Written by Slawomir (“Swavak”) Gromadzki, MPH

Dry skin is a very common skin problem characterized by a lack of the appropriate amount of water in the most superficial layer of the skin.


Dehydration (deficiency of water in the body).

– Lack of essential fatty acids, especially omega 3 but also certain beneficial types of omega 6.

– Dry skin and weak hair is one of the most obvious signs of vitamin D deficiency which is rampant today.

Biotin (vitamin B7) deficiency can contribute to dry skin.

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

– Some medications can cause dry skin (check side effects if you are on medication).

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) and psoriasis.

– Swimming pools (chlorine) and chlorinated tap water (if possible drink distilled tap water).

– Many soaps, shower gels, shampoos, deodorant or detergents strip moisture from the skin.




– Drink more water between meals (distilled water is the best option). Read more >

– Consume foods high in omega 3 fatty acids: Ground flax seed, flax oil, soaked in water for at least 30 minutes chia seeds. In addition take 2000mg a day of good quality and free from heavy metals (molecularly distilled) omega 3 fish oil.

– Research shows that biotin (vitamin B7, vitamin H) can be helpful in protecting skin from dryness, acne, fungal infections, cracking, and rashes. Biotin supports healthy skin growth, especially around eyes, nose, and mouth.

– For a child with dry skin use KidzProbio > (or InfantProbio >) and KidzOmega Liquid > at the same time.

– Read about Hypothyroidism > as many women are not aware they suffer from this condition, which may cause dry skin.

– Drink fresh raw vegetable juices before meals. Consume more raw vegetable salads before meals.

– Try to avoid (or at least significantly reduce) sugar, gluten, dairy, stimulants including coffee and tea, alcohol, etc.

– Take 1000mg of Evening primrose oil or Star flower oil (borage oil).

Here is the evidence that Flaxseed oil (Omega 3) and Borage oil (Omega 6) supplementation increase skin hydration in women. >

– Learn to control stress.

– Everyday take organic Chlorella powder and other super foods such as Barley grass, Alfalfa, Maca, ground Hemp seed, Wheat grass, etc.

– Include good quality Probiotic formula to boost good bacteria in your colon.

Externally try to use raw organic Coconut oil, Castor oil and Vitamin E oil. Avoid cosmetics with harmful chemicals.

– Use only soaps, gels, shampoos, cosmetics, deodorant or detergents with only harmless natural ingredients.

Bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, and reduces inflammation in atopic dry skin. >

– Take 5,00020,000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day.

– Most important aspect of the treatment is implementing principles included in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN >

– In case you suffer from Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, Atopic dermatitis (Eczema), or Psoriasis, go to DISEASES find your condition and try to recover from it by implementing principles and using remedies listed there.

– Read about SKIN CARE OPTIONS >

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