Most effective detox protocol

Most effective detox protocol

To detoxify your body use as many of the following as possible for better results: Read more

Good & bad sweeteners and sugar substitutes

Good & bad sweeteners and sugar substitutes

You are probably acquainted with a popular saying according to which, “fat doesn’t make you fat but sugar makes you fat.” Well, the truth is both fat and sugar can make us fat but it depends on the type of sugar and fat we choose. Eating sugar in the form of complex carbohydrates and consuming good fats found in unroasted seeds, nuts or raw coconut oil can actually help you to lose weight and stay healthy. It is true, however, that white flour products, white breads, pasta, refined grains and foods containing refined sugar can be even more responsible for obesity problem than high fat consumption. Read more

Caffeine Causing ‘Untimely Deaths’! is so dangerous that it should be regulated like alcohol and cigarettes,

warns leading expert

Caffeine Causing ‘Untimely Deaths’! Read more

Disgusting Truth About Swimming Pool Water

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average pool user contributes at least 0.14 grams of faecal matter to pool water. The problem is created especially those who avoid showering their bottoms with soap before entering the water. Majority of those who use swimming pools pee in the water. Nearly 100 % of competitive swimmers admitted they pee in the pool regularly.

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House plants NASA recommends for indoor air purification

1. Peace lilies ranked highest at cleansing nearly all chemicals floating around in today’s home air. These were the most effective plants at removing benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and trichloroethylene from the atmosphere. Peace lilies are common in both homes and offices and perform well even in low-light conditions. They can be located several feet away from a window.

House plants NASA recommends for indoor air purification Read more