Another B12 fascinating story

By Tina, June 30, 2015

“I have endometriosis, pernicious anaemia, D deficiency, hypothyroidism, and had adenomyosis before hysterectomy when I was 29. I am now 46.

Several years ago, I went to my doctor with extreme fatigue, aches and pains all over, and pins and needles in my hands and feet. My eyesight got drastically worse. He did the routine blood work and found nothing. He told me to exercise more and eat more nutritiously. I left frustrated and went home to do my own research.

While researching, everything was pointing to b12 deficiency. I went back and asked him if he could check for it. He tried to reassure me that I was much too young to have b12 deficiency and I ate meat and took vitamins. I begged him to check anyway, so he sent me to the lab. My b12 was at 193. He said it wasn’t too terribly low, but he diagnosed pernicious anaemia and would start me on injections daily, then weekly, then monthly, then back off and recheck. Recheck…still low. Said I might need monthly injections for life. I started doing them myself at home after the nurse showed me how.

B12 fascinating story

A few months ago, I had normal blood work again, but he added a b12 test. My level was 396, and he wasn’t going to refill the prescription because it was at a “normal” range. I argued with him that it was LOW normal because I do the monthly injections. If I stop, I will drop below normal again and be miserable! He agreed and refilled the prescription. I don’t understand this mindset on the b12. It’s not like it’s a narcotic!

Two years ago, I went to stay with my then 66-year-old mom who was diagnosed with cancer. She was very sick, could barely get out of bed, and had several symptoms that pointed to vitamin deficiencies. I told her oncologist and she said most of her symptoms were cancer-related, and the numbness and pins and needles were due to the chemo. I asked what it would hurt for her to check it anyway, so she did. Mom was severely deficient in B12 and D. They started daily injections of b12 and a high D supplement. She felt amazing and breezed through chemo. The doctors were all amazed by her! I know that if I had not gone up there, she would not have made kt through chemo, and they would have blamed it on cancer. This is so unacceptable to me!!!” (source >)