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Among 150 different types of headaches 4 types are most common:

– Migraine (

– Tension: After migraine it is the most common type. Also known as stress headaches, causing mild to moderate chronic pain.

– Sinus: Caused by inflamed sinuses (sinusitis) can lead to pain in forehead, cheeks, and nose.

– Cluster headaches: The least common type. The pain is intense and can feel like a burning or piercing behind the eyes.




Cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, alcohol and birth control may contribute to migraines. >

Cheese, chocolate, wine and beer may act as ‘triggers’ for migrainous headaches. >

Pineal gland calcification has been linked to migraine disorders. >

Serum magnesium in migraine patients was significantly lower than the normal population and related to the frequency of migraine attacks, supporting the use of magnesium in prevention and treatment of migraine. >

Aspartame is broken down into formaldehyde in various tissues and may contribute to migraines. >

Sucralose may be a migraine trigger. >

Deficiency of CoQ10 may be common in pediatric and adolescent migraine. >



According to a 2002 experiment which lasted 3 months, a dose of 15 to 30mg of CoQ10 a day was sufficient to produce significant reduction in headaches and migraines. >

Conergy CoQ-10 30mg Capsules >

CoQ10 is efficacious and well tolerated in migraine prophylaxis. >

“Why all migraine patients should be treated with magnesium.” >

Intravenous and oral magnesium should be adapted as parts of multimodal approach to reduce migraine. >

5-HTP shows promise in the treatment of chronic primary headache. >

A significant proportion of patients with migraine may have celiac disease, and that a gluten free diet may lead to a improvement in the migraine in these patients. >

A supercritical extract of feverfew is safe and efficacious in migraine prevention. >

Feverfew and white willow are well-tolerated and effective in migraine prevention. >

After 3 months of treatment with the supplement (combination of magnesium, riboflavin and Q10), a reduction of migraine pain and burden of disease was seen. >

Ginkgolide B, a compound found within Ginkgo biloba, is well-tolerated and effective in reducing migraine frequency and duration. >

High dose riboflavin is effective in the prevention of migraines. >


Inhalation of Lavender essential oil was used in treatment of migraine headache with significant response. >


Lipoic acid may be beneficial in preventing migraines. >

Lowering homocysteine with folic acids, B-6 and B-12 may have a therapeutic effect on migraine headaches. >

Magnesium oxide reduces migrainous headache frequency and severity in children. >

Oral supplementation with magnesium oxide and L-carnitine and concurrent supplementation of Mg-L-carnitine besides routine treatments could be effective in migraine prophylaxis. >

Vitamin D supplementation may be useful in decreasing frequency of headache attacks and HDR among patients with migraine. >


Elimination of ‘dietary triggers‘ and the inclusion of a number of natural substances may prevent migraines. >

Niacin may have therapeutic value in the prevention of migraine headache. >



Try either cold compress or worm to your head to figer out which one works better for you. People with tension headaches usually prefer using a warm compress, while those with migraines often prefer cold. At the same time keep your feet in very hot water to remove congestion from yur head.

Keeping your feet for about 30 minutes in hot water can be very helpful in boosting immunity and reducing congestion and pain from any area of the body. The very important benefit of water treatments such as hot foot bath is its ability to move blood from different parts of the body such as brain, chest, abdomen, etc. which is very helpful when the blood in brain and internal organs is congested, inflamed and often overloaded with toxins and impurities. It might be very beneficial in case of pain, sinusitis, headaches, cancer, arthritis, any inflammation or even fibromyalgia which is believed to be caused by too much blood in the brain which overstimulates the nervous system leading to increased sensitivity to pain. Hoot bath can be very beneficial in those conditions because high temperature of water dilates blood vessels in feet. As a result the congested blood moves from the upper parts of the body including chest, brain, internal organs and any part of the body to the lower parts bringing great relief. At the same time you need to wring out two clothes in ice water and put them on your forehead and neck, as it will constrict the blood vessels in the head, which also helps to ease the congestion. If you are a diabetic use thermometer or ask someone to check the temperature as diabetics have lower sensitivity to heat and may burn themselves.

Again, let me remind you that it is very important to drink plenty of water (possibly distilled or at least properly filtered) before and during this and any heating treatment, because heating raises body temperature and causes sweating, thus dehydrating the body. And, if you are a spiritual or believing person, don’t forget to pray before and after the treatment, asking the Great Physician to bless your efforts in sustaining the gift of health or cope with your health problems.

In order to increase the benefits of hydrotherapy use it together with Ginkgo biloba (blood circulation booster), alpha lipoic acid (most powerful antioxidant), Livercare or Gastone (to improve detoxification), and one of super grasses such as chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa, moringa, etc. (to boost energy, provide chlorophyll and nutrients). >

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