Written by Slawomir Gromadzki, MPH

SIGNS: bruising easily, trouble stopping cuts or wounds from bleeding, frequent nosebleeds or bloody gums, prolonged bleeding from cuts, heavy menstruation, fatigue.

POSSIBLE CAUSES: Deficiency of Vitamin B12, D3, K2, Lifestyle factors, leukaemia, autoimmune conditions and other immune system problem, side effect of taking certain medications, drinking alcohol (slows the production of platelets).

REMEDIES: Sublingual Methylcobalamin B12 – 2000mcg everyday under the tongue after breakfast; Vitamin D3 5000IU every day after breakfast; Magnesium citrate powder 200mg twice daily; Vitamin K2 MK7 200-500mcg daily with meals. Find and treat underlying cause(s).

LIFESTYLE: Avoid alcohol, avoid refined sugar and other refined products, eat more raw fresh vegetables and other unrefined unprocessed plant foods, exercise every day.


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