MMS (chlorine dioxide) or Miracle Mineral Supplement is a supplement which contains 28 % sodium chlorite (which is NOT the same thing as common table salt, known as sodium chloride).

During the pandemic, MMS became a viral sensation among people looking for an effective solution to the viral illness. Actually, during any viral pandemic (including future ones), the most effective combination should include the following: MMS, Vitamin D3 (5000 IU daily or 20,000 IU daily for a month when you are already infected); Zinc (25mg daily); Quercetin (500mg daily); Magnesium 200mg twice daily (required for the activation of D3); Black Seed Oil (potent antiviral properties) – 1 teaspoon 3 times daily; raw Garlic. Externally: Povidone Iodine spray or Hydrogen Peroxide spray (spray the nose and throat 3 times daily).


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MMS (chlorine dioxide) is made by mixing two ingredients: sodium chlorite solution and citric acid or a similar solution. The sodium chlorite mixed with citric acid creates chlorine dioxide.


Unfortunately, there are numerous articles online brainwashing people with the false idea that MMS is the same as bleach. It is far from true because the Chlorine Dioxide chemical formula is ClO2, while the bleach formula is NaClO (Sodium Hypochlorite). If ClO2 is the same as NaClO then 76 equals 67, a horse is the same as a donkey, and a dog is a frog, so on. If the brainwashed by all the lying articles people are not able to get that, then it means that they consciously and willingly reject the truth and accept a lie.

Sodium chlorite has been safely used in alternative medicine for more than 70 years to prevent colds and the flu and to treat a wide variety of microbial conditions.

Jim Humble discovered that if you “activate sodium chlorite to make chlorine dioxide that the product is even more effective against microbes than sodium chlorite.

However, since chlorine dioxide is a gas, it must be made at home because it does not store for more than a couple of hours.

THE UNIVERSAL ANTIDOTE The Science and Story of Chlorine Dioxide (VIDEO) (PDF)

NASA proclaimed it a universal antidote in 1987. Since that time, thousands have recovered from various illnesses using this substance, and many physicians and scientists are saying it is powerfully effective for many applications.

The documentary explores the history, safety, and efficacy of the universal antidote and provides interviews with physicians and people who have used it.

The basic ingredient in MMS (chlorine dioxide) is sodium chlorite (it comes in powder and sometimes in flakes). This powder is found almost everywhere in the world usually at 80% sodium chlorite. In other words, the powder (or flakes) is comprised of only 80% sodium chlorite and the rest of it is about 19% table salt and the 1% left is usually various trace minerals. To make MMS we use 28% of this sodium chlorite powder or flakes mixed in distilled water in order to end up with a solution of 22.4% sodium chlorite in water—and the rest will be salt in the water.

Important Things to Know Before You Begin

Never ever use anything metal when mixing or storing or using sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite or MMS solution should never touch metal. Don’t stir with a metal spoon, or use metal bowls to mix, or metal containers to store—this includes stainless steel. Storage containers/bottles for MMS should have plastic lids, not metal, as the sodium chlorite will eventually eat through and corrode the metal.

The metal starts eating into the lid and it starts dropping down into your MMS. This will give you metal in your MMS and this is poisonous and you don’t want that. So, use plastic lids. Be careful about this point, no metal with MMS sodium chlorite solution, either for mixing or for storing.

— Storage containers for MMS (22.4% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water) should preferably be glass. Tinted glass such as amber color or green is best. If you must use plastic a good quality plastic that is HDPE plastic is best.

— If you don’t already know, learn what it means to use the tare feature on a scale. One definition says: “Tare weight is accounted for in kitchen scales, analytical (scientific) and other weighing scales which include a button that resets the display of the scales to zero when an empty container is placed on the weighing platform, in order subsequently to display only the weight of the contents of the container.”

— Below is a basic “recipe” for making a little less than 1 litre of MMS (that is, 22.4% sodium chlorite in distilled water). This amount of sodium chlorite could last a four-person family for well over one year depending on how you use it. (If for example, the entire family is taking frequent baths in MMS it will not last that long.) If you want to make less or more MMS simply divide or multiply the recipe accordingly, it’s as simple as that.

Basic Recipe for Making MMS

Supplies Needed:

  • Sodium chlorite powder or flakes (usually available in pool supply stores, chemical supply houses, and/or sometimes online). Sodium chlorite is most often available at 80% sodium chlorite, with the remaining 20% mostly table salt and possibly some trace minerals.
  • Distilled water. Distilled water is best, but in a pinch, if it is absolutely not available you can use bottled water, though this is not preferred. Never use tap water.
  • An accurate (to 1 gram) scale with a tare feature that measures grams.
  • 1 large glass jar preferably at least 1½ liter size with a plastic lid (a Ball Mason jar works well). (Note: Mason jars come with metal lids, but plastic lids designed specifically to fit Mason jars can be purchased separately in many stores that have kitchen supplies or online.)
  • 1 long-handled plastic spoon (serving spoon style).
  • Some extra clean plastic tablespoons or teaspoons for measuring and mixing purposes.
  • Extra plastic containers, (two or three) more or less 1 liter capacity for measuring.
  • A measuring device that measures up to 100 milliliters (a graduated cylinder, measuring cylinder or mixing cylinder such as used in laboratories or High School science class works well).
  • White or unbleached coffee filters.
  • A glass bottle with a plastic lid for storing the finished product, preferably amber or green-colored glass. Or, you might want to use smaller bottles 2 or 4 ounce size if you are bottling this solution for several people.

MMS Recipe

— The large 1 to1½ liter jar will be your mixing container.

— In one of the smaller plastic containers you will need to measure out 720 grams of room-temperature distilled water. In another plastic container, measure out 280 grams of sodium chlorite powder.

The easiest way to do the above step is as follows:

— Take 1 empty plastic container and place it on the scale. The scale will show the weight of your plastic container. At this point, with the plastic container on the scale, push the tare button on the scale. This will set the counter to zero and therefore when you put ingredients, either water or powder, into the plastic container sitting on the scale, it will only measure the weight of what you put into the container and will not count the weight of the container.

— Using the method above (and the tare button), in a plastic container measure out 720 grams of room temperature distilled water on the scale. It helps to have a clean plastic spoon on hand to “take out” water if you go over, or to “add in” a little water if you fall short. This measurement of 720 grams of water should be exact. Once you have this water measured out exactly in your plastic container, pour the water into the larger glass jar. (We suggest using this smaller plastic container to measure out the water, as it is easier than handling a heavier and larger glass jar on a small scale.)

(Note: Use room temperature water. For the sake of those who may have read my older books or who have seen older videos of mine on the internet, in the past I taught a method of heating the water to make MMS. I have since determined this is not really necessary. For many years I always heated the water nice and hot, (though never over 150 degrees), but I quit doing that a long time ago and it works fine with room temperature water. Simply let it sit a little while longer as described below.)

— Next, tare another clean, dry plastic container. In this container, measure out exactly 280 grams of sodium chlorite powder on the scale. You can use a clean dry plastic spoon to scoop the sodium chlorite powder out of its container into your measuring container, and likewise use the spoon to add more powder or take out enough to get an exact measurement of the 280 grams of sodium chlorite powder. Once the measurement is exact, add this sodium chlorite powder to the 720 grams of water in the glass mixing jar.

— Once you have the 280 grams of powder and the 720 grams of distilled water in the glass jar, take your long handled plastic spoon and stir well. Keep stirring until the powder or flakes are fully dissolved. This may take several minutes.

— Once it is fully dissolved let it sit in a dark place for 24 hours. During this sitting time any unwanted particles will sink to the bottom of the jar.

(Note: Depending on the quality of your sodium chlorite, initially your mixture may have a yellow tint to it, but by sitting for 24 hours, it should turn nearly clear, like water, after this process. There is always a possibility it may have a slight discoloring after 24 hours. If it has a slight discoloring (slight yellow tint) you can still use it, but if it’s badly discolored, you might want to buy different sodium chlorite powder or flakes.)

— After 24 hours, I prefer to put it through an unbleached coffee filter just to be sure any unnecessary filler particles are filtered out. It would be nice to have perfectly pure sodium chlorite, but it’s not always that way. So let it sit 24 hours, and then use a coffee filter to filter it.

Test That Your MMS is Good

You now have MMS, but at this point, before bottling for storage, it is important to do the following test to be sure you have hit the mark of the true Jim Humble MMS formula. Here is how to test that you have the correct formula:

— MMS is a 22.4% solution of sodium chlorite in water. One hundred milliliters of MMS liquid should weigh 122 grams, this is the ideal. If it falls in the range of 120 grams to 124 grams it is usable, but 122 grams, or very close to it, is best.

— Take a container that is marked to measure 100 milliliters, be sure it is clean and dry at the start. (A graduated cylinder with milliliters marked on it works well for this.) Put the container on the scale and then press the tare button, as this must be a precise measurement. The tare feature will set the scale to zero grams when you put the completely empty container on the scale. Carefully pour your MMS liquid into the container on the scale until it reaches the 100 ml mark. If you accidently go over 100 ml, use a clean plastic spoon to remove some of the liquid, until you get it exactly to 100 ml.

— The 100 ml you have measured out should weigh 122 grams. (Note: The solution you make of 22.4% sodium chlorite in water is denser than just plain distilled water, so for the test, if you measure out the 100 ml of your MMS liquid it will weigh more than 100 ml of plain water, because you have added the sodium chlorite powder to it. The weight you are shooting for is 122 grams for 100 ml of the MMS solution you just mixed up.)

— If you have gone over the 122 grams, say it comes out to 123 or 124 you can carefully add more distilled water (but first pour the 100 mls you weighed out back into your total solution before adding more water). Then add just a little more distilled water at a time, to your entire mixture. After adjusting, do the above test again and see if you can get it to 122 grams.

— If you come up under 122 grams, say you are at 120 grams, you can add in a little more sodium chlorite powder. Again, pour the 100 mls you weighed out back into your solution before adding more sodium chlorite powder, so you are adding to your entire solution. Add a little bit at a time, stirring again to make sure it’s fully dissolved, then do the above test again to see if it’s come up closer to exactly 122 grams.

(Note: I suggest adding a very little water or powder at a time to adjust, so you don’t drastically go too far. This process is somewhat like “adjusting the spices” if you were cooking a meal. It’s best to go low and slow until you get it right.)

Activator Acids—How to Make

MMS Protocols for health recovery call for “activated MMS”. MMS needs a food-grade acid to activate it and the two combined produce chlorine dioxide. There are several acids that can activate MMS, including the juice of a fresh lemon or lime, or vinegar. However, we most often use either 50% citric acid, or 4% HCl (hydrochloric acid). When using these two acids in these percentages always use 1 drop of acid to 1 drop of MMS. Both of these acids, in these percentages, are a 1-to-1 ratio with MMS. In other words, mix 1 drop of either of 50% citric acid or 1 drop of 4% HCl, to every 1 drop of MMS. The standard activation time for mixing these drop-for-drop doses using 50% citric acid or 4% HCl is 30 seconds. See the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook (available at: for full instructions on how to mix and use MMS. This includes for instructions on how to activate MMS using lemon, lime or vinegar as the proportions and activation time is different for these than when using 50% citric acid or 4% HCl.

(NoteWhen making up an activator acid solution to use with MMS, it is preferred to always use distilled water. In the case where distilled water is not available purified bottled water can be used, nevertheless, distilled water is the best choice.)

How to Reduce 35% HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) to a 4% HCl Solution

You can purchase hydrochloric acid from large grocery stores or chemical supply houses or even large hardware stores. It may come in varying strengths. Get the full strength acid (usually 35% is the highest strength you can buy) that does not have anything added.

To create a 4% solution of HCl from a higher strength, you must divide the strength of the solution you have by 4 to determine how much you need to dilute your HCl.

  • Divide the strength of your solution by 4.
  • If you have 35% HCl, divide that by 4% and you have 8.75 parts.
  • 1 part has to be the 35% HCl and 7.75 parts is distilled water.
  • So if you have 100 ml of 35% HCl (1 part), then you will need 7.75 parts x 100 ml = 775 ml of distilled water.
  • Add the 100 ml of 35% HCl to 775 ml of distilled water and you will have 875 ml of 4% HCl.

(Note: Use caution when working with 35% HCl. It is wise to use plastic gloves and take care to not inhale directly. Have plenty of water on hand in the event that it would accidently spill on you, so as to be able to immediately wash/douse with plenty of plain water.)

How to Make a Solution of 50% Citric Acid

  • Measure out by volume the exact same amount of water as citric acid that you wish to use. In other words, measure out equal amounts of citric acid and distilled water ( i.e. 500g citric acid powder and 500g of distilled water makes a solution of 50% citric acid).
  • Mix the citric acid and the distilled water. The solution will turn cold.
  • Store the solution in clearly marked bottles. It will last a year.
  • To use citric acid that is more than a year old, reheat for 5-10 minutes and it will be good for another year.

Citric acid is not found naturally in the body as is HCl. The 4% HCl solution is preferred by some people, however citric acid is used by many as well, it is sometimes more readily available and easier to transport.


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How To Make Chlorine Dioxide To Destroy Spike Proteins (VIDEO)

When making chlorine dioxide the most common way to make it was to mix 5 drops of 10% citric acid (or 1 drop of 50% citric acid) with each drop of sodium chlorite.


So, for example, if you wanted to make 5 drops of chlorine dioxide you would put 5 drops of sodium chlorite in a glass of water and then add 25 drops of 10 percent citric acid or 25 drops of lemon juice (which you squeezed yourself) or 25 drops of lime juice (which you squeezed yourself).

However, now there is 50 percent citric acid. This is taken one-drop to one-drop. For example, if you want to make one drop of chlorine dioxide you put one drop of sodium chlorite in a glass and then add one drop of 50 percent citric acid. If you wanted to make 5 drops of chlorine dioxide you would put 5 drops of sodium chlorite in a glass and add 5 drops of 50 percent citric acid.

In summary, this is how you make and drink one drop of chlorine dioxide:
1) Put ONE drop of sodium chloride in a small glass container
2) Add five drops of 10 percent citric acid (remember the 5 to 1 ratio) or one drop of 50 percent citric acid
3) Stir them together periodically for three minutes
4) Mix the solution with a glass of distilled or filtered water

Here is how to make two drops of chlorine dioxide:


The first few days of using MMS should be a “build-up,” meaning you start with a very low dose and gradually “build-up” to the dose you wish to use.

Chlorine dioxide can be very hard on the stomach, creating nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. It is not the body which is causing these side-effects, it is the stomach.

It is critical, VERY CRITICAL to build-up to therapeutic doses.

Some cancer patients may not be able to tolerate taking chlorine dioxide at therapeutic doses. If you cannot build up to the doses of chlorine dioxide mentioned in other articles, within two weeks, then you should abandon any protocol which relies on chlorine dioxide.

In fact, some people can only tolerate 1/2 drop of chloride dioxide and any dose higher than that causes severe nausea and/or vomiting. But most people can build-up to the necessary doses.

The first day of the build-up you should only start with 1/2 drop of chlorine dioxide. Here is how to mix and take 1/2 drop of chlorine dioxide.

1) You put ONE drop of sodium chloride in a small glass bowl and then
2) Mix in five drops of 10 percent citric acid (remember the 5 to 1 ratio) or one drop of 50 percent citric acid, then
3) Stir them together periodically for three minutes, then
4) Add 6 to 8 ounces (or more) of purified water, then
5) Drink HALF of the glass of water.

Throw away the other half of the mixture because it will not be useful for more than two hours.

After taking half the glass, see how your stomach reacts over the next 30 minutes.

If your stomach does well, six hours later (or the next day) increase the dose to 1 drop of chlorine dioxide (see above). Follow the same procedure as before except drink all of the glass of water. See how your stomach reacts.

The next day you can try twice to build up to two drops:

Never try to build up by more than one drop a day.

Keep trying to increase the dosage and the number of times a day you take it. The goal is to build up to the recommended dose before starting the protocol.

Normally a person will not take more than 3 drops at a time of chlorine dioxide. In prior times a person would build up to 15 drops of chlorine dioxide twice a day.

The “current wisdom” is to take 3 drops each hour for up several hours each day. Taking smaller doses several times a day seems to be more effective than taking large doses once or twice a day.


This treatment can easily be neutralized by Vitamin C, immune builders, Protocel, Cantron, and other antioxidants. These products should not be used within 2 hours of Chlorine Dioxide but can be used outside of this window. (SOURCE >)


The MMS Starting Procedure Protocol >

How to make MMS: Sodium Chlorite 22.4% (Master Mineral Solution) >



Wikipedia Lies

If you haven’t used Wikipedia (an online encyclopedia) lately, you might not know that anyone can write data into the information found there. Unfortunately, that encourages many people to promote their own favorite phobias and hatreds that they have developed without evidence. In the case of MMS, it has always been without evidence because there is nothing that backs up the lies. There is no evidence anywhere showing that MMS does damage.

Another bad part about Wikipedia is that anyone can also erase anything that someone else writes. In this way Wikipedia encourages hundreds of demented and stupid psychopaths to push their ideas and beliefs on the rest of us. The psychopaths work in groups of at least 4 individuals.

  • They watch and guard their writings and the minute anyone comes by and tries to write the facts, a psychopath immediately erases them and restores his or her own lies.

This is done on Wikipedia so that the lies remain in place and any posting of facts is erased within 10 minutes. We can’t compete with them as they seem to be willing to stay on the job 24 hours a day.

Thus, for almost two years, Wikipedia has erased all facts concerning MMS and added lies each time someone tried to tell the truth. Worse than that,

  • Everywhere in Wikipedia where there is a mention of chlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite, or even sodium chlorate, they have included an additional lie about MMS.

Do you realize the implication of this? It means that probably thousands of people have continued to suffer and even die when MMS could have helped them, because these few demented psychopaths have continued to lie and to force their superstition on the rest of humanity. They do it without knowing the chemistry of MMS or even trying to learn it, and without being willing to look at what MMS is doing. They also do this same thing to many other non-medical disease treatments. They have decided that they know best for humanity and that you and everyone else don’t deserve to know what is out there. Or they can afford to do it because the pharmaceutical companies pay their salary and of course that is the most likely scenario.

Should I apologize for calling them psychopaths? There doesn’t seem to be a nice word for them. If they were just doing this out of ignorance, I would find a nicer name, but paid or not, they do it out of malice and they are hurting people.

So let me explain what they have done concerning MMS. There isn’t room to repeat what they have written word for word, but I’ll give you an idea. If you want to read it, and I hope you will, you can go to Wikipedia and search the site for “Miracle Mineral Supplement”.With that title for their article, they start off on the wrong foot — that is not the correct name of MMS. It should say, “Master Mineral Solution”.

Two Blatant Mistakes
Because they don’t understand chemistry, those Wikipedia writers make 2 big mistakes.

Mistake #1

In the very first sentence, they say sodium chlorite is a toxic chemical. But the EPA does not consider sodium chlorite to be a toxic chemical. Further, the FDA has long approved it for use on food and in water purification and why would they authorize a toxic chemical to be used on food? Here is the reference:

21 C.F.R. 173.325 Acidified Sodium Chlorite solutions

You can put this into Google or any search engine. Most of the food you eat is treated with sodium chlorite before it arrives at your supermarket.

Mistake #2

They do not realize that people who use MMS do not ingest sodium chlorite. When sodium chlorite is mixed with citric acid, the citric acid destroys the sodium chlorite before it is taken into the body. This destruction of the chlorite is visible. You cannot mistake what you are taking.

  • No one ingests sodium chlorite from taking MMS

I call this a “mistake” but when a person knows his writing is wrong it is really a lie.

The Wikipedia References are Smoke and Mirrors

The Wikipedia writers list 21 references to prove their points. But their references either prove my point or they prove nothing.

  • References 1 and 3 are not available and thus prove nothing.
  • Reference 2 is a scientific journal in French, but it only refers to chlorate, which is not a part of MMS, so this reference proves nothing.
  • Reference 4 is a clinical report of testing animal tolerance for sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, and sodium chlorate. All data given proves my contention that MMS is OK to take by mouth. Read the report for yourself. Here it is:

It didn’t hurt any of those rats used in the tests to ingest amounts even stronger than those used by people in real life.

  • Reference #5 is a Health Canada report where they repeat everything said by the FDA. Neither the FDA nor Health Canada cited any evidence or tests. When I called to ask if they had followed up on the phone calls complaining about a stomach ache and low blood pressure, they said that no, they had not investigated those complaints.

Then they mislead you by stating that MMS is a 28% sodium chlorite solution and that it is a dangerous solution that can cause all kinds of terrible damage. Well, yes, didn’t we learn that in freshman high school chemistry: “Any chemical in the world is poisonous in large amounts”?

The lie is that you take a 28% solution of chlorine dioxide when in fact you take a 0.00004% solution. That is 700,000 time less than what they are trying to confuse you into believing.

They want you to believe that MMS is 28% when ingested when it is actually 0.00004%. Why would they try to spread such a lie? Well, for every cancer patient they can scare into not taking MMS, the cancer industry gains $800,000.

To learn about the MMS 0.00004% strength doses, please look at the instructions for MMS on my Web Site, under MMS protocols.

Stomach Ache and Low Blood Pressure?

The Wikipedia writers talk about reduced blood pressure, nausea and diarrhea mentioned by the FDA and Health Canada. But these two agencies didn’t investigate the complaints of low blood pressure or stomach ache and they have never given any other evidence against MMS.

Fake References Again

The Wikipedia writers’ references again prove nothing.

  • Reference #14 merely cites an article written by a 15-year-old boy who does not believe in a ‘cure all’. So that reference doesn’t apply to MMS in any way.
  • Reference #15 is just another announcement by the Food Standard Agency in Canada against using MMS, but they offer no evidence.
  • Reference #16 again alerts us to the terrible danger, but they offer no tests or chemical theory or any other kind of data to back up their announcement. It’s just “Warning: don’t take MMS.”
  • Reference #7 is even dumber. It says MMS is a 28% mixture (it is not); then it says the mixture of sodium chlorite and an acid produces chlorine dioxide (this is true); and then it cleverly says, “Which is an industrial bleach.”

Well, vinegar is an industrial acid, and salt has hundreds of industrial uses. In doing their best to make MMS sound bad, they fail to mention that MMS, like salt and vinegar, is used in mixtures thousands of times weaker than the industrial applications. My reference again is my website The instructions prove the doses are very weak.

Moving Along in their Fakery

The Wikipedia writers then make the statement that: “reliable scientific evidence” supports only dangers from use of MMS. They say that any claims of benefit come only from anecdotal reports and from Jim Humble’s book.

  • They don’t mention that those anecdotal reports are in the hundreds of thousands.

Any real scientist would know that this many anecdotal reports constitute valuable evidence. And of course they offer no examples of their “reliable scientific evidence.” There is, in fact, no “reliable scientific evidence” proving that MMS is dangerous.

  • MMS is only dangerous in large quantities and so is table salt and every other chemical on Earth.

The rest of the Wikipedia article seeks to mislead you in every line. They like to throw in a few statements from some impressive-sounding authorities; e.g., that according to the EPA, neurodevelopment and reproductive damage could result from small doses of chlorine dioxide. They say “could” but offer no evidence that MMS could cause such damage. That’s because there isn’t any evidence of such damage ever happening.

  • Reference # 6 tells of renal failure from extreme overdose, but fails to mention that there was no death, and in the last 100 years, no death has ever been recorded that shows renal failure from an overdose of chlorine dioxide.

That particular overdose was not due to MMS. It was due to someone trying to commit suicide by taking 10 grams of sodium chlorite, but the suicide was a failure.

  • Reference #9 is an FDA letter sent to Jenine M. Cohoon of Provo, UT, warning her that she must stop selling MMS and other herbs. No evidence is given that is relevant to the data about MMS in Wikipedia. It is just a warning letter tossed in by the Wikipedia writers to impress you, and as long as you don’t read it, it looks like a legitimate reference.
  • Reference #21 links to a study at concerning chlorine dioxide and mostly rats. If you want to take the time to read it, you will see that is shows MMS is very safe to take. Keep in mind that the intensive MMS Protocol 1000 recommends 2 mg/kg per day for a 70 kg (154 lbs.) man. That’s less than was given to the rats (per their weight) and the rats were unaffected by it.

So as I have already said, these references all either prove nothing or they prove my contention that MMS is safe to take. Just remember, as with table salt, you can take too much of it. But it is plenty safe in its recommended doses.

Note: Just 2 gallons of water can kill a person. Dosage is the key.

If you want governmental proof that MMS is safe to take, go to:

Of course the government won’t refer to it, but there it is. I suppose they will be removing it from the internet soon. It’s only used as a reference here because the Wikipedia writers didn’t realize it proves my statement that MMS is safe. They didn’t take time to read it, or they thought you would be confused.

There is a lot more to tell about this Wikipedia MMS Article, as I have covered only some of the lies. There is no room here in the newsletter but I am covering all the lies on a website, as I feel that it will give you a better idea of how MMS works and also a better idea of how the psychopaths lie. It will be on my site “MMS world court,” available for viewing in about a week. (SOURCE >)

As always with love,
Bishop Jim Humble


The Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

By Walter Last

Sodium chlorite is presently being promoted as a miracle mineral supplement or MMS with superior antimicrobial activity. You can appreciate its power from a statement by the discoverer of this remedy that all 75,000 individuals with malaria that have been treated were cured within a day, with 98% being cured within 4 hours (1). This obviously has great ramifications not only for self-healing but also for the drug industry and medicine. In the following I want to comment on these issues.

Conventional Use of Sodium Chlorite

Acidified sodium chlorite is being used in many countries, including Australia and the USA, as an antimicrobial treatment in the food industry, for water purification, and for sterilizing hospital and clinic rooms and equipment. In hospitals it has been used as a disinfectant for a hundred years and in the US meat industry for about 50 years. Health-conscious countries and municipalities are increasingly replacing the health-damaging chlorine for the harmless chlorine dioxide in treating public water supplies (2).

In solution sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is very alkaline and stable but when acidified it forms the gas chlorine dioxide (ClO2) which smells the same as chlorine and probably is the strongest all-round antimicrobial and parasite remedy. While it destroys all anaerobic microbes and parasites, it does not damage the beneficial lactobacteria of out intestinal flora. The only residue left in water, food, or in the body after treatment with MMS is a small amount of table salt or sodium chloride (NaCl).

In 2003 the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code was changed to permit the use of sodium chlorite acidified with citric acid or other food acids for antimicrobial surface treatment of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables (3). The time between mixing and application is less than 5 minutes, and chlorine dioxide levels do not exceed 3 ppm. The safety assessment report concluded that if properly used no residues would be detected in the raw foods following treatment and prior to sale, and therefore there would be no toxicological concerns.

In solid form sodium chlorite is unstable and commonly mixed with about 20% sodium chloride. Commercially it is produced and shipped in Australia as a 31% solution in water. For end users in the food and agricultural industries it is available as a 5% solution called Vibrex. In the US and the UK it is also available as tablets that release chlorine dioxide (e.g. releasing 4 ppm per1 liter or per 30 liter of water). In Germany and Italy chlorine dioxide is the main treatment chemical for public water supplies.

Curiously, stabilized sodium chlorite that does not generate chlorine dioxide has been patented for intravenous use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, hepatitis and lymph cancers. It supposedly prevents or reduces antigen activity and autoimmune responses (4).

The Discovery of MMS, the Miracle Mineral Supplement

Jim Humble, a chemist and metallurgist accidentally discovered the MMS by using a whole bottle of Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen (S.E.O.) to immediately cure a companion of malaria during a jungle expedition. S.E.O. contains about 3 % sodium chlorite.

Humble gradually realized that S.E.O. is too weak and that it does not work by releasing oxygen but rather that it must be acidified to release chlorine dioxide as the active ingredient. This is also how it has been used as a hospital disinfectant. The problem was to find a safe dose and procedure that allowed this most effective antimicrobial to be used for people. Humble ended up using a nominally 28% solution which, because of a nearly 20% sodium chloride content, actually contains only 22.4% sodium chlorite. Because of its miraculous effect in supporting the immune system against invading microbes and parasites Humble called his sodium chlorite the Miracle Mineral Supplement. However, I prefer to call it Miracle Mineral Solution, as supplements require the approval of health authorities, while a solution for treating water does not need to be registered.

Using this at a maximum dose of up to 3 x 15 drops he writes: ”MMS is producing some of the quickest results that I have seen with people’s health, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, shingles, warts going hard and dropping off, and many more.” Also AIDS patients in debilitated conditions went back to work without any further signs of disease (1).

Basically all diseases associated with microbes and immune reactions respond very well, and that includes not only infections and autoimmune diseases but most of our diseases. Chlorine dioxide was used to kill Anthrax during the 2001 Anthrax attack. Even most diseases that are not known to be associated with microbes and the immune system reportedly have improved (1).

As an example of the unexpected results of using MMS, Humble relates the following incident: a teenage girl, overweight with depression and failure to develop breasts, was given MMS. The next day her breasts started to grow. After another dose 4 days later she had the first period after 6-months, her breasts were fully developed, her depression lifted, and she started losing weight (1). My interpretation of this is that all her problems were caused by Candida.

Because of its strong oxidizing ability, chlorine dioxide seems to inactivate many poisons, may help with toothache, and makes stored heavy metals soluble so that they can more easily be expelled. Another advantage of chlorine dioxide as compared to chlorine is that it does not react with organic matter, such as food, body cells or even our “good” intestinal bacteria, but is specific in destroying pathogenic microbes. However, it does react with vitamin C and possibly other reactive antioxidants.

If this treatment option would become widely known and used by the general population that would be devastating for the medical-pharmaceutical complex. The FDA has a long history of jailing and otherwise neutralizing inventors of effective natural remedies and therapies that harm the drug industry, and Humble, as an American, tries to protect himself by remaining in hiding in Africa or Central America.

Usage Instructions

In many countries, to be legally correct, MMS should not be used to treat people but rather to purify water. We can then drink the purified water and receive a boost to our immune system as a consequence. Jim Humble has now devised a wide range of treatment recommendations (see The original instructions were to start with 1 or 2 drops of MMS and gradually increase up to 15 drops three times a day. Mix the MMS with an acid activator. Most recommended is a 10% solution of citric acid in water which you may make yourself by dissolving 1 spoonful of citric acid crystals in 9 parts of water. Citric acid tends to be available from supermarkets as an ingredient for baking. Acid activation releases chlorine dioxide. Three minutes after adding the acid dilute with half a glass of water, herb tea, or juice as explained below.

Lemon juice, lime juice or vinegar have been used as activator before it was found that 10% citric acid is much more effective. Cider vinegar may aggravate fungal problems but white vinegar is suitable. The usual recommendation is to add 5 times more acid than MMS. Drops from a standard glass eye dropper should be multiplied by 1.5 to equal the number of drops from the standard MMS bottle. However, different types of eye droppers, pipettes and bottle tops have different drop sizes, and you may standardize your dropper by counting how many drops from the MMS bottle and how many from your eye dropper are needed to fill a teaspoon or another suitable measure. One millilitre or ml of MMS contains 17 standard drops. A level teaspoon of MMS, lemon juice or 10% citric acid solution has about 80 drops. So a quarter teaspoon has about 20 drops.

Therefore, for easier use the drops of the acid do not need to be counted, provided you make sure that you take more rather than less acid. When taking 15 drops of MMS you can mix it with a full teaspoon of acid, when taking 6 or 7 drops of MMS mix with half a teaspoon of acid, and generally take more or less acid according to the amount of MMS. Furthermore, 10% citric acid is about 5 times stronger than the other acids. To achieve the same results you may use more of the other acids compared to citric acid.

The stronger the acid, the more chlorine dioxide is released within a short period. Therefore the chlorine dioxide smell is much stronger after acidifying with 10% citric acid, and equally the destructive effect on microbes and parasites is much higher. Difficult conditions, such as Lyme disease (caused by a virus transmitted by ticks) responded to 15 drops of MMS acidified with 10% citric acid but not if the other acids had been used. An even stronger effect is achieved by mixing equal numbers of drops of MMS and 50% citric acid. In this case dilute with water or juice 20 seconds after mixing. You make 50% citric acid by dissolving a level spoonful or citric acid crystals in a spoonful of water. Humble now recommends using the 50% citric acid as his preferred method.

Generally you do not need to be too concerned with the mentioned numbers and sizes of drops. The general idea is to keep slowly increasing the amount of MMS until you have overcome your immune-related problem.

Three minutes after mixing with the 10% citric acid, or 20 seconds when using the 50% acid, dilute with half a glass of water, additional herb tea, or juice without added vitamin C, e.g. apple or grape juice but not orange juice. Also cinnamon, on its own or with some honey stirred into the water, helps to disguise any unpleasant taste of the solution. The initial strong smell is now reduced as the chlorine dioxide remains dissolved in water rather than escaping into the air. Do not take any antioxidant supplements close to MMS. If it tastes too acid for you, then neutralize the liquid with sodium bicarbonate shortly before drinking.

Drink the diluted MMS all at once or possibly spaced out in sips over an hour or two to minimize nausea. It acts best on an empty stomach but that also easily causes nausea. If that happens temporarily reduce the dose or have some food in the stomach. Alternatively you may take a dose, say 6 drops, and another 6 drops an hour later. Such a double dose seems to be more effective than a single dose two or three times during the day. The highest double dose would be with two times 15 drops, but few will be able to take this without vomiting.

It may be best to take MMS just before going to bed. MMS works very fast, and people often become sleepy after taking a dose of MMS. Also, it is easier to cope with nausea if you can fall asleep. If you take MMS twice a day, take one of the doses in the evening before going to bed. However, some individuals experience the opposite effect and have difficulty falling asleep after taking MMS.

An alternative method for intensifying the antimicrobial program or for overcoming an infection is by taking 3 to 4 drops of acidified and diluted MMS every hour and a half for several days. Temporarily reduce the dose if any nausea should occur. You may do this by swallowing the MMS or with oral absorption or a combination of both.

Humble believes it is safe to give children MMS as needed for infections. The maximum dose for children, underweight or overweight individuals, is stated as 3 drops per 11.4 kg or 25 pounds of body weight. I would instead use 2-3 drops per 12 kg as a maximum dose.

For most conditions Humble regards the intensive MMS treatment as completed after taking 15 drops two or three times daily for one week. If you cannot reach this level then just remain somewhat longer at the highest dose that you can use.  Following this Humble recommends a maintenance intake for older individuals of 6 drops daily and for younger individuals of 6 drops twice weekly.

My own preference is only for an initial antimicrobial cleanse lasting a few weeks, and then for a relatively high intake only when indicated by a developing infection, and not using it for the rest of the time. For chronic conditions, such as root canal fillings, bio-films on surgical implants or other microbe factories that cannot be immediately sanitised, and especially cancer and all autoimmune diseases then I would recommend periodically taking 5 to 10 drops of non-acidified MMS daily as explained in the Ultimate Cleanse.

Different Conditions

With serious acute infections or poisonings, such as with malaria Humble recommends giving immediately 15 drops followed an hour later by another 15 drops. While most conditions tend to improve with a medium-dose taken over a long period, some parasitic and viral conditions seem to require at least one high double dose to get results. It seems that with life-threatening acute conditions a high double dose can be more easily handled than with chronic conditions.

For chronic or long-standing conditions always increase the number of drops slowly over a period of one or two weeks. Increase by 1 or 2 drops each day until you feel some nausea. Then drop back by 2 drops and stay at this level for several days until increasing again. In this way you gradually work your way higher, reducing and then increasing again to keep nausea under control. You may reduce problems by dividing the daily dose into a morning and a bedtime portion, but after some time always try to edge higher until you start feeling the nausea. If you continue to encounter nausea whenever you raise the dose then switch over to non-acidified MMS as explained below.

With an acute infection you may start with 3 or 4 drops and increase quite rapidly, even if this means nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. With severe parasite problems, such as malaria attack, or if one had taken a poison, or has food poisoning, or with snake bites, a high double dose of MMS will often help.

For abscessed teeth, infected gums, and pyorrhea use 6 drops of acidified and diluted MMS and rinse for several minutes, for a sore throat gargle frequently. Finally you can add more water, tea or juice and drink it; experiment to find the dose that works for you.

With sinus infections you may mix a drop with acid and several times sniff up the chlorine dioxide, first through one nostril and then through the other. However, this can be rather irritating to the mucous membranes. Therefore do this only very carefully.

For inflammatory and infective skin conditions you may bathe or wash the affected area with suitably diluted acidified MMS. I have been told of a case where psoriasis went away after a few weeks of topical treatment. I would also use it topically for other autoimmune skin diseases, such as scleroderma, leukoderma/vitiligo and alopecia or autoimmune-related baldness. At the same time you may use MMS internally in the non-acidified form.

For burns Humble advises to squirt the MMS full strength straight out of the bottle all over the burn. Do not use the acid in this case. Very lightly with the tips of the fingers spread it completely over the burn. Let is remain there for only 30 seconds to a minute. The acidic chemical in the burn is neutralized by the alkaline solution of the MMS. The pain stops immediately, within seconds. Wash the MMS off with water. You absolutely must wash it off or the burn will become worse. If you do this correctly, the burn will heal in about ¼ the usual time for a similar untreated burn. For sunburns he advises leaving the MMS on for 15 to 30 seconds and then rinse off with water.

To reduce nausea, but also with bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel conditions you my try using it activated in half a liter of water as a retention enema. Use another enema beforehand to clean the bowels, or use a laxative to clean out. With cancer of the uterus/cervix/ovaries you may also try inserting the activated solution in a non-irritating concentration.

With colds the MMS kills the virus but does not stop the beneficial mucus release. This can be stopped with the Sugar Cure: Keep a teaspoon of fine sugar in the mouth until it is dissolved, then spit out and take another teaspoonful. Continue with this for one or two hours and repeat on subsequent days as required. The sugar draws mucus combined with lymph fluid from the lymph glands and so gradually clears the headspaces, see Instant Cure of the Common Cold.

With Influenza I recommend taking several high doses of MMS for only one or two days and then taking instead high amounts of sodium ascorbate, e.g. half a teaspoon in liquid (e.g. fresh citrus juice) every 2 hours until recovered.

Non-Acidified MMS: Medical-type patents describe the use of stabilised sodium chlorite in oral, topical and intravenous applications for treating autoimmune diseases and chronic infections, also hepatitis and lymphoma, and for neutralising the neuro-toxic effects of acetaldehyde produced by Candida and other fungi. In these cases the solution is not acidified! This is also suitable for kidney and bladder infections.

The main beneficial effect with autoimmune diseases may be due to an ability of sodium chlorite to control the pleomorphic microbes which are not only a root cause of autoimmune diseases but also of cancer. Therefore after a short period of using acidified MMS, autoimmune diseases as well as cancer may be treated periodically with non-acidified MMS. This is much less damaging to antioxidants in the body than prolonged use of acidified MMS, and the incidence of nausea will be greatly reduced.

As an average dose try 5 to 10 drops (or half a ml) of MMS once a day after the evening meal or at bedtime in a drink. In this way you may use vitamin C and other antioxidants until mid-afternoon without interfering with the action of MMS. However, non-acidified sodium chlorite. just like acidified MMS, does react with and reduce the glutathione in body cells. Therefore use it only for limited periods, e.g. for one week every other week, and limit this program to 6 to 10 weeks (3 to 5 cycles) before a longer break of one or more months. Alternatively use it 5 days a week for 3 to 5 weeks. During breaks use higher amounts of other antimicrobials instead, such as Olive Leaf Extract or Lugol’s solution.

Side Effects and Problems

Individuals may find it difficult to continue with the MMS program because of frequent nausea. This is especially a problem with advanced cancer and other long-term conditions. Therefore I generally recommend a program of intestinal sanitation and antimicrobial therapy with milder agents before starting MMS therapy. This will remove most of the toxic load with less discomfort than by starting immediately with MMS. As part of this preliminary program I recommend a 3-week course of Lugol’s solution or a less concentrated form of aqueous iodine, and finally a course of MMS. For instructions see the Ultimate Cleanse at

Some individuals with advanced degenerative diseases become very weak on MMS seemingly unrelated to die-back reactions. I believe that this is due to antioxidant deficiency, and especially to lack of glutathione. In this case take 1 gram of N-Acetyl Cysteine daily to stimulate glutathione production. This also helps to expel toxic minerals.

Commonly nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea will occur sooner or later and are beneficial for cleaning out. Sometimes also other reactions, such as inflammations may temporarily occur. To stop nausea you may take 1000 mg or more of vitamin C, but this also stops the antimicrobial activity. Other methods that may help against nausea are vitamin B6, ginger, pressing 2-3 cm below the wrist in the middle of the underarm, and also reflexology: pressing the foot reflex for the stomach – just below the joint of the big toes, press against a pointed stone/rock, step or corner of some furniture.

Furthermore, I found that much of the nausea can be relieved by cleaning out the bowels before taking the drops or immediately when nausea starts. This may be done with an enema or colonic, or by taking a suitable laxative before the nausea starts. In addition with bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel conditions you may try using activated MMS in half a liter of water as a retention enema. Use another enema beforehand to clean the bowels, or use a laxative to clean out. With cancer of the uterus/cervix/ovaries you may also try inserting non-acidified MMS solution in a non-irritating concentration. In the case of cancer also see OVERCOMING CANCER.

In the case of cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis it has been suggested that with MMS therapy cholesterol deposits may be removed too fast and lead to a weakening of the affected blood vessels. To avoid or minimize problems Dr Matthias Rath recommends taking high amounts of vitamin C, up to 10 g daily in divided doses, for several weeks before starting MMS therapy. This is to strengthen the blood vessels and make them more elastic. Some other nutrients to improve elasticity are lemon juice, green juices, copper salicylate, magnesium chloride, MSM, and N-Acetylglucosamine.

Oxidants versus Antioxidants

Besides nausea also inflammations may arise as a side effect of MMS therapy. To understand this effect we need to have a look at the function of inflammation and the role of oxidants and antioxidants in this process. Inflammations increase blood and nutrient supply to an area and are essential for the immune system to work and for healing of damaged organs and tissue to occur. If the immune system is not strong enough to eliminate invading microbes and diseased body cells, originally healing immune inflammations become destructive chronic inflammations, and this is a symptom of our present epidemic of chronic diseases.

Oxidants support the immune system by killing microbes outright and by giving the immune system more firepower. This results in increased inflammation when using strong oxidants such as chlorine dioxide. Therefore as during any real health improvement various healing reactions, including temporary inflammations, may develop during MMS treatment. This is beneficial for healing in the long-term even if uncomfortable in the short-term. For a more detailed explanation of this process called a healing crisis or healing reaction see

The reverse of this process, the suppression of inflammation, can be seen in the conventional medical approach of using anti-inflammatory steroids in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. It is my experience that such diseases may be overcome within weeks or months using natural approaches, but when steroidal drugs are used at the same time, it is much more difficult to make headway. In this case any increased immune activity that results in increased inflammation is blocked by steroidal drugs. However, it is not advisable to greatly reduce any anti-inflammatory drugs until the intestines and infected teeth have been sanitized, and until after antimicrobial therapy.

Antioxidants have the opposite role to oxidants. They protect our body cells and functions from being oxidized. Oxidation needs to take place only in well established and protected pathways to generate energy or to eliminate invaders and harmful agents. If we step up the intake of oxidants, we also need to increase the intake of antioxidants otherwise we may get unnecessary inflammations due to irritation of tissues and other degenerative changes. An example of this is deteriorating eyesight that may occur when using high doses of MMS for more than a few days.

Antioxidant deficiency is common with chronic diseases and advancing age. High intake or prolonged use of MMS will make this situation worse. Therefore it is important to increase antioxidant intake when using MMS. However, oxidants and antioxidants should be separated during the day or they may neutralize each other. For instance you may be using MMS before breakfast and at bedtime and antioxidants from mid-morning to the evening meal.

This does not only apply to antioxidants in supplement form, such as vitamin C and E, B-complex, coenzyme Q10 or grapeseed extract, but also to food high in antioxidants, such as purple berries and juices, fresh fruit, polyunsaturated oils, turmeric, black or green tea, cocoa and others. Because chlorine dioxide reacts especially well with vitamin C, it is advisable to take 1 gram or more when on a high dose of MMS for more than a few days to protect oxidation-sensitive structures, such as heart, brain and eyes.

Overdose of sodium chlorite: Anyone who has consumed more than ½ teaspoon of the miracle mineral solution should immediately begin drinking water, as much as possible. It is best to add ½ teaspoon each of bicarbonate of soda and sodium ascorbate to each glass of water or whichever is available. After drinking plenty of water you may also try to induce vomiting.

The main danger after a high dose of MMS is from low blood pressure and hypoglycemic shock due to fluid loss after vomiting and diarrhoea. If this should happen take immediately a high dose of vitamin C to stop the reaction, lie down, and drink lots of lightly salted and sweetened water. A general recommendation for rehydrating after vomiting and diarrhoea is a fluid made with 6 level teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 level teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1 litre of water, or alternatively use salted rice water. Also. Individuals with G6PD deficiency, an enzyme deficiency with a tendency to haemolytic anaemia, must avoid MMS and other oxidising substances.

Presently MMS is still available over the Internet. There are 2 types with slightly different composition. The product used by Global Light ( and its distributors is made from technical sodium chlorite flakes containing 20% sodium chloride, while the MMS from StrideintoHealth ( is a pure sodium chlorite solution as used in the food industry. Nominally MMS is a 28% solution of the flakes but because of its high sodium chloride content the effective concentration of sodium chlorite is 22.4% which is the same in both products.

Keep MMS protected from direct sunlight. Also see the more recent article MIRACLE MINERAL SUPPLEMENT – An Integrated MMS Therapy, and check for new protocols at


(3) FINAL ASSESSMENT REPORT APPLICATION A476 (12/03: 8 October 2003)

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