Raw Grated Potato Poultice for Skin Conditions

Raw Grated Potato Poultice for Skin Conditions

Raw grated potato poultice is an excellent remedy for various skin problems including abscesses (boils), skin ulcers, leg ulcers, back pain, etc.

Applying a raw potatoes poultice directly to the affected area reduces inflammation and draws out pus and toxins that cause or contribute to the infection.

Warming the poultice (without cooking the potatoes) with a hot bottle or compress can increase blood flow to the area, and cooling it with an ice pack provides relief from the pain that results from the swelling.


Peel and grate a raw white potato.

Spread the potato onto a clean, breathable cloth and apply the mush directly to the affected area.

Wrap the poultice with and leave overnight or for at least several hours.

Keep on applying new poultices every day until the problem disappears.

During the day apply propolis cream or comfrey cream at least two times a day to speed up recovery.

Every time before applying potato poultice you can make a very hot (1 minute) and ice (30 seconds) alternative compress (3-5 alterations) to improve blood circulation and detoxification of the affected area. If you are a diabetic check temperature of hot compress before applying to prevent burning as legs of diabetics are less sensitive to heat.

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