Written by Slawomir (“Swavak”) Gromadzki, MPH

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease in which the immune system blocks the signals sent from the brain to the muscles, and then the muscles can’t respond correctly.

It causes severe muscle weakness which usually occurs in the eyes and face, but it can involve fingers, arms, legs, neck, chest and other places. In about 10 percent of people with myasthenia gravis, the condition affects the muscles that help them breathe, forcing them to use a ventilator for help breathing.

The muscle weakness gets better after rest and is worse after physical activity. In some people the disorder goes away for about few years and then returns while in others, it may disappear and never return.


Myasthenia gravis symptoms may include: feeling very tired, especially after activity, trouble breathing, double vision, droopy eyelids, problems with talking, trouble chewing or swallowing and smiling, difficulty lifting things or walking upstairs, etc.


The immune system make proteins called antibodies that normally attack pathogens that invade the body but sometimes it changes its nature and instead of protecting own body it turns against it and starts attacking it by sending antibodies against different organs and tissues causing various diseases which we call autoimmune. In case of MG immune system decides to attack receptors in muscles. As a result muscles can’t receive signals sent by the nerves that tell them to contract.

In healthy people nerves send a chemical called acetylcholine which attaches itself to muscle cell receptors and stimulate them to move. But people with myasthenia gravis have an abnormally functioning immune system that sends antibodies which block receptors on muscle cells making it impossible for acetylcholine to make muscle cells move.

Apart from blocking acetylcholine, myasthenia gravis can be also caused by blocking tyrosine kinase protein. This protein helps form the nerve-muscular connections. By blocking its growth the immune system causes myasthenia gravis.


Although it is not known what mechanism triggers the immune system to start behaving in such an abnormal way and make antibodies that dull muscle response, yet we know that autoimmune diseases including MG are linked to the following factors:

Thymus gland dysfunction. Many people with MG (up to 3 in every 4 people) also have a problem with the thymus. As we age, the thymus shrinks and slowly turns to nothing more than fat, but in many individuals with MG, thymus has abnormally large number of cells including especially benign or sometimes even malignant cancer cells. As a result thymus then doesn’t effectively prevent immune cells that make the antibodies from making antibodies against muscle cells.

– Having other autoimmune conditions, especially rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and autoimmune thyroid diseases.

– Chronic fatigue and tiredness.

– Taking certain medications including antibiotics, beta blockers, quinidine gluconate or sulfate, quinine, phenytoin and certain and anaesthetics.

Statins-associated myasthenic weakness has been reported >

Hepatitis B vaccines have a potential to occasionally trigger the onset of immune diseases in individuals with an underlying genetic or immunological susceptibility >

Stress, irritability, low mood, hatred, anxiety, depression, fear and other negative feelings and emotions are regarded by some experts as one of the key causes of autoimmune diseases as human immune system is very closely connected to the immune system and white blood cells are influenced by negative thoughts coming from the brain.  A number of published papers have shown that stress and negative emotions contribute to all autoimmune diseases including MG.

Vitamin D3 deficiency. There is a growing amount of research which suggests that a lack of vitamin D could be an important factor in causing MG as well as other autoimmune diseases.  Actually, it is a scientific fact that all 116 autoimmune diseases are linked to vitamin D deficiency! Almost every person in England is deficient in vitamin D which is very important for human nervous and immune system. Vitamin D and zinc not only make the immune system stron but they regulate immunity thus preventing leukocytes from attacking own body. In his bestselling book “China Study” Prof Colin Campbell wrote that, “Autoimmune diseases in general become more common the greater the distance from  the  equator.  This phenomenon has been known since  1922.

Mercury poisoning is believed to be another very important possible cause of MG as those who are diagnosed with this diseases usually have higher levels of mercury than healthy individuals! Mercury may get into our body especially with drinking water, fish, flu shots or amalgam fillings. There are reasons to believe that toxic amalgam dental fillings often trigger MG-like symptoms due to their high content of toxic mercury which slowly poison the brain and nervous system.

Animal foods (all products that include meat and dairy) also contribute to MG. There are reasons to believe that MG can be triggered by a specific allergic or abnormal reaction of the immune system to heated cow’s milk, all dairy products and gluten.

Bad lifestyle, unhealthy diet high in sugar, processed refined foods, nutritional deficiencies, artificial sweeteners, lack of exercise, stimulants, drugs, medication, and in particular excessive stress, depression and pessimism may lead to the oversensitivity of the immune system which changes it’s nature and starts attacking own body.

– Deficiency of Magnesium, B12, and Zinc.


Conventional treatment may include the following:

Thymus surgery (removal) may help relieve or even stop symptoms as many people with MG have a thymus tumour or other thymus problems that may influence production antibodies against muscle cells. The positive effect of removing thymus may be permanent, but sometimes it may take months or even years to notice the results.

– Cholinesterase inhibitors (anticholinesterases) which help boost the acetylcholine to increase muscle response. Unfortunately, they increase contractions of other muscles and may lead to diarrhoea, excessive saliva production, etc.

– Corticosteroids (immunosuppressants) prevent immune system from making antibodies against acetylcholine but cause serious side effects and weaken immune system increasing risk of cancer and other related problems.

– Plasmapheresis – a machine that filters blood out the antibodies that block muscle receptors. Unfortunately, the effects last a few weeks, until immune system makes more antibodies again.

– Antibody therapies which tries to prevent immune system from making antibodies against muscle cells.



– Some patients with MG have no further symptoms when treated with Vitamin D deficiency and when they maintain their 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels at more than 30 ng/ml. While taking vitamin D3 supplements always remember to take also well absorbed magnesium (such as citrate) as vitamin D supplements lead to magnesium deficiency over time. In addition if you do not have enough magnesium in your body vitamin D will be useless and will not help you at all. In most cases supplementation with magnesium is necessary as most people today are deficient in this precious mineral due to soil depletion and other factors.

Take at least 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day with meal. But since deficiency of this vitamin is so widespread (even in hot countries) it would be better to take 10,000 to 30,000 IU a day with meals with appropriate doses of magnesium reducing the daily dosage to 5-10,000 after 2-3 months. Another requirement for proper absorption of vitamin D is 200 mcg of Vitamin K2 MK-7 (Derived from Natural Natto) a day. Instead of supplementing vitamin K you can get it from leafy greens. Read more about vitamin D >


Magnesium citrate or another well absorbed magnesium (not sulfate): 2 times a day 200-400 mg between meals. The more vitamin D3 is used the more magnesium must be taken as D3 leads to magnesium deficiency. Evidence is overwhelming that low levels of magnesium contribute to the heavy metal deposition in the brain.

Unfortunately, people with MG are warned that there is a chance that magnesium supplementation may worsen symptoms of MG which is really a bad news as almost all people including especially individuals with MG and other autoimmune diseases desperately need more of this extremely important mineral. Especially magnesium sulfate is strongly contraindicated in MG because it impairs already slowed nerve-muscle connections due to the fact that it has a significant inhibitory effect on acetylcholine release.

The contraindication for taking magnesium in MG is also reasonable for someone who experiences MG crisis in which case such person is not supposed to use intravenous magnesium.

The problem, however, is that those warnings seems to completely scare off MG sufferers from trying any magnesium supplementation. Since myasthenia gravis causes muscle weakness it is believed that since magnesium relaxes muscles, then supplementing magnesium may increase muscle weakness. But it is not true as magnesium never causes muscle weakness. It only prevents muscle spasms and cramps while making muscles stronger. For instance, no other vitamin or mineral can be more beneficial and more strengthening for the heart muscle.

Yes, it is true that individuals with MG should avoid magnesium sulfate and taking any forms of magnesium in the middle of a crisis, but apart from that they should make sure they consume foods regarded as good sources of magnesium and even take good quality magnesium supplements such as magnesium citrate. Today supplementation with magnesium is necessary as due to soil depletion and other factors even foods regarded as good sources of this mineral are often deficient.

If you decide to take magnesium make sure you start from low dosages and increase gradually.

Here is what Carolyn Dean MD ND wrote about this important issue:

“I called on a friend of mine, Helke Ferrie, a medical anthropologist and brilliant writer – who also happened to acquire a MG diagnosis years ago. Here’s the advice that Helke gives about MG to people who ask. Helke says ‘I suffered from MG and was told, of course, that is an incurable autoimmune disease – nothing could be further from the truth. As Dr. Dean undoubtedly must have told you, magnesium is necessary for just about every neurological activity in the body and without sufficient, biologically-available magnesium you have an uphill battle you cannot win. Aside from the MG diagnosis, which appears to have been done in the standard way for you, it is important to consider what may have caused this condition. Speaking for myself, I refuse to accept that there is such a thing as an idiopathic disease (of unknown cause). Most difficult-to-explain conditions boil down to chronic infection or toxicity or both’.” (source >)

Millions suffer from magnesium deficiency without even knowing it. Magnesium deficiency is often misdiagnosed because it does not show up in blood tests as only 1% of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood. According to Dr. Norman Shealy, “Every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient.” Dosage: Try to use a good quality magnesium of high bioavailability such as Magnesium citrate (powder by Viridian): 2 x 400mg 60 min before breakfast and about 1 – 3 hours before bed. If you take high doses of vitamin D3 you need 2 x 800mg (2 x 1 teaspoon). More facts about magnesium >


Astragalus has a positive immunomodulatory effect in patients with myasthenia gravis >

Astragalus significantly reduces autoantibodies in cell cultures from patients with myasthenia gravis >

– Another extremely important nutrient to prevent and treat MG seems to be also Vitamin B12 as it very effective in preventing neurological damage in the body caused, for instance, by statins, high blood sugar levels, toxins, and other factors. Vitamin B12 deficiency is regarded as rampant today (not only among vegans and elderly people) and that includes also people consuming animal foods. For this reason it is very wise to take this vitamin in the form of supplements. The most effective form of vitamin B12 is sublingual methylcobalamin. Unfortunately, the very common and inexpensive cyanocobalamin is difficult for the body to absorb, and the small amount that is absorbed usually fails to find its way into the cells. As a result, many people who take large doses of cyanocobalamin continue to be deficient in the vitamin. Depending on your diet, lifestyle and all the mentioned above factors which may influence the absorption of vitamin B12 I would recommend taking about 2000 mcg of active vitamin B12 supplement (in the form of sublingual methylcobalamin) a day only with breakfast. Find out more fascinating facts about vitamin B12 >

– Curcumin (from Turmeric) inhibits autoimmune diseases >

Detoxify your body from mercury take high doses of Chlorella and Charcoal!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - chlorella removes mercury


– Good quality multivitamin-mineral formula (high in B vitamins): 1 tablet after breakfast. Please do not buy cheap formulas as their potency is very low and they contain only short list of inorganic ingredients. It must be a good quality formula such as Healthy Mega (HealthAid), VM75 (Solgar) or Special Two (NOW Foods) which are an excellent multi-vitamin and mineral formulas fortified with alfalfa powder, rutin, citrus bioflavonoids, bromelain, herbs, digestive enzymes and many other super nutrients. If your diet is very healthy and you stay away from refined foods, sugar and stimulants then take only 1/2 tablet after breakfast.

– Since Vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folate) play very important role in dealing with MG. Get B complex with one of the previously mentioned good quality multivitamin-mineral formulas which are high in B vitamins.

Alpha lipoic acid: 2 times a day 300-600mg. Alpha lipoic acid has proven its ability to prevent oxidative stress caused by radicals and other factors in nerve tissue. It helps to maintain high glutathione levels. Current research also reveals protective effects of alpha lipoic acid in neuropathy, excitotoxic amino acid brain injury, mitochondrial dysfunction, and other causes of damage to neural or brain tissue.

Replenishing Glutathione (king of all antioxidants) is completely necessary for anyone suffering from MG. The best ways to increase glutathione is by going on a mostly raw vegan unrefined diet and taking supplements and herbal remedies: NAC, Alpha Lipoic acidTurmeric, Chlorella, Methylcobalamin, Milk thistle, etc.

Vitamin B6: 50mg a day with meal.

– Zinc: 15-30mg a day after meal.

– Omega 3 fats have been suggested by research to have a calming and anti-depressive effect on the nervous system enhancing brain health and mental well-being. Rich sources of Omega-3 are: flax oil, flax seeds (must be ground), soaked for 30 minutes or longer chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

Good probiotic formula: with meals (2-3 x higher doses than recommended, for first month).

Take supplements with biotin. Like other B vitamins, biotin benefits the health of the nervous system, cognitive functions and mood, due to its role as a neurotransmitter.

Glyconutrients supplementation improves the condition of patients with myasthenia gravis >


Myasthenia gravis crisis can be very dangerous and even fatal. Therefore, if you notice a sudden or steady increase of weakness that is making it harder to breathe, get medical help immediately.

Although avoiding drugs may be beneficial for some individuals yet, sometimes the use of medication is necessary to control myasthenia symptoms.

Always talk with your doctor before changing your medication and before you decide to stop taking it.


According to some experts there’s a chance that the following medications may worsen symptoms of MG:

– Corticosteroids, such as prednisone

– Immunosuppressants, such as azathioprine, mycophenolate and cyclosporine

– Antibiotics such as gentamycin and neomycin

– D-penicillamine

– Beta-blockers

– Telithromycin (Ketek)

– Quinine

– Fluoroquinolones, such as Ciprofloxacin and Levofloxacin

– Procainamide

– Zithromax

– Botulinum toxin (Botox)


Resistance exercise and creatine supplementation have a therapeutic effect on patients with myasthenia gravis >

Find out more about RESISTANCE EXERCISE (HIIT) >


– Read carefully and do your best to implement all the principles and recommendations included in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN >

Completely exclude meat, milk and all dairy products from your diet because they contain compounds which can initiate autoimmune response. Switch to a totally plant-based (vegan) unrefined diet eliminating the intake of all animal-based foods (dairy, meat products, and fish) as they contain too much protein, are packed with high-risk factors (cholesterol, triglycerides, dioxins, heavy metals, antibiotics, bacteria, virus, cancer cells, prions, etc.) and because they don’t contain fibre.

According to Professor Colin Campbell the author of the famous China Study, “The more you substitute plant foods for animal foods, the healthier you are likely to be.” The same scientist considers “veganism to be the ideal diet.”

If you only reduce the consumption of animal products you may not see the clear positive results and you definitely wont see them quickly which may lead to discouragement and resignation. However, when you decide to make radical changes in your diet and lifestyle and go on totally plant-based unrefined diet you will see the positive results much quicker and thus gain stronger motivation to keep on following this excellent nutritional approach.

Because careful analysis of past and present scientific research inspires every honest seeker of truth to conclude that the consumption of animal foods greatly increases the risk of most dangerous diseases (including MG) I’ve been always recommending a completely plant-based diet. However, if you feel like it would be too great a sacrifice for you to avoid all meat and dairy products, please don’t give up on all ideas presented in the pages to follow because you will still be able to reduce weight even if your diet will include moderate amounts of wisely chosen animal foods.

Nevertheless, I hope that after you carefully study the whole content of this book you will be strongly motivated and willing to make more radical changes in your diet and lifestyle, all the more since you don’t have to become a strict vegetarian overnight but you can change your diet gradually. And the most convenient way of doing it is not so much by removing all the unhealthy foods but rather by adding the high in fibre and nutrients plant products. In this way you will be gradually improving your diet and reducing the consumption of the low quality refined and high in fat and sugar processed foods. By following the instructions and recipes included in this book, you will significantly increase the percentage of high-nutrient foods and as a result you will start losing weight and will greatly improve your health as well as the physical and emotional well-being. At the same time you will reduce chances of developing serious diseases or even significantly increase probability of recovering in case you already suffer from one of them. However, if you, decide to make more radical changes in your diet and lifestyle you will see the positive results much quicker and thus gain stronger motivation to keep on following this excellent and optimal recovery plan.

I am aware that initially it might appear to you challenging or difficult to implement all those principles but please do not give up and try to repeatedly study the whole content of this recovery plan on a regular basis making sure you experience a systematic progress in practicing all the included principles. The more of them you manage to implement the better results you will see:

  • Avoid Amalgam (silver) fillings (remove if possible). Read more >
  • Detoxify brain and body from Mercury, Fluoride, Lead, etc. using Vegatable juices, Charcoal, Milk thistle, Methylcobalamin, Tulsi tea, and especially Chlorella >
  • Drink only Distilled or Filtered water (use Reverse osmosis filter) >
  • Go on Hallelujah diet or plant-based unrefined diet (at least 50% raw)
  • Eat variety of raw sprouts
  • Use only raw organic Coconut oil. For salad dressing use only cold pressed Olive oil, Flax oil
  • Avoid all Stimulants (alcohol, smoking, caffeine, cannabis, drugs, etc.)
  • Treat Diabetes & Inflammatory diseases

In addition, read carefully and do your best to implement all the principles and recommendations included in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN >


– Many patients say that it has observed an improvement after going on a gluten-free diet.

– Never use any animal fat and avoid also free plant fats such as refined oils or margarines. Instead use only moderate amounts of cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil or flax seed oil. For cooking use only coconut oil as olive oils having low smoke point would produce free radicals being heated. Apart from animal fats found in dairy and meat products also great majority of popular plat fats such as refined oils or margarines are very unhealthy and greatly contribute to the development of insulin resistance, cancer, fatigue, etc. Those bad plant fats include especially trans fats found in margarine and polyunsaturated fats found in the following oils: corn oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, etc. Because they all are high in Omega 6 pro-inflammatory fatty acids.

– Avoid foods containing refined sugar as it spoils your appetite, is more addictive than cocaine, weakens your immune system, and leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Sugar rots teeth, disrupts digestion, feeds anxiety and depression and attaches to collagen causing our skin to age, line and wrinkle prematurely. The more sugar you eat, the more your body has to make internal fat to wrap the sugar in and keep it away from your vital organs. However, sugar makes people not only fat and ugly but also depressed or aggressive as a result of causing nutritional deficiencies and overgrowth of Candida albicans which uses sugar to make dangerous brain-damaging neurotoxin acetaldehyde. In case of sugar cravings take 2 x a day 1 tab of Bio-Chromium (Pharma Nord) as its bioavailability (absorption) is 10 times higher than that of regular chromium supplements. Apart from chromium also potassium is important to cope with sugar cravings. In order to have more potassium you need to consume about 7 cups of raw vegetable salad every day.

– If you tend to struggle with having a sweet tooth try to substitute the unhealthy products with fresh and dried fruits (dates, raisins, figs, prunes, etc.). If you miss traditional dairy ice creams, which are very unhealthy, make your own delicious and healthy ice creams by blending frozen bananas or other frozen fruits. You can experiment adding some raw honey (or sweeten the ice cream with xylitol or stevia), soya crème, lemon juice, plant-based milk, a little bit of carob powder, ground cashew or other nuts to improve the flavour.

– Don’t consume sweetened beverages and foods which are high in empty calories, refined sugar, white flour, and fat. Never use artificial sweeteners nor high glucose or high fructose syrup as they are more harmful than even refined sugar.

– Your vegan diet must include variety of unrefined plant products such as vegetables (mostly uncooked), fresh fruits, well-cooked legumes (pulses, beans), whole grains, and unroasted soaked overnight seeds and nuts.

– You can eat as much fresh and raw vegetables as you want (especially carrots, green leafy vegetables, and cabbage family), but if you prefer to cook them do it moderately or steam your vegetables. You will achieve much better results if your diet consists of at least 50% up to 85% of raw (uncooked) and unprocessed plant foods (especially raw vegetables and raw vegetable juices).

– Unrefined plant-based diet will lead to detoxification of the body and thus may result in some unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, nausea, rashes, pimples, diarrhoea or constipation, fatigue, etc. The healing process may also shortly increase pain or other symptoms which were felt in the diseased area of the body. If you experience these side effects, which are usually mild, don’t give up as they should disappear after a week or so and you will begin to feel much better than ever before.

– Include in your diet whole grain products, especially barley, millet, oats, buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth.

– Drink 2 glasses of cold-pressed vegetable juice (mostly carrots and green leafy vegetables) about 30 minutes before each meal, then start you meal with most healthy and nutritious foods.

– Avoid drinking fruit juices because they have high glycaemic index due to the fact that they are deprived of fibre and are high in sugar. Drinking fruit juices between meals will also cause stomach to release some digestive enzymes thus reducing their amounts during meals and impairing digestion.

– Make soaked overnight and cooked pulses (beans, lentils, chick peas, etc.) your best source of protein.

– Each day have a about a handful of one type of raw unsalted and unroasted soaked overnight nuts or seeds (ground sesame seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, etc.), changing them every day.

– Don’t eat overripe or unripe fruits, and avoid canned, fried, or frozen vegetables or fruits.

– It is better to not eat any sweet and flavoured yogurts (especially based on cow’s milk) because of fat and sugar content. Instead, from time to time have some unsweetened soy yogurt and mix it with sweet fruits, seeds (or nuts), oat bran or another good source of fibre, and add some raisins, dates, or a little bit of raw honey.

– Always eat good breakfast and avoid skipping it as otherwise you will be tempted to snack between meals and eat more in the evening which is unhealthy and dangerous because the metabolism at night slows down. Make breakfast the largest meal while supper the lightest.

– Try to have only two meals a day with the second one not later than 5:00 pm (if possible) remembering that any food consumed after 5 pm will tend to be stored as fat. If you must have the supper make it very light (only either vegetables or fruits). Vegetable juice would be the best option.

– Don’t eat between meals. If you are hungry warm water (or unsweetened herb teas) as it reduces appetite for about 30 minutes

– Never use refined salt but only Celtic salt (regarded as most healthy), Himalayan (pink, rock) salt or sea salt.

– Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine (in coffee, chocolate, green tea, cola drinks, etc.), theophylline (in tea) or and theobromine (in cacao and chocolate) because although they appear to give you a short time energy boost yet it is only a borrowed energy, which means sooner or later you will have to pay for it with the loss of energy. And, as soon as you feel exhausted you it will force you to use stimulants again and again thus causing a vicious circle and addiction. Apart from that stimulants also weaken your immune system and lead to nutritional deficiencies and may contribute to depression and other health problems.

Dr. John Minton of Ohio State University discovered that the primary causes of breast cancer in women are coffee, tea, colas and other caffeinated foods and drinks. Dr. Minton eliminated caffeine and theobromine (chocolate, cocoa) from the diet of women with breast lumps and gave them a diet that consisted primarily of organically-grown plant foods. As a result, pain, swelling and lumps disappeared within two to six months.

– Avoid overeating. In order to reduce appetite: Learn to control stress; Remember to drink 2 glasses of warm water between meals 3 times a day; 30 minutes before each meal drink 1 glass of cold pressed vegetable juice mixed with 1 or 2 teaspoons of spirulina or barley grass powder; Pray before each meal thanking God for the food and asking with faith for His strength to stop eating when you really should; Start each meal consuming big portion of fresh and raw vegetables; Always eat very slowly taking small bites and chewing food to a cream before swallowing. Doing this you will feel satisfied before eating too much.

– Avoid mayonnaise, pickled foods, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, pepper (black or red), cheese, soy sauce, baking powder, or refined salt, because they tend to stimulate appetite and irritate the stomach and nervous system.

– Do not keep any junk refined foods at home as the accessibility to junk food encourage people to eat it.

– Fast one day each week from breakfast to breakfast, or skip one or two meals (not breakfast) one day a week as it will allow your digestive organs to rest and improve their functioning.

– Avoid eating fruits and vegetables at the same meal as it may lead to fermentation.

– Include uncooked carrots, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cauliflowers and other vegetables in your diet as they are low in calories, but high in fibre and essential nutrients. In this way your body will stop craving for more food in between meals as it will have enough nutrients. Raw cabbage reduces the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat.

– Never fry your foods but cook or bake them without oil.

– Instead of microwave use halogen oven.

– If possible and needed in your case try to include some of the most effective natural remedies, herbs, and supplements such as: Alpha-lipoic acid, Acetyl L-carnitine, NAC, Moringa, Charcoal, Green clay, Bee pollen, Bee propolis, Cat’s Claw, Pau d’Arco, Turmeric, Evening primrose oil, Hawthorn, Coenzyme Q10, Rhodiola, MSM (sulphur), Devil’s claw, Oat bran, Aloe vera, Noni juice, Goji berries, etc. Contact us if you are not sure which one to use in your case.

– Sleep 7 to 9 hours each night and go to bed before 10 pm because the more you sleep before midnight the more efficient your rest will be.


– Drink 3 times a day 2 or 3 glasses of distilled (or at least filtered) water about 30 to 60 minutes before each meal or about 2 hours after. During hot days you need even more. Your urine should be transparent, if it is yellow it means you don’t drink enough water.

The best way to obtain safe drinking water is distillation. I believe this method is even better than reverse osmosis because it not only removes all contaminants but also all dangerous inorganic minerals from water. In addition, water distillers are not expensive (I bought mine for only £50), easier to use and more economic. Distillation is most effective because it removes the water from the contaminants, rather than trying to remove the contaminants from the water.

Read more about DISTILLED WATER >


– Please read carefully the most important section of this website titled the “GOSPEL OF FREEDOM” and also the “MOTIVATION and EMPOWERMENT“. It reveals the secret of finding the only source of true inward peace which “surpasses all knowledge”.
Combined with true faith this message will lead you to freedom from negative emotions such as anxiety or existential fears (one of the key sources of deadly free radicals). It will empower you with moral strength necessary to overcome long-cultivated bad habits or addictions often impossible to defeat on our own. This unique and most wonderful good news of the gospel will give you a powerful motivation to not only practice but also enjoy your new and very healthy way of life.


Alternative (contrast) hot and cold showers will give a tremendous boost to the blood circulation, improve metabolism, the elimination of toxins, and stimulate both the nervous and the immune system.
Always start with hot shower and after about 3 – 5 minutes when your body is warm enough take a 3 – 5 min cold shower slowly reducing the temperature until it is really cold. After that, repeat this procedure alternating the flow of water from hot to cold, back and forth 3-5 times in a row. You can also start the whole treatment with hot shower followed by prolonged cold bath.
Cold water stimulates blood to flow toward the internal organs whereas the hot water directs blood toward the skin. Hot water enlarges blood vessels while cold water causes them to shrink. Therefore, the alternating hot and cold makes the circulation move in and out like an accordion. This has the effect of increasing the rate of detoxification and moving nutrients more readily to various parts of the body. Hot and cold showers can be taken 1 to 2 times a day.
The cold shower or bath, which is even more beneficial than hot, will not harm you if you precede it with good hot shower. Cold water by cooling our body forces it to burn more calories by activating the brown fat which boosts fat burning. Brown fat can play a very important role in controlling body weight because it is a heat-generating type of fat which burns energy instead of storing it. Although it is called “fat” it actually works more like a muscle than fat.
Apart from cold also hot treatments such as sauna can be beneficial in treating inflammations, infectious diseases, skin problems, poor blood circulation, obesity, etc. as it boosts immune system and helps in eliminating toxins from our body. In addition it is also effective in removing excess fat which can be explained by the fact that fats become water-soluble when they are exposed to the temperature higher than 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) thus forcing the body to eliminate the excess fat together with water during the process of sweating triggered by sauna or another prolonged hot treatment such as hot foot bath, hot shower, etc.
Sauna is recommend especially after exercising.
If your main goal is to lose more fat it is suggested that you should drink a lot of water (1 to 2 litres) about 30 to 60 minutes before sauna and 30 minutes after but not during the time you stay in sauna.
Also remember that although sauna or other hot treatments can be beneficial and help to lose weight it must be frequently interrupted with cold showers. Apart from that, during any prolonged hot treatment a cold compress on the forehead and neck should be applied constantly.
If you experience any health problems please consult the use of sauna and other prolonged hot or cold treatments with your physician.

Find out more about HYDROTHERAPY >



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Nutrition Instead of Drugs to Treat Autoimmune Diseases

By Dr Joel Fuhrman

According to the National Institutes of Health, autoimmune diseases affect 23.5 million Americans, and the prevalence is rising. Autoimmune diseases are one of the top ten leading causes of death for women under the age of 64. The direct costs of autoimmune diseases are estimated to be around $100 billion per year.1

Unfortunately, the most common methods of treating autoimmune diseases are fraught with serious side effects:

Rheumatologists commonly prescribe immunosuppressive drugs for patients with autoimmune diseases. These drugs decrease the immune response by damaging the immune system itself. When the immune system is suppressed, the body is much more susceptible to other infections and cannot repair damaged tissue.

Cytotoxic (toxic to cells) and chemotherapeutic agents are the active part of immunosuppressive drugs, and this treatment is similar to undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. These cytotoxic agents are potentially dangerous – for example, the FDA has issued a warning for Remicide, a drug commonly used to treat autoimmune disorders, linking it with an increased risk of lymphoma, leukopenia, and opportunistic infections with fatal outcomes.2

Immunosuppressive drugs greatly increase cancer risk. A 10-year study of patients undergoing immunosuppressive drug treatment found that the patients had a 400% increase in cancer risk.3

Drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis are also strongly associated with a wide spectrum of hepatotoxic effects and drug-induced liver disease.4

Fortunately, numerous studies have shown proper nutrition to be an effective and safe treatment for autoimmune diseases. 5,6,7,8,9 Proper nutrition removes toxins while simultaneously providing nutrients that normalize malfunctioning immune responses. Also s fasting is an effective adjunct to a high nutrient diet for autoimmune sufferers. I previously reported numerous case studies documenting the contribution of fasting to remission of autoimmune disease in published case reports.10 Autoimmune diseases, similar to cancer and heart disease, are primarily a result of inadequate early-life nutrition. While it is always preferable to prevent these diseases through diet in the first place, recovery through proper nutrition and intermittent fasting is possible in most cases.

By transitioning to a high nutrient plant-based diet and uncovering hidden food sensitivities, many of my patients who once suffered from autoimmune diseases have made significant improvements or have recovered and are free of illness as well as toxic side effects of the drugs. Read about Laurie’s freedom from MS flare-ups; and many more stories of people who overcame autoimmune diseases with a high nutrient diet. For further information, read my Position Paper on the Nutritional Care of Autoimmune Diseases.

Autoimmune Disease Success Stories >



Any information or product suggested on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. Consult your primary healthcare physician before using any supplements or making any changes to your regime.