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Why Boric Acid Is Better Than Borax

Boric acid and Borax are used by many people internally for medical purposes, especially to treat Arthritis >, as both Boric acid and Borax are the cheapest and best sources of Boron >.

Boron is believed to be often the best natural remedy for those who suffer from arthritis. Read more about it here > and here >

So if you decide to use either of them internally it’s good to know the reasons why Boric acid is a better choice. Read more

Vitamin D3 Supplements Can Make Huge Difference

Everybody today wants to have a strong immune system to prevent disease, tough bones and teeth to avoid fractures and dental problems, or healthy nervous system to ensure good memory, focus and emotional well-being. This goal, however, can’t be achieved without normal blood levels of Vitamin D. Read more