Written by Slawomir (“Swavak”) Gromadzki, MPH

New Age medicine vs God's remedies - list


Homeopathy is often regarded as the safe way to cure obesity and other health problems without pain. In fact, it offers almost 200 different remedies and treatments for several aspects of obesity. The choice of remedy depends upon the complete case history of the patient.

Unfortunately, there are good reasons to believe that homeopathy is not as safe as many think, but instead it seems to be just another mysterious type of alternative approach which can be classified as a part of the so called New Age Medicine. Apart from homeopathy, the New Age remedies and therapies include reflexology (acupressure), emotional freedom technique (EFT), acupuncture, hypnosis, ear candling, iridology, radionics, radiesthesia, reiki, bioenergotherapy, yoga, urotherapy (urine therapy or urinotherapy), tai chi, ayurveda, and many others.

Unlike other natural alternative approaches, treatments and remedies which are safe and healthy, these methods are often based on spiritism, occult, and human mysterious innate powers. According to Wilson & Weldon, “All these different healing methods have the same basic foundation, a non-measurable energy. This energy has been given at least ninety different names yet they all refer to the same thing. Of the men who gave so many names to this energy, it was found that the first fifty of them reviewed were mediums.”

Long time ago I myself used to practice some of those mysterious methods with great results until I realized that they slowly and gradually kept imposing a negative influence on my emotional and spiritual health. Yes, these methods, including homeopathy, often work and are too effective to be explained by the placebo effect, but they don’t remove the true cause of the problem and sooner or later those who use those therapies and remedies have to pay the consequences which are usually associated with mental and spiritual sphere of human life. This negative influence can be explained by the fact that when we carefully analyse the origins of those methods, as well as the philosophies and influences which are hidden behind them, we can clearly see that there is always some mysterious, spiritual relationship, including spiritism, associated with those approaches. It is easy to explain and even scientifically prove how nutritional supplements, herbs, therapeutic clay, activated charcoal, hydrotherapy (water treatments), exercise, unrefined plant foods prevent or even reverse different diseases but all the New Age treatments and remedies are based on ideas or hypotheses which are impossible to explain, measure or analyse.

Slide21A very good example could be homeopathy founded by Samuel Hahnemann who belonged to the sect of Freemasons and admitted that the idea of homeopathy arose from a series of illuminations he had received during spiritualist séances. Reading Hahnemann’s biography and books it becomes clear that he rejected teachings of Christ and preferred to follow ideas presented by Confucius. He was also a follower of Emanuel Swedenborg, who taught him to enter an alternative state of consciousness in order to commune with spirits. Reading the book Organon of Medicine we can see that Hahnemann praised the occultic practices of Franz Mesmer and called them “a marvellous, priceless gift” by which “the vital energy of the healthy mesmerizer endowed with this power can be brought into another person dynamically”. Homeopathy is infiltrated by the Hindu concept according to which there is a vital force or life energy that permeates all things (Keith Souter, Homeopathy: Heart and Soul, p. 19).

David L. Brown in his book “New Age Medicine: Homeopathy” wrote that, „Hahnemann was drawn like a magnet to occult ideas.” Also one of the leading homeopaths Herbert Robert said that, the ‘vital force’ of homeopathy was part of ‘the moving energy’. All those facts and statements lead us to a conclusion that homeopathic remedies might not be just a harmless placebos, as many today believe, but they are ‘energized’ by a mysterious influence which may eventually interfere with the emotional and spiritual aspect of human well-being.

According to Dr Andrew Weil (homeopathic practitioner), “Homeopaths use remedies containing no drug materials, yet they believe in the existence and therapeutic power of some other aspect of the drug–of its idea, if you will, or its ghost or spirit. Truly homeopathy is spiritual medicine consistent with its founder’s views on the relative importance of spiritual verses material reality” (Health and Healing, 1988, p. 37).

It is very common among homeopaths contact spiritualists in their search for cures or to use pendulums to detect and analyse the mysterious energy fields or to use it as a form of medium able to put correct diagnosis and point to an effective homeopathic remedy.


Dr. Bopp interviewed a woman who prior to her conversion to Christ had worked in a homeopathic laboratory of high standing in France. She said that when she was interviewed for the job she was asked for her astrological sign and queried as to whether she was a medium. When she passed the interview and was hired, she learned the secret of the inner working of the laboratory, that they researched new treatments by questioning spirits during séances! This woman renounced homeopathy after she was converted.


We know that homeopathic remedies are so highly diluted that there is nothing left in them except pure water, but homeopaths claim that the diluted solution works because it has undergone a potentialization or dynamization process, and thus it still retains a “hidden power”. That was the reason why Hahnemann claimed that not only the diluted medicine but the process of diluting it – the shaking (dynamization) – “actually imparted a healing influence to the substance”. Unfortunately it seems that the “hidden power” or “hidden influence” which is believed to be associated with homeopathy (and many other mysterious methodes including reflexology, EFT, acupuncture, hypnosis, iridology, radionics, radiesthesia, reiki, bioenergotherapy, yoga, tai chi, ayurveda, etc.) is the same deceptive and evil influence which is hidden behind spiritism. That is why in one of the articles on homeopathy we read that, „Homeopathic medicines are so diluted they cannot possibly exert any physical effect unless they are energized by a spiritistic influence!”

The proponents of homeopathy claim that although there are no detectable active ingredients in homeopathic medicine yet they work because water in the solvent has a memory and it remembers what was in it before it was diluted. However, although there were various experiments made with reagrds to this strange idea yet they never provided any evidence that water has a memory.


Since there is a strong evidence that those mysterious alternative methods including homeopathy are based on spiritistic influence, it would be very useful to define the word “spiritism” to make sure we understand it correctly. According the popular American theologian Prof. Walter Martin, “Spiritism (spiritualism) is the masquerade of demonic forces, who pretend to be departed spirits with the intent of deceiving those foolish enough to believe the testimony of demons in preference to the authority of the Word of God.”

To protect us from the dangerous influence of those “departed spirits” God himself in the Bible gives us a solemn advice saying, “Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or to those who consult the spirits of the dead. I am the LORD your God.” (Leviticus 19:31 New Living Translation); “I will also turn against those who commit spiritual prostitution by putting their trust in mediums or in those who consult the spirits of the dead. I will cut them off from the community.” (Leviticus 20:6).

Slide30When people try to communicate with the spirits of those who died they do not get in contact with them, because according to the Bible they are unconsciously sleeping in their graves waiting for the resurrection at the second coming of Christ or the resurrection which will take place after the millennium period. It means that during spiritistic séances the participants actually communicate with disguised evil angels who pretend to be the spirits of those who died. Those fallen angels do it in order to influence or control people’s minds and to deceive them with different dangerous concepts including all those mysterious healing methodes and alternative therapies or other false ideas such as pantheism or the immortality of human soul.


That is why concerning the possible influence and consequences of using homeopathic remedies the Swiss physician Dr. H. J. Bopp wrote that, “The occult influence in homeopathy is transmitted to the individual, bringing him consciously or unconsciously under demonic influence. It is significant frequently to find nervous depression in families using homeopathic treatments.”

On the internet you can find testimonies of people who experienced strange side effects after taking homeopathic remedies. One of them is Dr. Emília Vlcková who wrote the following testimony: “I am a medical doctor and I also completed the homoeopathy training. I had a wart and it disappeared on the following day after I had used my homoeopathic drugs. I also healed my children from bronchitis and other health problems. Unfortunately, my children started experiencing various strange symptoms that weren’t of physical but rather psychological nature. My oldest daughter had night-mares that woke her up. In her dreams she saw a scary person who just wanted her to tell him ‘yes’. The second daughter couldn’t breathe at night for no reason. And my son became aggressive. Trying to find the cause of those strange symptoms I started to think about homeopathic remedies I treated my children with. And after reading a book and a few articles that revealed the whole truth about homeopathy I realized that its principles are based on magic. As a result I immediately got rid of all homeopathic medication, instruments and books I kept at home. And only after fervent prayers my children could come back to normal again.”




In one of the articles on homeopathy we read that, „Dr. Bopp interviewed a woman who prior to her conversion to Christ had worked in a homeopathic laboratory of high standing in France. She said that when she was interviewed for the job she was asked for her astrological sign and queried as to whether she was a medium. When she passed the interview and was hired, she learned the secret of the inner working of the laboratory, that they researched new treatments by questioning spirits during séances! This woman renounced homeopathy after she was converted.”

It looks like Marvyn Kilgore was right when in his book Homeopathy Examined he stated that, “The occult influence, by nature hidden, disguised, often dissimulated behind a parascientific theory, does not disappear and does not happen to be rendered harmless… The occult influence in homeopathy is transmitted to the individual. It is significant frequently to find nervous depression in families using homeopathic treatments.”

Homeopathy, however, is only one among many healing methodes that seem to be empowered by the same evil energy or influance that encourage people to use those dangerous alternative therapies in order to controll their minds. One of those methodes is also the emotional freedom technique (EFT) (popularized by Dr. Joseph Mercola). Here you can read one of the testimonies which proves that also this mysterious method may impose a bad influence on human mental and spiritual health: „I had a horrible experience with EFT. My advice is don’t do it. Praying is more effective. I experienced many bouts of crying, extreme anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. I was told that the only side effect would be brain deadness for a couple days…”

Fortunately, we don’t have to use homeopathy or any of those mystical healing methodes to treat our health problems because we are given numerous very effective and safe natural remedies such as unrefined plant-based diet, regular exercise, sunshine, beneficial herbal remedies, organic nutritional supplements, super grasses, activated charcoal, therapeutic clay, hydrotherapy, and the most important of them all – trust in divine power. Unlike the therapies which are empowered by the evil energy all those good methodes treat not only symptoms but also the causes of the health problems, don’t cause side effects (if properly used), and we can scientifically prove how do they effect and benefit our health. Plus when we use those safe and given us by our Creator methodes and ask for His blessing we can greatly speed up the whole recovery process.




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