Natural Methods to Stop or Induce Menstruation


– Fresh pineapple or supplements with bromelain every day.

– High doses of vitamin C (1000-3000mg per day).

Chamomile, parsley, rosemary, sage, lemon balm, or oregano teas.

– Fresh pomegranate, 100% pomegranate juice, raw celery, papaya, ground fenugreek (1 teaspoon with raw honey), and chicory are regarded as emmenagogues.

Ginger is a traditional way for inducing periods and is believed to cause uterine contractions. Boil a fresh piece of peeled, sliced ginger in a pan of water for five to seven minutes. Strain, cool down, add raw honey, stevia or xylitol and drink 2-3 times a day.

Parsley tea: Pour a cup of boiling water over 3 tablespoons of fresh parsley and steep for 15-30 minutes before drinking.

Turmeric is another traditional remedy that may help. It’s supposed to work by affecting estrogen and progesterone levels. One teaspoon of organic turmeric 2-3 times a day.

Dong Quai (Angelica) herb is thought to help induce a period by improving blood flow to the pelvis as well as by stimulating the muscles in the uterus and triggering uterine contractions.

Black cohosh is another herbal supplement that may is said to help tone the uterus and promote the shedding of the uterine lining.

Stress control and relaxation. When we feel stressed, we may produce hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline that can sometimes be the cause of a delayed or missed period.

Hot compress or hot bath for relaxing tight muscles and relieving emotional stress is believed to help to bring on period.

Magnesium supplements help relax nerves system and all muscles including uterus.

Sexual activity can help to trigger period as having an orgasm can cause cervix to dilate. This creates a vacuum that can pull the menstrual blood down.

Exercise every day.

– Antioxidant Lutein is also believed to help induce menstruation.



– Raspberry Leaf traditionally is used for relieving painful menstruation, but you can also use it in an attempt to stop your period.

– Gelatin. A mixture of one pack gelatine and a cup of water is suggested by some sources as something that may help to delay periods instantly. This is a Chinese technique of delaying periods from a few hours to a week. Make sure you don’t use porcine gelatine. The best and safest one is fish gelatine.

– Dong Quai (Angelica) may prove beneficial in helping you time your period.

– Papaya. Pregnant women are sometimes asked to avoid eating papaya fruit, because it can trigger estrogen levels leading to changes in the uterine blood flow and miscarriage in pregnant women. However, it is also believed that the same papaya may also help delay period.

– Lime juice a couple of days before expected period date may help delay menstruation or make blood flow lighter.

– Uterus Massage. Massaging cold-pressed olive oil or castor oil, raw coconut oil, etc. into lower abdomen is supposed to help delay and ease menstrual pain during cycle.

– Apple Cider Vinegar. Drink one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1-2 glasses of filtered clean water daily for 10 days before your periods is also supposed to delay them.

– Also cucumber and watermelon are sometimes mentioned as food that may help delay periods.

– Among herbs lady mantle, garden sage and shepherd’s purse are supposed to help.