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HIV atacking lymphocyteHIV (green) budding from lymphocyte (pink)


Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a condition commonly believed to be caused by human immunodeficiency virus infection. HIV is a virus which attacks the Helper T-cells of the immune system, weakening it and greatly decreasing its ability to fight infections. However, Peter H. Duesberg, PhD, a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley has proposed the hypothesis that HIV is harmless and that the AIDS is caused by the long-term consumption of recreational drugs and/or AZT prescribed to prevent or treat AIDS.

Recreational drug use is a common denominator for over 95% of all American and European AIDS patients, including male homosexuals. Lifetime prescriptions of inevitably toxic anti-HIV drugs, such as the DNA chain-terminator AZT, are another common denominator of AIDS patients. Duesberg stated that HIV does not replicate in the body and that antiviral drugs, which he calls “inevitably toxic,” do not inhibit HIV.

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AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is characterized by very weak immunity, leading to tumours, fungal infections, pneumonia, etc., which can lead to death.

The HIV virus is transmitted by contact of infected blood with blood or mucous membranes, using the same needle, dental instruments, sexual contact, also oral contact, and transfer from mother to child.

After infection, the virus attacks T-lymphocytes of the immune system. The virus in the living cell performs the reverse transcription process. Using enzymes, it stores genetic information from its RNA into T4 lymphocyte DNA, which as a consequence converts it into a “factory” of new HIV viruses. Since the virus replicates in a lymphocyte cell, it makes itself invisible to the immune system. In addition, on the surface of infected T lymphocyte, the virus places proteins that kill every healthy T cell that comes close to it.

HIV outside the human body is killed under the influence of typical disinfectants. The virus can be killed by heat of 56ºC for half an hour.

The positive test for HIV does not mean that a person is suffering from AIDS. It means that the person is exposed to HIV, which proves the presence of antibodies of this virus in the blood.

The presence of HIV is often not sufficient for AIDS. The person infected with HIV must additionally weaken his defence system by pessimism, lack of exercise, stress, negative thinking, depression and fear, using drugs (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, tea, cola, etc.), refined products, foods high in sugar, cheese, meat, dairy, etc.

However, if an HIV-positive person goes on a very healthy unrefined vegan diet, thinks positively, exercise every day, then HIV does not dare to attack the T lymphocytes as they are too strong. As a result, HIV remains in the body in latent form and the disease does not develop. The good news is, however, that according to the recent research, it is possible that perfectly functioning and very strong immune system can be even able to completely destroy HIV.

In fact, only about 50% of people infected with HIV develop AIDS, which indicates that other people who have also been infected with the virus have not had AIDS because they have a strong immune system due to positive diet and lifestyle changes.

The chances of developing AIDS in people infected with HIV are much higher if at the time of infection and later the immune system is severely suppressed by unhealthy lifestyle, additional infections, etc. The risk of AIDS is proportional to the degree of weakness of the immune system.

AIDS can be avoided even by the HIV carrier belonging to the high-risk group, provided that the immune system is strong. Interestingly, you can also find people who no longer have HIV antibodies although they had been HIV-infected in the past. The medical community cannot explain this fact, and doctors often examine the blood of such people as if they did not believe the virus was gone. There are thousands of AIDS survivors living in the world who as a result of a very healthy lifestyle, stress control and use of good natural remedies do not show any symptoms and live a normal life for many years after they have been exposed to HIV.


Initially, most people who are infected with HIV experience short, flu-like symptoms and after this, HIV may not cause any symptoms for up to several years (asymptomatic period). During this period the virus is active and “quietly” causes gradual and progressive damage to the immune system. After about 10 years once the immune system gets severely damaged by the virus the symptoms become more pronounced and can include: recurrent infections, weight loss, diarrhoea, excessive sweating, skin problems, and serious life-threatening illnesses.



As previously mentioned, according to Prof. Peter H. Duesberg, it is not the HIV that is the true cause of AIDS, but rather the use of recreational and illegal drugs as well as prescribed medication such as AZT. American AIDS predominantly affects adult males, because they are the predominant users of recreational drugs and AZT.

However, even if the HIV virus enters the body it was demonstrated that a strong immune system can easily handle the invasion. Therefore, the key cause of AIDS is the weakness of the immune system caused by the following possible factors:

Regular use of illegal drugs and stimulant, a diet high in refined sugar, cheese, pizza, milk and all dairy products, use of antibiotics and meds (including anti-HIV drugs), insufficient number of good probiotic bacteria in the colon, alcohol, smoking, chronic stress, lack of vitamin D (sun), and nutritional deficiencies caused by refined unhealthy diet (especially zinc, magnesium and B12 deficiency).

Vitamin D3 deficiency. There is a growing amount of research which suggests that a lack of vitamin D could be an important factor greatly contributing to the weakness of the immune system and its inability to overcome viral infections. Almost every person in England is deficient in vitamin D which is very important also for human nervous and immune system. Read more about vitamin D

Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium deficiency.

– Toxins: Mercury (from dental fillings, tap water, fish, flu shots, etc.) lead, fluoride, and other toxins.

Stress, anxiety and depression. A number of published papers have shown that stress and negative emotions contribute to inflammations, weakness of the immune system and autoimmune diseases.

– Consumption of trans fats, margarine and bad oils (high in pro-inflammatory omega 6) and deficiency of omega 3 healthy fats high in foods such as Flaxseed, Chia seed, etc..

Bad lifestyle, an unhealthy diet high in sugar, processed refined foods, nutritional deficiencies, artificial sweeteners, lack of exercise, stimulants, drugs, medication.

– Overconsumption of meat and dairy (especially heated) products.

Gluten and heated animal protein (found especially in dairy).


– The most important aspect of successful treatment is lifestyle and diet according to the recommendations listed in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN Please study it carefully and do your best to use the remedies and implement all the principles. If you manage to do it you will recover from this problem.


– You must take Vitamin D3 because almost all patients suffering from inflammations and viral infections (including AIDS) and autoimmune diseases are deficient in Vitamin D! While using vitamin D3 supplements always remember to take also well-absorbed Magnesium (such as citrate) as vitamin D supplements lead to magnesium deficiency over time and if you are deficient in magnesium (like most of us) vitamin D will be useless as it needs this mineral for its conversion in the body. If you can’t afford higher doses take at least 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day with a meal. But since deficiency of this vitamin is so widespread (especially in the UK but even in hot countries) it would be better to take 20,000 to 30,000 IU a day with meals with appropriate doses of magnesium. Another requirement for proper absorption of vitamin D is 200 mcg of Vitamin K2 MK-7 (Derived from Natural Natto) a day. It must be K2, not K1. Read more about vitamin D

Magnesium citrate or another well absorbed magnesium: 2 times a day 150-400 mg between meals. The more vitamin D3 is used the more magnesium must be taken as D3 is useless without magnesium and it also leads to magnesium deficiency!

Zinc: 30  to 50mg a day after breakfast (should be with Selenium and Copper). Zinc required for the strong immune system. In a zinc-deficient body immune system is not able to overcome viral infection. Deficiency can cause the gastrointestinal system to malfunction (for example, without zinc proteins can’t be properly digested), so foods aren’t completely digested. These food particles can then be absorbed into the bloodstream where the body misidentifies them as antigens and then produces antibodies against them weakening the immune system. Also, gluten can lead to a similar problem.

– Take Zinc with Quercetin: Evidence suggests hydroxychloroquine works against viruses such as HIV, flu or COVID-19 because it acts as a zinc ionophore, meaning it shuttles zinc inside your cells. Also Quercetin (500mg-1000mg twice daily) works as zinc ionophore and therefore magnifies antiviral effects of zinc. Quercetin (500mg-1000mg twice daily) helps to increase the intracellular concentrations of Zinc by transporting it through the cell membrane. The major benefit of taking Quercetin with Zinc is that the quercetin will push the zinc into the center of the cell where the zinc can stop the virus from reproducing. Combination of Zinc with Quercetin has been found to be one of the most effective treatments against covid. “Antiviral Effects of Quercetin through Zinc Ionophore (ion carrier) Activity” (>). Quercetin is an increasingly well-known plant compound with potent anti-inflammatory effects. The  SARS-CoV-2 outbreak resulted in renewed research efforts focusing on its effects as a zinc-ionophore, increasing intracellular zinc concentrations and thus Quercetin working as an antiviral. Preliminary studies in South Korea and China have pointed to Quercetin’s potential for inhibiting viral replication of SARS-CoV-2. In a 2014 publication, researchers demonstrated clearly that quercetin and a similar polyphenol (epigallocatechin-gallate) were capable of rapidly increasing zinc concentrations in Hepa 1-6 cells and liposomes. The mechanism of action was found to be independent of plasma membrane zinc transporters.[>]. A 2016 study examined fourteen polyphenols – including Quercetin – and their capacity to form complexes with zinc cations. The results confirmed that polyphenols have the capacity to transport zinc across a variety of lipid membranes [>].


Neem leaf extract safely increases CD4 cell levels in patients with HIV/AIDS. In 2008 India successfully completed the phase two trial of a neem-based microbicide gel for women. Researchers hope the gel will help protect against vaginal transmission of HIV/Aids. Studies reported in 1992 and 1994 showed neem’s ability to enhance the cell-mediated immune response may be used to provide protection from the vaginal contraction of the disease if neem is used as a vaginal lubricant preceding intercourse. AIDS may possibly be treated by ingesting neem leaf extracts or the whole leaf or by drinking a neem tea. Neem bark killed the AIDS virus in a preliminary 1993 in vitro study (Larson, 1993). A study in test tubes and Petri dishes, not in people! Another 1993 in vitro study showed that neem bark and leaf extracts reduced the production of viral proteins in cells, indicating that neem may inhibit replication of the virus (Upadhyay et al, 1993). Studies reported in 1992 and 1994 (Beardsley,1992 and Caldwell, 1994) showed that neem stimulates a cell-mediated immune response. Researchers suggested this may be used to protect against the vaginal contraction of AIDS. (A very promising follow up study was reported in 2008, see below.)
2003 in vitro study showed that an acetone-water neem leaf extract can protect lymphocytes against invasion by HIV. Note that the extract protected 75% of the lymphocytes, not 100%. The same extract was used in 10 patients: 1000 mg neem leaf extract for 10 days improved the condition of patients, increasing haemoglobin concentrations, platelet count, CD4+ cell count and body weight. (Udeinya et al, 2003) Scientists have discovered that Neem, used for centuries by Indians to treat inflammation, fever and malaria, could help kill cancer cells.


“A friend of mine got healed just by taking 10 fresh leaves of neem for three months. He took three cups of tea of neem leaves boiled in one litre of water for 15 min. HIV is nowhere to be found.”

“Hi everybody, The neem tree is a given gift of God. A friend of mine got healed just by taking 10 fresh neem leaves for three months. He took three cups of tea of neem leaves, boiled in one liter of water for 15 min.  You do not have to search any longer. The neem is the solution. People are getting healed, while I am writing to you now. Everybody is to have a neem tree in his house or planted in his garden. If you do not have seeds, you can buy some on the internet. This tree is wonderful; it can cure all the diseases causes by; viruses, bacteria, fungus. I have been healed from herpes 1 thanks to it. Believe you me; I am talking about things I know. I take It every day. God bless you.”


HIV CURE (Father testifies about his HIV cured son) (video)


Nigella sativa has been used with surprising results in alternative HIV protocols for years. This was a remarkable discovery, described by the researchers as follows: “Nigella sativa had been documented to possess many therapeutic functions in medicine but the least expected is sero-reversion in HIV infection which is very rare despite extensive therapy with highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART).” (>)

– Black Seed Extract ‘Cures’ HIV Patient Naturally

“Complete recovery and sero-reversion of adult HIV patient after the six months treatment with Nigella sativa.”

“Several repeats of the HIV tests remained sero-negative, aviraemia and normal CD4 count since 24 months without herbal therapy.” It means that two years after the treatment with Black seed was over there was no HIV nor antibodies against it found in the body and the helper T cell count (a type of immune cells attacked by HIV) was normal!

“This case report reflects the fact that there are possible therapeutic agents in Nigella sativa that may effectively control HIV infection.”

– Black Seed Powder Reported to Have Cured 5 persons of HIV/AIDS in Published Studies

Read more about BLACK SEED


AIDS & HIVBoth remedies are very beneficial in AIDS and HIV infections as researchers have demonstrated that Chlorella and Spirulina are effective in treating other viral infections such as hepatitis C! The scientists treated patients who suffered from chronic hepatitis C with Chlorella. After 3 months of treating patients with relatively small doses of Chlorella, the researchers discovered that the condition of 70% of the patients significantly improved. AIDS & HIV

In addition, the immune system of the patients treated with Chlorella was stronger and almost 80% of them reported increased energy levels. The scientists also noted that the chlorella didn’t cause any negative side effects.


Petri dish and animal studies suggested that the algae, chlorella, could affect natural killer cell activity, but there was no direct evidence for the effect of chlorella supplementation on such a response in humans, until this randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial gave people about two teaspoons of chlorella a day for eight weeks, and compared to placebo, they got a significant increase in natural killer cell activities.

Does this actually translate, though, into clinical benefits? We didn’t know until now. The efficacy of chlorella supplementation in adults with chronic hepatitis C infection. Similar positive results were achieved by a group of scientists who treated patients with hepatitis C virus for six months with either Spirulina or Silymarin (an active ingredient found in Milk thistle) with no negative side effects. The researchers noted that according to the study, which was published in 2012, Spirulina was slightly more effective than Milk thistle. Now, if chlorella and spirulina are effective in boosting killer T cells activity to fight with hepatitis C virus they will also increase the chances to overcome HIV.

Read more about amazing CHLORELLA & SPIRULINA


Boost Glutathione levels which is the most powerful of all antioxidants and strengthens the immune system and is one of the most effective remedies against inflammations. It boosts the body’s ability to modulate and regulate the immune system. It is also important to provide the body with ingredients that increase glutathione production in the liver by taking turmeric, milk thistle, L-cysteine or NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), Alpha Lipoic Acid, bilberry, vitamin C, asparagus, broccoli, peaches, avocado, spinach, garlic, squash, grapefruit.

Read about all the best methods to increase GLUTATHIONE

Herbs that are very helpful in treating viral infections include Pau d’Arco, turmeric, goldenseal.

– Bee Propolis, like garlic, it is also famous for its powerful anti-viral properties.

– Garlic is another excellent weapon to fight with viruses. But if you decide to use supplements it must be garlic extract which contains allicin such as Garlic max by HealthAid. Garlic in the form of oil, powder, odourless one won’t help.

Siberian mixture of fermented garlic and lemon juice: I was given this recipe from my Polish colleague who spent some time in Siberia. It also lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides, regulates blood sugar level and blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, candida, or cancer cells. In order to make this mixture, you need two ingredients: fresh juice from 24 lemons and 400 grams of squeezed fresh raw garlic. Place both ingredients in a glass jar and mix them together. Cover the opening of the jar with a clean cloth and live it in a dark cool place for 14 days until the content ferments. After two weeks strain the fermented mixture pouring the liquid into smaller glass jars. Close them with lids and keep the jars in the fridge. Always shake before use and for insomnia take one teaspoon with a half glass of worm water about one hour before going to sleep. After one month of using the mixture take a 7 days break and after that you can start using it again. After using it for 3 months you will need a whole month break. In this way, it shouldn’t lose its effectiveness.

– Take good quality probiotic formulas as inflammations, weakness of the immune system and autoimmune diseases are linked with the deficiency of the probiotic bacteria in the gut.

Vitamin B12: 1,000 to 2,000 mcg a day under the tongue (must be sublingual Methylcobalamin!). This vitamin is involved in the production of white blood cells which are responsible to deal with viral infections and many people with inflammations, weak immune system and autoimmune diseases have low levels of this most important vitamin. Read a fascinating article on B12

– Taking selenium supplements and increasing consumption of foods high in selenium (Brazil nuts).

– Take fresh ground organic Turmeric (1 teaspoon 3 times a day) or Holistic Turmeric capsules.

– Good quality Multivitamin-mineral formula or Vitamin B-complex: 1 tablet after breakfast. Please do not buy cheap formulas as their potency is very low and they contain only a short list of inorganic ingredients. It must be a good quality formula such as Healthy Mega (HealthAid), VM75 (Solgar) or Special Two (NOW Foods) which are an excellent multi-vitamin and mineral formulas fortified with alfalfa powder, rutin, citrus bioflavonoids, bromelain, herbs, digestive enzymes and many other super nutrients. If your diet is very healthy and you stay away from refined foods, sugar and stimulants then take only 1/2 tablet after breakfast.

– Since Vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folate) play very important role in dealing with infections and weakness if the immune system diseases I recommand getting B complex with a good quality multivitamin-mineral formula which is high in B vitamins. One of my favourite ones is Healthy Mega (HealthAid) as it is not only high in B vitamins and at the same time it contains zinc, selenium, herbs, digestive enzymes, micronutrients, and few super grasses. Compared with other popular formulas Healthy Mega may contain even up to 60 times more vitamins per tablet (see the picture below)!

Adults may take 1 tablet of Healthy Mega after breakfast, children 1/2 tablet (or less) crushed and mixed with juice after breakfast.


  • Neem leaf extract safely increases CD4 cell levels in patients with HIV/AIDS.
  • Black Seed Extract ‘Cures’ HIV Patient Naturally.
  • Selenium supplementation suppresses the progression of HIV-1 viral burden and improves CD4 count.
  • Licorice contains the compound glycyrrhizin which has significantly inhibits HIV replication in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells from HIV-seropositive patients.
  • Sumac (Rhus chinensis) contains compounds with anti-HIV activity.
  • The use of Alternanthera pungens herb tea by HIV-infected patients may lead to significant increase T lymphocytes and decrease in biomarkers of oxidative stress, and might help in the prevention of the opportunist diseases.
  • American ginseng reduces oxidative stress in patients taking the antiviral medication zidovudine without altering drug pharmacokinetics.
  • Korean ginseng improves treatment outcomes in HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy.
  • Glycyrrhiza uralensis (TCM herb) improves immune function in HIV-infected patients.
  • Lemon juice and lemongrass have therapeutic value in the treatment of oral thrush in HIV/AIDS patients.
  • St. John’s wort (H. perforatum) inhibits HIV-1 viral infection.
  • Lignans found within Schisandra demonstrates anti-HIV virus activity.
  • Seawead (S. fusiforme) inhibits HIV-1 infection in T cells, primary human macrophages, microglia, and astrocytes.
  • Olive Leaf extract exhibits anti-HIV activity.
  • Lentin, a novel and potent antifungal protein from shitake mushroom exhibits inhibitory effects on activity of human immunodeficiency virus-1 reverse transcriptase and proliferation of leukemia cells.
  • Chrysanthemum morifolium contains a flavonoid with anti-HIV activity.
  • Hyssop and Dittrichia viscosa have anti-HIV-1 activity.
  • Pomegranate exhibits antiviral activity against HIV-1.
  • A polysaccharide from Rooibois leaves has a strong anti-HIV activity.
  • Rosa damascena contains compounds with anti-HIV activity.
  • Rose flowers contain compounds with with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity.
  • Carnosic acid, a component found within Rosemary, inhibits HIV-1 protease.
  • Melissa, Sweet Basil, Perilla, Prunella vulgaris and Savory has potent anti-HIV-1 activity.
  • Black cohosh contains a compound Actein which exhibits potent anti-HIV activity.
  • Blue-green algae extracts inhibit reverse transcriptases activity, including that of HIV-1.


– Don’t use stimulants such as caffeine products or alcohol.

– Learn to control stress and always think positive! Never think negative and get rid of anxiety and fear as all negative feelings have very bad effect on immune system and increase chances of developing AIDS! In the beautiful book „Ministry of Healing” Ellen G. White wrote that, “The sick, shut within four walls, look out on houses and pavements, with perhaps not even a glimpse of blue sky or sunshine, of grass or flower or tree. Shut up in this way, they brood over their suffering and sorrow, and become a prey to their own sad thoughts. The pure air, the glad sunshine, the flowers and trees, and outdoor exercise amid these surroundings, are health- and life-giving. Outdoor life is the only remedy that many need. It has a wonderful power to heal diseases caused by the excitements and excesses of fashionable life, a life that weakens and destroys the powers of body, mind, and soul. How glad would they be to sit in the open air, rejoice in the sunshine, and breathe the fragrance of tree and flower! There are life-giving properties in the balsam of the pine, in the fragrance of the cedar and the fir, and other trees also have properties that are health restoring. In nature may always be found something to divert the attention of the sick from themselves and direct their thoughts to God. The beauty of nature leads them to think of the heavenly home, where there will be nothing to mar the loveliness, nothing to taint or destroy, nothing to cause disease or death.”

– Increase SEROTONIN! We know that serotonin is very important in fighting depression, fatigue, or insomnia. Serotonin is the “feel good” hormone and neurotransmitter which helps us regulate moods and use good judgement. Unfortunately, the older we get the less serotonin we tend to produce. Dr. Carolyn Meltzer’s research has demonstrated that with age serotonin receptors decrease by over 50%. People who struggle with overweight, obesity, and depression, those who commit serious crime as well as people who commit suicide have very low level of this extremely important hormone. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough of serotonin or when the number of serotonin receptors is low then it leads to depression. Serotonin deficiency can be caused by sedentary lifestyle (lack of physical activity), insufficient light during the day, refined and low in nutrients diet, use of stimulants (alcohol, nicotine, coffee, tea, cola drinks, chocolate and other caffeine products), or insufficient amount of sleep.

Exercise in the morning outside to boost serotonin!

– Increase consumption of foods high in tryptophan (to boost serotonin): Cooked soy beans, Tofu, beans, lentils, ground sesame, tahini, humus, etc.


Light therapy. Expose your body to sunlight whenever it is possible or use strong light imitating sunlight.

– Every day in the morning and evening you must take alternative hot and cold showers as it is one of the best ways to boost your immunity and weaken HIV. In addition it will improve circulation, elimination of toxins and will stimulate the nervous system. Start with hot shower, and after about 5 minutes when your body is warm enough take a short (3 min) cold shower slowly reducing the temperature. Then alternate the flow of water from hot to cold, back and forth 5-7 times in a row. Before using this treatment consult your physician first if you have any chronic health conditions especially if they are associated with heart. Find out more about HYDROTHERAPY

– Go to sleep as early as possible. Try to sleep at least seven or eight hours a day.

– Avoid eating foods rich in refined sugar and other refined carbohydrates such as white flour products (body turn white flour into blood sugar).

– Avoid all artificial sweeteners! Artificial sweeteners can usually be identified by many different names such as sucralose, saccharin, or aspartame (Splenda, Equal, Sweet n Low). There are almost a hundred side effects listed by the FDA, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, memory loss, nerve cell damage, Alzheimer’s, migraines, reproductive disorders, brain lesions, weight gain, food cravings, seizures and more.”

– Avoid high glucose/fructose syrup (HFCS).

– Avoid monosodium glutamate (MSG).

– Do not consume Agave syrup since as it is almost all fructose. Your blood sugar will spike just as it would if you were consuming regular sugar or HFCS. Agave’s rise in popularity is due to a great marketing campaign, but any health benefits present in the original agave plant are processed out.

– Instead of sugar and other harmful sweeteners you can use xylitol, stevia or organic raw honey in moderation.

– Switch to a well-balanced plant-based and unrefined diet.

– The only oil to use is raw organic coconut oil as it can kill virus and bacteria.



– Learn to control stress, depression and anxiety by positive thinking, frequent smiling and laughter exercises, taking care of others, helping people in need, going for a walk, enjoying life and the beauty of nature. In this way you will boost good hormones, program cells to live longer, build new strong neural pathways, greatly reduce the number of free radicals, and greatly boost your immune system. As a result those smart and intelligent tiny soldiers (leukocytes) will protect and fight for you with HIV like Kamikazes.

Unfortunately, from experience we know that for most of us it is very difficult and often even impossible to control stress, overcome fear, anxiety and depression, or to become a positive thinking person simply because those negative emotions and fears are so deeply rooted and even seem to be a part of our nature. Sometimes we even feel like slaves of those negative attitudes and bad emotions.

And that is the very reason I included on my website a very special, unique and even most important section called EMPOWERMENT. So please read it carefully and then study also another article – the GOSPEL OF FREEDOM, which is even more significant as it reveals the secret of finding the only source of true inward peace which according to Apostle Paul “surpasses all knowledge” and which can “guard (protect) our hearts and minds (emotions)”. Combined with true strong faith this message will lead you to freedom from negative emotions such as anxiety or existential fears (one of the key source of deadly free radicals). It will also empower you with moral strength necessary to overcome long-cultivated bad habits or addictions, often impossible for us to defeat on our own. Finally, this unique and most wonderful Good News of the Gospel will also give you a new strength and a powerful motivation to not only practice but also enjoy the new and very healthy way of life.



– Most important part of the treatment is living according to the principles included in the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN and EMPOWERMENT.

– Dr. Sang LeeExceptionally interesting lecture on AIDS and homosexuality (audio)

– Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman MD (2011): What to eat and foods to avoid




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