Raw Grated Potato Poultice for Skin Conditions

Raw Grated Potato Poultice for Skin Conditions

Raw grated potato poultice is an excellent remedy for various skin problms including abscesses (boils), skin ulcers, leg ulcers, back pain, etc.

Applying a raw potatoes poultice directly to the affected area reduces infalammation and draws out pus and toxins that cause or contribute to the infection.

Warming the poultice (without cooking the potatoes) with a hot bottlr or compress can increase blood flow to the area, and cooling it with an ice pack provides relief from the pain that results from the swelling. Read more

New Optimal Health Recovery Plan

Red Clover for Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer & Menopause


Practising all listed below principles has helped many people all over the world to regain proper body weight, recover from diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic fatigue, hypertension, arthritis, IBS, cancer, fibroids, depression, PMS, various skin diseases, ADHD, bulging disc, menopause symptoms, and numerous other less common health problems. In addition, it significantly increases the probability of recovering from treatment-resistant conditions such as various autoimmune diseases or even Alzheimer’s disease. As a bonus it will also greatly increase energy (including athletic performance), eliminate causes of poor memory or lack of concentration, and improve emotional and physical well-being. Read more

Shocking Probiotic Count of Raw Sauerkraut

Raw home-made sauerkraut was analysed in the lab and it was found that in just a cup of it there were literally about ten trillion probiotic bacteria! That means a half cup of home fermented raw sauerkraut contains more probiotics than a whole bottle of the best and very expensive probiotic supplement! Read more

Grapefruit juice and Apple cider vinegar to lose weight!

Grapefruit juice and Apple cider vinegar to lose weight!

In order to lose weight many women successfully use the following mixture recommended by Dr. Oz’s. It consists of a mixture one cup of fresh or a 100% grapefruit juice and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Stir the ingredients and drink before every meal (2 or not more than 3 times a day) and you should effectively burn away your fat. Read more