Written by Slawomir (“Swavak”) Gromadzki, MPH

FIBROIDSThis manual contains the best and most relevant information about natural ways to prevent and treat fibroids. If you manage to follow all the recommendations presented here and also in the Health Recovery Plan, you will completely recover from this condition. And this bold statement is not only a wish or a theory but it is based on my own long experience as I personally know  women who permanently recovered from fibroids after using the remedies and recommendations included below.


Fibroids are lumps of tissue regarded as benign (non-cancerous) tumours that grow in the wall of the uterus. Fibroids develop when cells located in the walls of the uterus proliferate and create an abnormal growth. It seems to be a very common problem as it is estimated that 20 to even 50% of women may have some type of fibroid.


Usually fibroids cause no or only mild symptoms. Some women, however, may experience pelvic pain, heavy menstruation, infertility, recurrent miscarriages, etc.



We are told that the exact cause of uterine fibroids isn’t known, but there are many reasons to believe that like it is in case of many other similar conditions including different types of cancer these tumours (fibroids) gradually develop as a result of  unhealthy lifestyle, inability to control stress, harmful influence of free radicals, nutritional deficiencies and other dietary factors, genetics or hormonal imbalance (low progesterone and high oestrogen are believed to promote fibroid growth).

– High levels of oestrogen. Oestrogen dominance causes breast lumps because it is a powerful proliferator and its excessive levels stimulate abnormal cells in the breasts and uterus to multiply thus creating fibroids (lumps) in the breast and uterus. Failure to provide enough methyl groups (due to the deficiency of vitamin B12, B6, folate and some other nutrients) leads to raised homocysteine levels and allows oestrogens to accumulate, resulting in hormone imbalance and oestrogen dominance which leads to uterine and breast fibroids, breast lumps, PMS, and increased risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes. It is therefore vital to use good quality supplements such as sublingual methylcobalamin (the best form of vitamin B12: 1000-2000mcg a day), vitamin B6 (50-100mg a day) and L-Methylfolate (much better form of vitamin B9 than folic acid: 100-400mcg a day) to prevent and treat oestrogen accumulation.

Apart from high levels of oestrogen also the following key factors are believed to be involved in the development of fibroids:

– Vitamin D deficiency >

– Regular consumption of dairy > and meat products >  

– Diet high in refined products, sugar and high fructose/glucose syrup

– Hormonal imbalance

– Prescribed medication, antibiotics, hormones especially estradiol (often present also in tap water) >

– Harmful effect of free radicals (from junk foods, stress, toxins, etc.) and diet low in antioxidants

– Stimulants: smoking, alcohol, caffeine (coffee, tea, cola drinks, etc.), theobromine (chocolate), illegal drugs etc.


– Contraceptives

– Foods high in bad fats: margarine, most plant oils, animal fats

– Nutritional deficiencies (diet low in vitamins, zinc, magnesium, selenium, etc.)

– Environmental toxins and heavy metals such as mercury, preservatives, harmful radiation

– Stress, depression, anxiety and negative thinking

– Sun block screens lotions or creams as they contain dangerous chemicals, hold in your sweat and do not allow sun to make vitamin D under your skin (vitamin D is one of the most important factor protecting you against cancer)


Unfortunately very often, even though fibroids are just benign (non-cancerous) growths, physicians recommend hysterectomy (removal of the entire uterus, sometimes with ovaries). It is true that malignant (cancerous) tumours inside the womb can develop over time but it is extremely rare. The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually in America alone is 7.5 million per year! >

Therefore, in case of fibroids a natural treatment (free from side effects) should be recommended all the more since it usually leads to full recovery within a few months. A very good example could be a black lady by the name Anabella who came to me asking for a consultation. She completely recovered from fibroids in her uterus as a result of using mentioned below remedies and implementing principles of the Health Recovery Plan, which was also followed by our prayers and God’s blessing. When after a few months of being on this plan she went to the hospital to go through either hysterectomy or the laparoscopic removal of the fibroids the surprised doctor stated that it wasn’t necessary as her uterus was completely clean!

I recommended the described below therapy to our female customers suffering from fibroids and remember at least three of them who told me they permanently recovered from this condition as a result of using listed here natural remedies, improved diet and healthier lifestyle.

Most important part of the treatment is living according to the principles I included in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN and in another very important section called EMPOWERMENT.

Also regular use of as many of the following excellent natural remedies and supplements as possible will greatly enhance and quicken the recovery process (the more of them you manage to use at the same time the better should be the results):

Cold-pressed vegetable juices (beets, carrot, broccoli, tomatoes, kale, etc.) – 2 glasses 2-3 x a day. >

Turmeric tablets > by HealthAid (3 times a day 1 tablet before meals) or excellent and even stronger than turmeric Curcumin 3 > (HealthAid) (1 tablet 3 times a day with vegetable juice ore water before meals). Test-tube studies have shown that curcumin (Turmeric’s key active ingredient) can reduce the growth and increase the death of fibroid cells!

Vitamin D3 > – 40,000 IU a day for the first 2 months and 20,000 IU a day after that. Vitamin D, used in one study, was found to inhibit the growth of fibroid cells by almost 50 per cent! Vitamin D must be taken with magnesium (citrate) (2 x a day 300-400 mg between meals with water) as it requires magnesium for the conversion and eventually leads to its deficiency. Also vitamin K2 MK7 (200mcg a day) is important as it would improve absorption of vitamin D. It is very difficult to find vitamin D3 supplements that would contain at least 20,000 IU in one capsule. The only company which offers high strength vitamin D3 in the UK seems to be the HealthAid >

– According to DR Neal Bernard, “Soy products may reduce the risk of fibroids, knots of muscle tissue that form within the thin muscle layer that lies beneath the uterine lining. A study of Japanese women found that the more soy women ate, the less likely they were to need a hysterectomy, suggesting that fibroids were less frequent. In a study of women in Washington State, soy did not seem to help or hurt, perhaps because American women eat very little soy, compared with their Japanese counterparts. What did have a big effect in this study were lignans, a type of phytoestrogens found in flaxseed and whole grains. The women consuming the highest amounts of these foods has less than half the risk of fibroids, compared with the women who generally skipped these foods. So, again, phytoestrogens seem beneficial, countering the effects of a woman’s natural estrogens, although in this case the benefit comes from foods other than soy.”

– Organic Chlorella – 2 x a day 10-20 tablets or 2 tablespoons of powder 30 min before breakfast and before lunch or Clean greens powder (Pukka) – 3 x a day 1 heaped teaspoon 30 min before meals.

– Good quality multivitamin-mineral formula such as Healthy Mega > (HealthAid) – 1 after breakfast.

Alpha lipoic acid > – 250mg two times a day before meals.

Zinc – 15-30 mg after breakfast or good quality multivitamin and mineral formula which includes at least 5mg of zinc in 1 tabl. Selenium and zinc may also help to reduce the size of the fibroids according to some studies. If you decide to use Healthy Mega you don’t need zinc as a separate supplement as it is included in this formula.

Agnus castus (Vitex) gives excellent results in case of heavy and painful menstruation. In addition the uterine fibroids usually cease to grow or even shrink as a result of regular daily use of Agnus castus extract. But in order to achieve positive results this excellent herbal remedy must be used patiently for at least five to eight months.

– Overweight or obese ladies are at higher risk of developing fibroids. It is, therefore, important to reduce body weight. >

– A long-term treatment with Ashwagandha helped reduce uterine fibroids (>, >).

– Drink 3 times a day 2 or 3 glasses of distilled (or at least filtered) water about 30 to 60 minutes before each meal or about 2 hours after. During hot days you need even more. Your urine should be transparent, if it is yellow it means you don’t drink enough water. >

– Avoid milk, dairy or meat products for at least 3 – 6 months!

– Go on a reliable and effective plant-based unrefined diet (free from any animal foods). Hallelujah diet is the most effective one. Try to practice it for 3 – 6 months or until recovery. Here you will find countless stories of recovery from cancer written by people who were on Hallelujah diet.

No sugar or products that include sugar, glucose, fructose, artificial sweeteners.

No stimulants (chocolate, cocoa powder, coffee, tea, cola, alcohol, smoking, etc.).

– You must always think positive and be free from fear as fear and anxiety make your immune system very weak and unable to fight with fibroids. The only way to experience true peace and freedom from fear is through accepting the most wonderful good news of the Gospel. In order to get acquainted with this incredible message every day carefully read (or listen to) one chapter from the book Steps to Christ > by Ellen White.

– To understand how important is mental health in treating fibroids every day read one chapter from the book Ministry of Healing > by Ellen White (starting from the chapter Mind Healing).



Alternative (contrast) hot and cold showers will give a tremendous boost to the blood circulation, improve metabolism, the elimination of toxins, and stimulate both the nervous and the immune system!
Always start with hot shower and after about 3 – 5 minutes when your body is warm enough take a 3 – 5 min cold shower slowly reducing the temperature until it is really cold. After that, repeat this procedure alternating the flow of water from hot to cold, back and forth 3-5 times in a row. You can also start the whole treatment with hot shower followed by prolonged cold bath.
Cold water stimulates blood to flow toward the internal organs whereas the hot water directs blood toward the skin. Hot water enlarges blood vessels while cold water causes them to shrink. Therefore, the alternating hot and cold makes the circulation move in and out like an accordion. This has the effect of increasing the rate of detoxification and moving nutrients more readily to various parts of the body. Hot and cold showers can be taken 1 to 2 times a day.
The cold shower or bath, which is even more beneficial than hot, will not harm you if you precede it with good hot shower. Cold water by cooling our body forces it to burn more calories by activating the brown fat which boosts fat burning. Brown fat can play a very important role in controlling body weight because it is a heat-generating type of fat which burns energy instead of storing it. Although it is called “fat” it actually works more like a muscle than fat.
Apart from cold also hot treatments such as sauna can be beneficial in treating inflammations, infectious diseases, skin problems, poor blood circulation, obesity, etc. as it boosts immune system and helps in eliminating toxins from our body. In addition it is also effective in removing excess fat which can be explained by the fact that fats become water-soluble when they are exposed to the temperature higher than 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) thus forcing the body to eliminate the excess fat together with water during the process of sweating triggered by sauna or another prolonged hot treatment such as hot foot bath, hot shower, etc.
Sauna is recommend especially after exercising.
If your main goal is to lose more fat it is suggested that you should drink a lot of water (1 to 2 litres) about 30 to 60 minutes before sauna and 30 minutes after but not during the time you stay in sauna.
Also remember that although sauna or other hot treatments can be beneficial and help to lose weight it must be frequently interrupted with cold showers. Apart from that, during any prolonged hot treatment a cold compress on the forehead and neck should be applied constantly.
If you experience any health problems please consult the use of sauna and other prolonged hot or cold treatments with your physician.

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