Quick Recovery From Chronic Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Cold, Flu or Pneumonia


The key cause of chronic upper respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or sinusitis is weakness of the immune system caused by:

Consumption of milk and all dairy products, refined sugar and foods containing sugar, use of antibiotics, insufficient number of good probiotic bacteria in the colon, smoking, stress, also lack of vitamin D (sun), and nutritional deficiencies caused by refined unhealthy diet (especially zinc, magnesium and B12 deficiency).


I myself used to suffer from chronic bronchitis and sinusitis for many years and regularly prescribed antibiotics only made it worse. Finally, when I stopped consuming dairy, meat and foods with refined sugar I completely recovered and never had this problem for about 25 years!

– Most important aspect of the treatment is lifestyle and diet according to the HEALTH RECOVERY PLAN as in this way you will deal with the causes of the problem.

– Avoid and deal with all the above causes!

– Vitamin D3 – 30,000 IU for 4 weeks. After that 20,000 IU a day. (Must be with Magnesium as it leads to its deficiency).

– 800mg of Magnesium citrate a day.

– Probiotic formula for 1 to 2 months.

– Raw garlic (or onion) 3 x a day or Allicin max: 3 x a day 1 to 3 caps. with meals.

– Hot and cold alternative showers 2 x a day. See HYDROTHERAPY >

– One of the most powerful remedies against upper respiratory diseases is Hot Foot Bath. Before bed keep your feet in hot water plus very cold compress on forehead and neck and a lot of water to drink as you should sweat a lot. Watch two following VIDEO

– Vitamin C (must be L-ascorbic acid, not Ascorbic acid): 3 x 1000mg with meals.

– Golden seal tincture or Bee propolis: 3 x 1 teaspoon between meals with water.

– The only oil to use is raw coconut oil as it can kill virus and bacteria.

– Avoid products with refined sugar, dairy, cheese, glucose, fructose, pizza, white flour products, and anything that weakens immunity.

– Eat more raw vegetables, cabbage family vegetables, carrots, etc.

–  Pinch of baking soda and pinch of sea salt mixed with glass of warm water (distilled water is the best).

– Stress control and positive thinking.

– Sinus rinse (Nasal rinse). Irrigating the nose with saline solution (salt water) may help soothe sinusitis and inflammation. First make a Saline Solution: Mix 1/5 teaspoon of sea salt or other salts in a 1/4 glass of boiled warm, distilled water and add a 1/5 teaspoon of baking soda. Bend over a sink and sniff a bit of solution into one nostril at a time, allowing it to drain back out through the nose or mouth; do this twice a day.



– Steam your sinuses. Breathing steam refreshes and soothes irritated sinuses, and it helps rid the nasal passages of bacteria and mucus. Boil one litre of water with herbs (chamomile, sage, calendula, mint, etc.). Lean carefully over the bowl or pot, and drape a towel over your head. Breathe gently for 10 minutes or longer two times a day. When you’re finished breathing steam, use the water for a hot compress on your sinuses: Saturate a wash cloth in hot water, and hold the cloth on your sinuses (to the sides of your nose).




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