Frozen Lemon

Frozen LemonWash a whole lemon and put in the freezer till frozen then get a grater and shred the whole unpeeled lemon. Sprinkle over any food  (cereals, vegan ice cream, desserts, etc.).

It is very healthy and will greatly improve the taste  of those foods and sometimes will create a new unexpected and unique taste.

Lemon peel helps to detoxify the body and contains much higher concentration of vitamins and bioflavonoids than lemon juice as bioflawonoids are found especially in the skin and the white part below the skin.

Bioactive flavonoids (bioflavonoids) are found especially in fresh fruits and vegetables. There are various bioflavonoids found in citrus fruits including rutin – also called the vitamin P (P stands for capillary permeability factor), hesperidin, naringin, quercetin, or diosmin. Citrus bioflavonoids are known to have antycancer and anti-inflammatory properties, especially rutin and quercetin as they are powerful bioflavonoid anti-oxidants.
They also improve blood flow and permeability of the smallest blood vessels – capillaries. Through this action they help the body to maintain normal blood pressure. In addition, bioflavonoids reduce swelling and venous backup. The bioflavonoid which is responsible for this action is called hesperidin and it is found most abundantly in peels of lemons and and other citrus fruits. Because of its properties hesperidin is very beneficial in dealing with varicose veins and haemorrhoids. A deficiency of this phytochemical in the diet has been associated with poor blood circulation in capillaries and cramps in legs.

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