and oxidative damage.