On the internet you can find thousands of experiences written by women and men who permanently reduced their body weight to normal and recovered from other health problem as a result of switching to the unrefined healthy plant-based diet. One of them was Eric O. from San Jose, CA. Here is his story revealed on the website of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:
“A whole-foods, plant-based diet changed my life. I lost 103 pounds, reversed type 2 diabetes, lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure to healthy levels, and have remarkably increased energy. I now compete athletically with men half my age and recently qualified for the Boston Marathon. I’m now studying to become a registered dietician so I can help others enjoy the benefits of whole plant-based foods.
I saw an interview with President Bill Clinton in 2010. He looked great and talked about losing weight and reversing heart disease by following a plant based diet. At the time, I was 51 and was taking over $1000 in medications per month. I had Type 2 diabetes, my total cholesterol was 300, my blood pressure was 160/100, I was 280 lbs, my waist was 50 inches, my neck was 18.5 inches, and my shirt size was 3XL. I slept 10 or more hours each day and felt exhausted. My joints felt sore and I couldn’t tie my shoes, let alone walk up a flight of stairs, without getting winded.
At 51, I had been overweight for 25 years, and I couldn’t remember ever having a meal in my life that didn’t include meat or other animal products. I didn’t even know what a plant based diet was. I’d tried every diet I could find. I strictly followed Paleo, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, etc. and lost 40 lbs on each. But I found these diets to be unsustainable. Each time I slipped and quickly regained all the weight I’d lost.
My doctor told me I probably wouldn’t live another five years unless I got my weight and medical problems under control, and suggested weight loss surgery. As a final step before following that drastic advice, I googled “Clinton plant based diet”, bought a copy of the China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., and hired a nutritionist.
Based on weekly meetings with my nutritionist, I learned how to cook for the first time in my life. I stopped eating all processed sugar and learned how to eat a well-balanced diet of organic, whole, plant-based foods. My new diet wasn’t just salads and apples, it included all the foods I like best, such as rice, potatoes, lasagna, Chinese stir fry, and Mexican food.
I also started walking for a half an hour each day. And by doing these things, I ended up losing over 100 lbs in 8 months. In addition to my weight loss, my total cholesterol dropped to 130, my blood pressure is now 100/60, and my glucose and all other medical stats are normal. My waist size is now 32 inches, I have a 16 inch neck, and I wear a size medium shirt. I now only sleep about 7 hours per night, but I feel well rested and filled with energy all day long. My energy and mental clarity are through the roof compared to before, it’s as if I came out of a lifetime fog. And I’m also on zero meds now.”