Deadly Birth Control Pills!

Deadly Birth Control Pills!Fallan Kurek, 21, died in hospital being found collapsed at her home. Miss Kurek, who doctors said had suffered a pulmonary embolism, is reported to have been taking the pill for just 25 days to regulate her periods…

Charlotte Foster Deadly Birth Control Pills!A fit and healthy 23-year-old woman collapsed and died from a blood clot five months after being prescribed the combined contraceptive pill. Charlotte Foster went into cardiac arrest at her workplace after a thrombosis, thought to have arisen in her pelvis or leg, caused a “massive” embolism in her lungs…

HELEN AND JAMES THOMPSON ON THEIR WEDDING DAYThe warning has come too late to save teacher Helen Thompson, who last month died from a clot, her devastated widower has said. James, from Oxfordshire, added: ‘The doctors said all women on the pill are at a higher risk of clots, but they said it was incredibly rare. ‘What caused the clot 100 per cent we don’t know, and I don’t want to hurt myself by investigating further.’ A hospital scan revealed a clot on his 28-year-old wife’s brain, but she died within 24 hours of diagnosis.”

Teenage girl dies from blood clot after taking contraceptive pill >

Deadly Birth Control Pills!Sophie Murray’s death is the second within a week to be linked to the pill. A teenage girl died from a blood clot after taking the oral contraceptive pill, an inquest heard. Sophie Murray, from Accrington, Lancashire, became ill in September, complaining of chest pains and a shortness of breath that prevented her from walking up stairs, the inquest at Blackburn Coroner’s Court heard. Deputy Blackburn coroner Derek Baker recorded a verdict that the 16-year-old died from “pulmonary embolism as a result of deep vein thrombosis.”

Deadly Birth Control Pills!

Recently this past week, my cousin Nicole Dishuk (age 31…newly graduated student with a doctoral degree about to start her new career as a Doctor…) was flown into a nearby hospital, because she passed out. They found a blood clot in her neck, and immediately took her by helicopter to the ER to operate. By the time they removed the right half of her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain; the clot had spread to her brain causing severe damage. Since last Wednesday night, she was battling… they induced her into a coma to stop the blood flow, they operated 3 times… Finally, they said there was nothing left that they could do… they found multiple clots in the left side of her brain… the swelling wouldn’t stop, and she was on life support… She died at 4:30 yesterday. She leaves behind a husband, a 2yr old Brandon and a 4yr old Justin… The CAUSE of DEATH – they found was a birth control she was taking that allows you to only have your period 3 times a year… They said it interrupts life’s menstrual cycle, and although it is FDA approved… shouldn’t be – So to the women in my address book – I ask you to boycott this product & deal with your period once a month – so you can live the rest of the months that your life has in store for you.

Please send this to every woman you know – you may save someone’s life… Remember, you have a CYCLE for a reason!
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