Vitamin D3 Supplements Can Make Huge Difference

Everybody today wants to have a strong immune system to prevent disease, tough bones and teeth to avoid fractures and dental problems, or healthy nervous system to ensure good memory, focus and emotional well-being. This goal, however, can’t be achieved without normal blood levels of Vitamin D. Read more

Amazing Health Benefits of Zinc

Do you complain about hair loss, low mood, white spots on fingernails, dry skin, changes in appetite, salty or sweet foods cravings, low stamina, fertility & prostate problems, lack of sex drive, recurrent infections, weight gain or loss, tiredness, sleep problems, hormonal imbalance, poor concentration & memory, and allergies? Read more

The Truth About Meat

Truth About Meat Meat products contain much more fat and calories than the unrefined plant-based foods thus contributing to obesity by causing leptin resistance. Meat, like fish or dairy, also contain no dietary fiber. And fiber, which is found only in unrefined plant foods, plays very important role in fighting obesity because it absorbs water increasing the volume of food in the stomach without adding calories. In addition, fiber also increases the level of adiponectin thus helping us to control body metabolism and appetite. That is why according to Dr. Dean Ornish the unrefined and rich in fiber plant-based diet should be called the “eat more and weigh less” diet. It means that the less meat is consumed, and the more plant-based products rich in fiber in the diet, the better should be the results. Read more

Truth About Dairy

Truth About Dairy

After reviewing almost 30 different studies and investigating the relationship between fat intake and overweight, scientists found out that in countries where milk and dairy products consumption is higher also the prevalence of obesity goes up. But I encourage you to avoid milk and dairy products not only because they contribute to obesity and overweight but even more because these products increase risk of many other health-related problems including cardio vascular diseases, cancers, leukemia, osteoporosis, diabetes, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, ear infections, or even very dangerous autoimmune diseases. Also consuming a low-fat milk and dairy products doesn’t really improve the situation as in most cases it is animal protein which causes the problem. Read more

Amazing Benefits of the Sun

Obviously in any cloudy country, such as England, almost every person is deficient in vitamin D. But the situation is not much better also in hot and sunny regions since people living there do not expose their bodies to the sun on a regular basis. In India, for instance, 80% of people are deficient in vitamin D!

Amazing benefits of the sun

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