Written by Slawomir (“Swavak”) Gromadzki, MPH

Astragalus extract is regarded now as energy and immune system booster. A 2012 study displayed its ability to control T-helper cells 1 and 2, essentially regulating the body’s immune responses. As a result of taking astragalus extract the macrophages and the natural killer cells of the immune system have a markedly enhanced ability to fight intruders (five- to six-fold!). It looks like no other herb can be more effective immune system stimulator than astragalus.

According to Dr. Randy Horwitz, Medical Director at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, “Astragalus has been found to have both antiviral and immune-enhancing properties. Research shows that the 50 or so different compounds in astragalus work by stimulating immune cells, such as T-cells, phagocytes, and macrophages, to fight off disease. In Asia, it’s even given to cancer patients.”

Astragalus – Like zinc and vitamin D does not only makes immune system stronger but it also modulate immunity helping prevent leukocytes from attacking own body and reducing symptoms of inflammation as well as various autoimmune diseases  such as miastenia, lupus, etc.


– Huang LF1, Yao YM, Li JF, Zhang SW, et al (2012) The effect of Astragaloside IV on immune function of regulatory Tcell…  Fitoterapia. 2012 Dec;83(8):1514-22.