Use ceramic cookware instead of teflon!

Use ceramic cookware instead of teflon!

Like teflon ceramic pots and frying pans are also non-stick, non-scratch and easy to clean. But, unlike teflon the ceramic cookware do not produce any toxic chemicals when heated.


Use ceramic cookware instead of teflon!

The non-stick teflon coating commonly used on pans and pots, starts generating at least 15 different toxic chemicals as soon as the temperature gets too high.

It has been shown that some of these toxins lead to cancer and birth defects in humans and animals, flu-like symptoms in humans and can be fatal to birds.

According to Johns Hopkins Medical School, PFOA (one of the main toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process) is now present in small quantities in the blood of almost all Americans.

Although it seems to be true that dangerous chemicals can be released from teflon only when it is overheated yet for most of us it is not easy to remember about it every time we fry or cook something. Besides, the pan is much hotter than the food which is fried in it. And that is another reason why it might be very difficult to monitor the actual temperature of teflon cookware.

Fortunately, there is no need of taking the risk and use teflon cookware as ceramic pans and pots give the same benefits but without any of the possible dangerous side effects. In addition they can be also more durable if you gently wash them and rub with coconut oil from time to time.

In 2009, to replace the toxic teflon, DuPont introduced another chemical called “GenX”. Unfortunately, soon it was found out that the new chemical was also unsafe to use as it increases the risk of many health problems, including cancer, reproductive problems, changes in immune responses weight gain or increased cholesterol levels.

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