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How to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar (Glucose) Levels and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

How to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar (Glucose) Levels & Reverse Diabetes?


Type 2 diabetes is a very common condition especially in developed countries such as Great Britain. It has been estimated that every third adult in the UK has pre-diabetes and half of the people with type 2 diabetes are not aware they have it. Read more

Quick & Effective Way to Lose Weight

Unfortunately, the prevalence of obesity and overweight continues to increase nowadays at an alarming rate. Conventional therapies based on prescription medications or weight-loss surgeries (bariatric surgeries) are limited by low effectiveness and unpleasant and sometimes even very dangerous side effects. In addition, they can’t guarantee the obese patients that they will reduce their body weight permanently or that they will be able to get rid of all the excessive adipose tissue. Also the popular low-calorie diets, often recommended for obese and overweight individuals, are successful only for a short time and cause a lot of needless suffering and stress. Read more

Alpha Lipoic Acid to Feel Young Again

According the the shocking results of a study in which old rats were given Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acethyl L-carnitine the two antioxidants were so effective that they made the old rats younger!

Alpha Lipoic Acid to Feel Young Again