Written by Slawomir (“Swavak”) Gromadzki, MPH

Each year, 1 million Americans are diagnosed with sepsis and almost half of them die. Worldwide, an estimated 600,000 infants die from sepsis.

Effective prevention and treatment of Septicemia (Sepsis) Infection


Sepsis (Septicaemia) is a severe infection of the bloodstream. It happens when the infection reaches the bloodstream, causing blood poisoning and inflammation in the body. Any infection can lead to sepsis. It can be life-threatening, especially for anyone with a weakened immune system or a chronic illness.


Fever, fast respiratory rate, oedema, hypothermia, heart rate greater than 90 beats per minute, high blood glucose without diabetes.

Sepsis symptoms are not caused directly by the germs. They are caused by the chemicals that the body releases in response to the infection.


Sepsis is most often associated with infections of the skin, gut, lungs and urinary tract. Pathogens that often cause sepsis include Staphylococcus aureus (staph), Escherichia coli (E. coli) and some types of Streptococcus. Fungi can also cause it.

Higher risk include weak immune system due to deficiency of antioxidants, vitamin D,  zinc, selenium and other nutrients, HIV, AIDS, cancer, diet high in sugar, use of stimulants, stress, etc., taking antibiotics or steroids, babies (especially 2 years or younger), diabetics, elderly with health problems, hospital patients.

Effective prevention and treatment of Septicemia (Sepsis) Infection


It’s important to remember that sepsis is a medical emergency. Get immediate medical attention if you suspect that you have sepsis. You should always consult your doctor before starting any natural treatment or combining conventional treatments with natural treatments.

– To prevent sepsis don’t abuse synthetic antibiotics as they lead to resistance to antibiotics and kill probiotic bacteria in the gut greatly weakening the immune system. Try to use natural antibiotics such as raw garlic, propolis, golden seal, raw onion, colloidal silver, etc. One of the main reasons of the significant rise in sepsis patients is increased antibiotic resistance. After antibiotic therapy always take good probiotic for a few months or eat raw home-made sauerkraut every day. Multiple studies show that probiotics can be very effective in preventing and treating sepsis. This is especially true for babies, who are more at risk for developing sepsis. A 2016 study showed that probiotic supplements can lower the risk of candida and help to prevent invasive fungal sepsis in new-born babies. Feeding newborn babies probiotics (good bacteria) for one week lowered the risk of sepsis by 40 percent. Other common infections were also reduced by up to 80 percent.

– Giving septic patients intravenous Vitamin C with hydrocortisone and Thiamine (Vitamin B1) reduced mortality nearly fivefold!


Zinc: 30-50mg after meals and Selenium 50-100mcg. Zinc is very important! When it comes to immune function, Zinc and Selenium are absolutely essential. Researchers found that zinc and selenium concentrations were reduced in patients with sepsis. Studies point towards zinc and selenium supplementation as playing a therapeutic role in preventing and treating sepsis.

– An animal study found that Propolis could help in the prevention and treatment of septic shock.

Vitamin D3 is probably the most important supplement as it may have a tremendous influence on strengthening the immune system which is the most important element of treating chronic disease – 20,000 to 30,000 IU for 4 weeks or till recovery. After that 10,000 IU a day (must be with magnesium as it leads to its deficiency). Try to increase the blood level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D to at least 50 or more ng/ml.

Magnesium citrate or another well absorbed magnesium: Two times 400mg of Magnesium citrate a day (30-60 min before breakfast and before bed). The more vitamin D3 is used the more magnesium must be taken as D3 leads to magnesium deficiency!

– Good probiotic formula (ImmuProbio would be the most recommended in this case) for 2 months or longer. It is extremely important as lack of beneficial bacteria in intestines is one of the key cause of weak immune system!

– Raw garlic (or at least raw onion) 3 x a day with meals until recovery.

Siberian mixture of fermented garlic and lemon juice: I was given this recipe from my Polish colleague who spent some time in Siberia. It also lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides, regulates blood sugar level and blood pressure, boosts immune system, and kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, candida, or cancer cells. In order to make this mixture you need two ingredients: fresh juice from 24 lemons and 400 grams of squeezed fresh raw garlic. Place both ingredients in a glass jar and mix them together. Cover the opening of the jar with a clean cloth and live it in a dark cool place for 14 days until the content ferments. After two weeks strain the fermented mixture pouring the liquid into smaller glass jars. Close them with lids and keep the jars in the fridge. Always shake before use and for insomnia take one teaspoon with a half glass of worm water about one hour before going to sleep. After one month of using the mixture take a 7 days break and after that you can start using it again. After using it for 3 months you will need a whole month break. In this way it shouldn’t lose its effectiveness.

Vitamin C (must be L-ascorbic acid, not Ascorbic acid): 2-3 x 1000mg with meals.

Golden seal tincture or Bee Propolis: Three times a day between meals with water.

Methylcobalamin (form of vitamin B12) is another very important remedy which helped many people to get rid of chronic fatigue and problems associated with weak immune system as deficiency of this vitamin is regarded as “rampant” today. > Methylcobalamin (must be sublingual) 2,000 to 3,000 mcg a day under the tongue (only with breakfast) for one month. After 3 months reduce to 1,000 to 2,000 mcg a day (with breakfast). Read very important and interesting article on VITAMIN B12 >

– Good quality Multivitamin-mineral formula or Vitamin B-complex: 1 tablet after breakfast. Please do not buy cheap formulas as their potency is very low and they contain only short list of inorganic ingredients. It must be a good quality formula such as VM-2000, VM-75 (Solgar) or Special Two (NOW Foods) which are an excellent multi-vitamin and mineral formulas fortified with alfalfa powder, rutin, citrus bioflavonoids, bromelain, herbs, digestive enzymes and many other super nutrients. If your diet is very healthy and you stay away from refined foods, sugar and stimulants then take only 1/2 tablet after breakfast.


Hot and cold alternative showers 2 x a day. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! See HYDROTHERAPY >

– One of the most powerful remedies against upper respiratory diseases is Hot Foot Bath >. Before bed keep your feet in hot water plus very cold compress on forehead and neck and a lot of water to drink as you should sweat a lot. Watch this VIDEO >


– Most important aspect of the treatment is lifestyle and diet according to the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN as in this way you will deal with the causes of the problem.

– Until complete recovery avoid everything which weakens immune system: Milk and all dairy products, cheese, pizza, chocolate, traditional ice creams, refined sugar and foods containing sugar, breakfast cereals, high fructose/glucose syrup, antibiotics, stimulants, pessimism, refined foods, white flour products, white rice, etc.

– The only oil to use is raw coconut oil as it can kill bacteria.

– Eat more raw vegetables, cabbage family vegetables, carrots, onion, garlic, etc.

– Stress control and positive thinking is crucial for strong immunity.

– Every day include in your diet the 5 CRITICAL and MOST POWERFUL SUPER FOODS:

1. Fresh raw sprouts;
2. Freshwater algae (chlorella, spirulina);
3. Super grasses (barley grass, alfalfa, wheat grass);
4. Fresh cold pressed vegetable juices;
5. Fresh raw organic ground turmeric.

– Untill recovery diet only according to the HEALING RECIPES >



Please read this extremely important part (LINK) very carefully as it reveals the secret of finding true source of strength necessary to overcome bad habits and will help you to gain a powerful motivation to not only practice but also enjoy the new and very healthy way of life.

– Address the excess stress that weakens your immune system and wore out adrenals. Learn to control stress by exercise, plant based unrefined mostly raw diet, good quality supplements, morning and evening meditation (prayer) and reading the Bible (starting from the Gospel of John). Read about MOTIVATION > to learn more about it. From my own experience I know that it is the most effective way to cope with stress including existential fears which are the part of our nature.

– In order to speed up the recovery it is crucial to implement principles included in HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN >



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