“Dear George and Rhonda, I am excited to let you know that I have experienced healing of my herniated disc as a result of eating The Hallelujah Diet. On September 10, 2006, both of you were in Lexington, Kentucky for a seminar, and I listened intently as Rev. Malkmus enthusiastically shared The Hallelujah Diet. Although I already knew about the diet and thought I was on it, I realized I really wasn’t on it. Hearing your message and talking personally with you both, gave me the motivation I needed to crack down on myself and do The Hallelujah Diet properly and without cheating.
My back pain began in March 2006 when the disk began pinching a nerve going down my leg, which was so painful I was unable to sit. Even during your seminar I had to get up from my chair and go lay down in the back of the auditorium. After the seminar I began eating correctly and drinking lots of carrot juice and within a week I was experiencing much less pain. As of today, I take no pain medication and am able to sit down for long periods of time without pain!
Before going faithfully on The Hallelujah Diet, doctors told me I needed to have surgery for the pain to go away, but I am so happy to let you know that The Hallelujah Diet can even take away the pain of Herniated Discs!” July 10, 2014

“I started The Hallelujah Diet at the insistence of a member of the church I was pastoring at the time. I had severe allergies requiring prescription medication, and an acid reflux problem that had resisted all prescribed medications. After a painful herniated disc erupted in my back, a neurologist prescribed 800mg Motrin for pain. Out of a desperate desire to avoid surgery, I tried The Hallelujah Diet. Within six weeks after changing my diet, I was a new man! Although I don’t always follow the diet as closely as I should, especially in my ministry traveling, I’ve been following the diet for almost three years. I am now free of prescription drugs for indigestion! I sleep through the night without the reflux problems. Other bonuses of The Hallelujah Diet have been a loss of over 30 pounds, increased energy, and the disappearance of those nasty allergies. My back pain mysteriously disappeared, while my strength and stamina returned.” July 14, 2014

“I suffered with lower back problems for a number of years, mainly as a result of a herniated disc. The inflammation was so bad that I was given anti-inflammatory drugs that made me feel very sick. After a daily routine of ice packs, chiropractic visits, therapeutic massage and physiotherapy, I returned to work after a month, continuing my gradual recovery program.
So after much soul-searching and daily cries to God, I begged Him to heal me or take me; I just couldn’t bear it any longer. It was at this time that we received a call from some dear friends of ours who sent me an article on Barley green written by Dr. George Malkmus. This truly was a Godsend, an answer to many prayers. I discovered the Hallelujah Diet and continued with the dietary changes I had made, eating more raw fruits & vegetables, drinking lots of distilled water, and I bought a Champion Juicer and began juicing organic carrots.
Immediately after getting off the world’s diet I felt worse! This is referred to as the healing crisis. Well I had a couple weeks of these cleansing reactions & then I had some days that I felt better than I had in a long time and within 3 1/2 months all my physical problems were gone, including my back problems! They just slowly disappeared!
Today my diet is approx. 85% raw/15% cooked (some days all raw). Since making the dietary/lifestyle change, my back pain is gone, my bad sinus problems are gone, I have not experienced a head-ache, sore throat, cold, flu, upset stomach.” Randy Rondeau (

“Hello, I’ve been suffering from disc herniation early May 2014. I’m in pain daily, all day. Could you share more about your experience with healing your disc? How long did it take to heal? What did you eat and drink? I’m really desperate as I’ve tried physical therapy, chiropractor and now non-surgical spinal decompression. I started acupuncture this past Monday. I do not want to have back surgery but I really don’t know much more of this pain I can take.” Tiana, September 11, 2014
“Hi Tiana, After desperate attempts like you I resorted to taking anti-inflammatory meds as a band aide to help with the pain as I dug myself out of the disaster. I went cold turkey and did a 3 day alkaline juice feast as on my site under Juice feast- search it on my site. Then I only ate alkaline blended or raw foods and green juices for 3 months plus a bit of legumes after 6 weeks and I was then finally completely out of pain! It was like a miracle that it worked from my uneducated nutritional perspective! When I was in it, it felt like it was never going to end and that 3 months was an eternity! But I have to say, changing my lifestyle has been permanent relief with no side effects except good ones like vibrant health and weight loss and loving life! I am ever grateful for my herniated disc and that it lead me here! Please read Dr. Robert O. Young’s book The pH Miracle Revised. It helps keep you motivated when you educate yourself and it will answer many questions.
Most of all, drink lots and lots of clean pure alkaline water! This will plump the disc up! Gosh I want you to have faith, because this truly is the way. Don’t get the surgery, you’ll regret it later! It’s the quick fix from the outside. You need to heal from the inside out! All my best! And please please, let me know your success and how you are doing!!! YOU CAN DO IT!” Julie, September 11, 2014
“Hi Julie, I have just started eating the alkaline way and I’m reading The ph Miracle book at the moment, even after just a few weeks of changing my diet I feel so good, lots more energy and just feel better within myself, I have been suffering a lot of health problems over the years and I am glad I have found out about this way of healing my body from the inside out.” Karen, September 20, 2014


“My husband, who was suffering from a herniated disk, began to take chlorella along with me about 2 years ago. He had severe pain, and once he sat down, he had a difficult time getting up. Now he is free of any pain and is able to get up smoothly. Furthermore, when our eldest daughter was suffering from herpes zoster after giving birth, we let her take chlorella, and she recovered from herpes zoster. I am confident that it was chlorella that helped our family.”

“I have been taking Chlorella for several years. I had a herniated disk in my back. I am better now. I’ve told other family members to try them. I will continue taking them till I find they don’t help me.” Henrietta W. Regina, SK


“I have a herniated disc and hyperplasia in my hips. I’m 45 and have been in constant pain for the last three years. I refuse to use NSAIDS or narcotics anymore, and over the years have tried all kinds of treatments including chiropractic, physio, herbs, massage, etc. with no success. However my local health food store sells Serrapeptase and they recommended it. I took my first 60mg Serrapeptase capsule last week and within an hour my pain was radically diminished. I increased the dose to two capsules in the morning, and one at night, if needed. So after my first week, I can honestly say my pain is gone! I haven’t been pain free in three years.” Jemma Lee, Victoria, BC CA
“At the moment I am dealing with inflammation in shoulder, muscle tears, and a herniated disk. The serrapeptase has really been making a difference. I started with 6 tablets (50,000 IU) 3 x a day. When I backed off to 3 tablets 3 x a day I noticed the difference and so increased it again these last few days. It has made these days much more comfortable and more movement possible.”
“One thing to try is serrapeptase. It’s been prescribed in Europe and japan for years. I just started taking it and feel good, tweaked my back a few weeks ago. It works as a safe anti-inflammatory, with no side effects. Take it on an empty stomach as it breaks down in the intestine.”
“I have been using serrapeptase for about 3 weeks because of a partially degenerated disc in my lower back. Just two days ago my pain has subsided, and I find it unbelievable. The pain that I was experiencing was just almost unbearable! I was living on ibuprofen but now, I really do not need it.” VM
“I’ve suffered from neck pain for the last 42 years from 6 different injuries. Serrapeptase has given me the most relief of anything I’ve tried. I still have pain but it’s greatly reduced from what it is was before.” E.W.
“Serrapeptase is better than a cortisone shot. I have tennis elbow and I used to have to take cortisone shots. Now the pain in my elbow, knees, wrists, and ankles is gone. I started with 4 tablets 3 times daily then I reduced to 3 tablets 3 times daily. If I take less than that I notice some pain in my joints. My ankle swelling is gone now and it looks like someone else with skinny ankles is wearing my shoes. My haemorrhoid disappeared. It had been my friend for 30 years but I don’t miss it one bit. Also my blood pressure is down 10 points. I recommended it to my brother and he said it took 2-3 weeks for his joint pain to go away.” PC
“I have been in pain for so long I can’t remember when I wasn’t until now. My doctor asked me to take serrapeptase hoping to get me off Celebrex and to keep me from going on narcotics for relief of my pain. I took three serrapeptase yesterday three this morning and three more just a while ago. The pain I have felt for so long is gone. I can run and walk without pain of any kind. This has renewed my life and made it a joy to get up in the morning and thank God for another day.” BV
“Serrapeptase works like magic for osteoarthritis. I have a severe case of it. I do not take any other anti-inflammation drug or any pain killer.”
“My mother has been taking serrapeptase and now she is walking without her walker. She says she feels a lot better. I gave a bottle of serrapeptase to a man in his late 70′s and he got improvement in 3 days. He said his back doesn’t hurt anymore.”
“Since I started taking serrapeptase in July I’ve lost 36 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. People who haven’t seen me in a while don’t even recognize me. I had been taking Motrin, two 800mg pills 3-4 times daily and now most days I don’t even need to use it at all.” MS
“I would wake up at night with such severe pains in my head that I thought about putting a gun to my head. I read about serrapeptase and bought some and it has given me great relief. It’s a miracle; it honestly, truly is. It has made a believer out of me. I noticed the biggest difference when I increased the dosage to 3 tablets 3 times per day.”


“I had a heavy bulge in May 2013, I was on bed for 8 months as i couldn’t sit for more than 1 hour continuously or walk for more than 100 meters. I tried many things and not a lot of improvement. But I got a set of exercises which gives exercise to all body muscles which worked brilliantly for me. Within 6 months here I am with no pain, able to walk as much as possible and I can dance too!”
“I am now extremely aware of always bending my knees instead of leaning over with knees locked. I have done some YouTube bulge disc exercises and had no pain after 5 months of pain. Lots of icing seems to be the best for pain relief. I had another relapse this weekend after going on long walks this week but I should have avoided hills.”



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