To demonstrate the effectiveness of presented here remedies from God’s pharmacy let me share with you a written testimonial I received from one of our customers who recently recovered from diabetes and other health problems as a result of prayers, using natural remedies and implementing principles listed in the Health Recovery Plan: „Hello Swavak, Just want to give you an update on how I’m getting on with my health after being on your Health Recovery Plan > for over six months. I’ve been signed off by my GP as he said I have managed to reverse the diabetes! I told him I had stopped taking the metformin a few months ago. Since then my blood glucose level is normal. My kidneys are now working perfectly and my blood pressure is normal too. Thank you very much, Alison T.”

Another customer – a black lady by the name Anabella completely recovered from fibroids in her uterus as a result of implementing the principles of the Health Recovery Plan as well as God’s blessing followed by her and our prayers. When after a few months of being on this plan she went to the hospital to go through either hysterectomy or the laparoscopic removal of the fibroids the surprised doctor stated that it wasn’t necessary as her uterus was clean!


During my long experience I recommended the same plan to many people suffering from different types of cancer and those who managed to implement its principles often permanently recovered from cancer including even some who were told their disease was terminal and were given a few months to live.

Image00117I also remember certain very obese gentleman who together with his wife participated in one of my health seminars. Everything he heard during those five days made sense to him and opened his eyes to the true cause of his obesity and other health problems such as coronary heart disease, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, or diabetes. He instantly decided to switch to a well-balanced, healthy and unrefined plant-based diet and to practice all other principles of the Optimal Health Recovery Plan. When 6 months later he came to listen to another series of my lectures he was so slim and looked so different that I couldn’t recognize him. He said that on this normal-calorie plant-based diet, without fasting, counting calories, suffering from hunger, or skipping meals he had lost 80 pounds (40 kilos) in 6 months! Every day he just ate 3 regular tasty and high in nutrients and fibre meals always satisfying his hunger. He also said that as a result of practicing this new diet and lifestyle he recovered from all other serious health problems such as chronic fatigue, coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and he also greatly improved his emotional and physical well-being. Apart from enjoying normal body weight he was brimming with positive energy and health.


A young black lady by the name Priscilla wrote the following testimonial after recovering from infertility: “I couldn’t get pregnant for about 1.5 year in spite of using different conventional methods and medical consultations. Apart from that I was always tired and had some skin problems. I was told that probably hormonal imbalance was the key cause of the inability to get pregnant. Finally I decided to use a natural therapy and herbal remedies so I visited the Healing Place health food shop and had a long conversation with Mr. Swavak who suggested me to live according to the Health Recovery Plan, to go on a plant based unrefined diet, drinking raw vegetable juices before meals, eating more raw vegetables, and avoid refined sugar, white flour products, caffeine, meat and dairy. Apart from that he recommended also using some supplements, antioxidants and herbal remedies. As a result of improving my diet and using those natural remedies I got rid of my fatigue and skin problems. But the most importantly, after about three months I got pregnant and I’ve been carrying my baby for 5 months now without any problems! Thank you so much.”

Image00029From time to time in our Healing Place Health Shop we meet customers who are diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy a condition caused usually by prolonged high blood sugar levels, statins, and some other factors such as vitamin B12 deficiency. Any or all of those factors eventually lead to a neurological damage and a horrible pain (usually involving feet). All those customers with peripheral neuropathy were repeatedly told they would never recover from that condition. In case of one of them the problem was so severe that he couldn’t even walk so he sent his daughter asking for help in reducing pain. As a result of implementing the Health Recovery Plan including improved lifestyle and use of different powerful natural remedies, supplements and phytochemicals all of them recovered in about 1 to 2 months. One of them even said he didn’t believe he could recover as he suffered from that “incurable” problem for many years but eventually even he was completely pain free after a few months.


Some time ago a young black lady visited our Healing Place Health Shop and asked for a consultation. She was diagnosed with eczema, chronic fatigue and infertility. She couldn’t get pregnant for almost two years in spite of going through numerous professional medical consultations and using various conventional treatments and medication. After two years she lost her patience and decided to try some alternative methods and herbal remedies. After she explained everything I encouraged her to implement principles of the Health Recovery Plan and use herbal remedies, super grasses and good quality nutritional supplements included. As a result she recovered not only from her chronic fatigue and skin problems but also from her infertility. After about three months she was very happy as she finally got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby.


Just recently I’ve received a message from Esther who is doing very well as a result of improving her diet and using some herbal remedies and nutritional supplements: “Dear Swavak, I just wanted to let you know that since my visit to the health shop, I have changed my diet as well as taking on board all the advice you gave me. I feel so much better now than I did before. I don’t get any headaches any more and the breathlessness I felt before is gone. I have been eating a lot of salads and no meat intake. I just wanted to ask for more advice on how to improve my memory and focus which has been greatly affected in the past few months due to the amitriptyline medication I was taking. I really appreciate your help. Kind regards, Esther M.” To improve her memory and focus I suggested her to try Chlorella and Methylcobalamin (B12). She bought them in our shop and soon sent me another message confirming the effectiveness.

4603136369Many of our female customers greatly improved their health or even completely recovered from PMS and other problems associated with hormonal imbalance and painful, irregular or heavy menstruation. For instance, I remember one gentleman by the name Andy who wanted to get rid of his tiredness so I suggested him to avoid coffee, black tea, chocolate, pizza, cheese, sugar and other refined foods and to include in his diet more raw vegetable salads and some other unrefined raw and nutrient-rich foods. In addition I recommended him to get one of the highest in energy-boosting chlorophyll super grasses together with good quality multivitamin-mineral formula. But there was another problem which bothered him more than his fatigue. He worried about his wife who normally was a very peaceful and very kind loving person but whenever her menstruation was about to start she behaved “like a beast”, he said, impossible to live with. So after explaining how he could overcome his caffeine addiction I also suggested some lifestyle improvements and herbal remedies for his wife that were aimed at regulating her progesterone imbalance. The same day, after closing the shop, we mentioned him and his wife in our prayers as we have a custom of asking loving God to bless our customers and their efforts to recover from different conditions. After some time I met Andy again and was very happy to hear that he managed to greatly reduce his caffeine intake. But the most important good news was that as soon as his wife started taking the herbal remedies she never experienced the PMS symptoms any more and again she is continually the same kind and loving wife she used to be!


There are also many ladies who are very successful in reducing or even eliminating the horrible menopause symptoms as a result of changing their dietary customs and using free from side effects remedies we recommended them in our Healing Place health shop. It is very interesting that some of those ladies are somehow free from symptoms in spite of the fact that their estrogen-producing ovaries were previously removed!

Certain lady who constantly suffered from severe pain caused by her sciatica was recommended by her friend to visit our shop to ask for some advice. About two weeks after her first visit she told me she was completely free from pain as a result of improving her diet and taking Clean Greens as well as some other powerful remedies recommended by us.

Another customer age about 35 with gout in his ankle told me his pain was gone in just only two days after I suggested him to use hydrotherapy, Clean greens (Pukka), Cherry active, avoid dairy, meat, bad fats and refined products including sugar. He also mentioned that normally he was able to reduce the pain not earlier than after 7 days of treatment but this time it was unusually quick.

A black gentleman asked something to increase testosterone levels. I suggested him to take Chlorella, Maca, Zinc supplements, and Active man (Natures Aid). After two weeks of using those supplements he said the testosterone level went up and he also started feeling way better due to increased energy levels.

I could share with you more similar recovery stories but I hope after reading those presented above you will gain enough motivation and encouragement to follow the same pattern presented in the Health Recovery Plan > and also in specific description of your health problem found in the section titled “Diseases“.

Any information or product suggested on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. Consult your primary healthcare physician before using any supplements or making any changes to your regime.